Lainey Wilson Dating. Is Ian Bohen Her Boyfriend In 2023?

Lainey Wilson And Ian Bohen

Curious about the dating life of American country singer Lainey Wilson? Then you have come to the right article. In this article today we will cover everything from Lainey Wilson’s dating life to her husband, Age, Her Networth, and many more.

Lainey Wilson is a great singer, songwriter, and actress. Wilson has also won several awards including the Academy of country music awards and the Country music association award. The country singer was born on 29 May 1992. Apart from being raised in a very small village in Baskin, Louisiana. With a total population of 250 people only. Lainey never stopped dreaming big and even achieved her dream eventually.

Wilson is a daughter of a farmer and a schoolteacher. Recently been spotted with Ian Bohen in the show yellow stone. Both of the stars show amazing chemistry with each other. This has sparked questions in the mind of fans are they both dating?

Is Lainey Wilson Dating Ian Bohen?

Lainey Made her Acting debut as free-spirited musician Abby on the Season 5 premiere of “Yellowstone” last month. Both Ian Bohen and Liney looked amazing in the show together as pair. Lainey also wrote a little song for her debut show. A song by Lainey “Watermelon Moonshine” from her newly launched album Bell Bottom Country is also been featured in the show. The main reason to spark the Dating rumor of Ian and Lainey is that there is also a dancing and kissing scene between both stars. When asked about her experience of the scene Wilson said. “I didn’t really know what I was doing, but you go in there head-first. We were going to give people their money’s worth. I told my mommy and daddy, ‘You might not want to watch this show.’ I don’t want to be on their prayer list.”

As long as the dating rumors are considered. No star from both of them has given any official statement of dating or a relationship. So all of the news of these stars dating each other is just a rumor there is no solid statement behind this news. It’s just a curiosity of the fans that sparked this rumor.

How Lainey Wilson Got the Role of Abby in Yellowstone?

The guest role of Abby is like been written for Lainey Wilson. The character of Abby and Lainey has a lot in common. “My parents put me on the horse before I could walk. So the whole cowboy thing makes me remind of my father” says Lainey in the interview. According to the NY Post, the role of Abby is specially written for Lainey Wilson. These two people Abby and Lainey have a lot in common. They both are Country Singer, they both are cowgirls, and a lot more.

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In the interview with The Bobby Bones Show Lainey said that she was invited to Vegas for talking about the role in the show Yellowstone. Taylor Sheridan the creator of the Yellowstone show wrote a role of the country singer cowgirl, especially for Lainey Wilson. Lainey also revealed that she didn’t even have to audition for the role of Abby. Wilson is exactly the character that Taylor wanted and the role was also specifically written for Lainey as well. Taylor told me I just want you to wear what you wear and do what you do every day, said Lainey.

When asked on the show TBBS “Did you freak out when you heard about you are gonna act in Yellowstone?” Lainey replied “Yes I was trying not to, On the phone, with him, I was like you sure you want me? Are you sure you want that?” Lainey further added, “He said yep, He said trust me you can do it. He said you know you pretty much get to act on the stage every single time you perform.” That’s how Lainey Wilson got the role of Abby in Yellowstone

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Lainey Wilson Took Acting Classes For Abby’s role.

Continuing her interview with Bobby Lainey shared she took some of the Classes from her friend Bridged from Nashville. “She didn’t really like to teach me how to act. She liked to teach me some tools that how I say things, stay grounded, and remain in my body. My friend didn’t want me to memorize my lines or anything. Bridged wanted me to have a good idea of what they looked like. A friend of mine just really wanted me to understand and listen to what the person in front of me is saying to me. So it would just sound like a conversation. Um yeah, she just gave me these tools, and I gave it my best shot.”

Did Ever Feel Like Imposter Syndrome When You Were on Set of Yellowstone?

Lainey said when she first showed up at the ranch for the shoot. she was very afraid that these are probably gonna be like what in the world, This girl never acted a day in her life? But in the reality, no buddy on the set treats Lainey the way she thought. Everybody welcomed her with open arms, and everybody was a fan of Wilson’s music. So it was easy for Lainey to get along.

Lainey is in the first episode of Yellowstone season 5. The country singer enjoyed the shoot of the show and when asked about is there any kissing scene in the show. Lainey did not answer the question and said ” You will just have to wait and watch”.

Lainey Wilson’s Relationship With Cole Swindell.

Never say never the song Code Swindell featuring Lainey Wilson is one of the biggest hits of Code’s life. After the song’s release, both singers were also spotted together at a few places. It was also rumored that both singers also have feelings for each other. But no one from both side came forward to make the rumors fade away. It’s been 11 months since the song was released and the song has 10 million plus views on Youtube.

Lainey Wilson Dating History.

After completing her studies and moving to Nashville in 2011 Lainey has always concentrated on her career. She only devotes her music and her work and no one else. There have been many rumors of her dating different people, but there are no official statements of confirmation from Lainey’s side for any relationship.

Lainey Wilson Was Hannah Montana’s Impersonator For Five Years

Lainey use to attend Birthday Parties, Fairs, Festivals, Weddings, Personal Events, and Charity events or whatever you say her to attend. In an interview with Tamron hall, Tamron asked Lainey “Has any kid ever recognized you that you are not real Hannah?” In the reply, Lainey said “Honestly most of them all thought that it was a real deal. I learned all 16 karaoke tracks as I went for it” Lainey further said, “They were either super excited or crying because they were scared.”

Lainey Wilson as Hannah Montana at the birthday Party.

Lainey Wilson Networth

According to her interview with Tamron Hall a year and a half ago Lainey’s bank balance was just 30 $. Now in 2022 according to the website Life and style mag, Lainey’s current net worth is 1 Million to 5 Million.

Lainey Wilson’s Age, Weight, and Height.

  • Lainey was born on 19 May 1992 in Baskin, Louisiana, USA. So now in 2022, She is 30 years old.
  • The country singer is 5 feet and 6 inches tall (168cm).
  • Wilson weighs 132 pounds (60 Kilograms).
  • The zodiac sign of Lainey Wilson is Taurus.
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