Kirsten Storms Weight Gain. Is Maxie Jones On General Hospital Pregnant?

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain

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Maxie Jones From General Hospital is speculated to be pregnant by the viewers of the show. But it is all rumors. She is not pregnant. Kirsten Storms might have gained some pounds but that is due to some natural weight gain but not due to pregnancy.

Started her acting career in 1999 with Disney’s Zenon – Girl in the 21st Century till now, Kirsten has never failed to win millions of hearts through her tremendous acting skills. The actress has been known for her long–term role in General Hospital daily soap.

Since then she has been under constant limelight and this has opened up ways for online trolling and rumor spreading. She has recently been subjected to a lot of body negative comments as she was seen to put on some weight. People are assuming Kirsten to be pregnant. And many seemed to believe this kind of post.

Meanwhile, Kirsten has been facing a lot in her own life while fans were busy commenting negatively on her Instagram. To know the actual reason for her putting on weight or did she even gain any weight or if people are just spreading rumors – Dive into the article below!!

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain. Storms is popularly known for playing Maxie Jones in the show General Hospital. All the cast members have been constantly been ranking on Google’s search bar due to the show’s epic stories. But among others, Kirsten Storms have been at the top due to her visible weight growth. Fans have started believing in pregnancy rumors of Kirsten Storms after witnessing the weight gain pictures.

People have started to assume that Kirsten has gained weight because she was pregnant at the time of playing her character Maxie Jones who was also shown pregnant in 2021. The public continues to speculate about Storms expecting a baby after looking at the weight gain photos.

But these rumors are far from the truth as Kirsten Storms has not gained weight. There were some changes seen in her Instagram pictures such as her face looking swollen compared to her earlier pictures.

This might be due to her brain surgery and consumption of recovery medications. Storms let her fans know about her situation in 2021 through Instagram stories where she wrote that she had a cyst in her brain that needed that undergo surgical processes. She also added that because of the surgery she will be absent from her show at the General Hospital and would be back after the recovery. She stated that she couldn’t talk much because she had surgery at the base of her brain because of this she had to put on a neck brace.

Kirsten revealed that her doctor said she had a huge cyst that was broken into two parts. These built a huge pressure inside the skull, which the doctors felt when they opened it.

Hence, it is acceptable that Kirsten had to go through a lot of medication to recover soon from her surgery and she gained some weight as a side effect. It is unfair to assume that a person is pregnant if she gained weight whereas, in reality, she might be fighting her own body.

She mentioned in her post that she had spent the few years dealing with occasional health issues that she had just written off as medication side effects or something she was dealing with as a result of getting older.

In 2019, a few people commented on her larger body size in an Instagram picture of her where she was casually shopping at Target. Kirsten responded angrily to it and said it saddens her that people put judgment based on who gained and lost body weight.

Is Kirsten Storms Pregnant?

Is ‘Maxie’ pregnant in real life? The Internet is buzzing with this question making rumors are spreading like a fire in the forest. It is said that Kirsten is expecting a second child soon. Kirsten Storms gave birth to her daughter Harper Rose in January 2014 and is not expecting a second child.

Kirsten ‘Maxie’ is only pregnant in her show – the General Hospital. When people saw Kirsten putting on some weight and wearing pregnancy clothes in the show, they took no time to spread the rumor that she put on weight due to pregnancy.

But this rumor doesn’t have any kind of truth in it, the actress gained some weight due to age and medication from brain surgery.

Kirsten Storms in General Hospital

Kirsten Storms was selected to play Maxie Jones in the ABC daily soap – General Hospital. She was also seen in its spin-off show General Hospital – Night Shift. Kirsten was seen with Jason Cook who played Matt Hunter in the series. In 2009, the actress received an Emmy nomination for her role as ‘Maxie Jones’ from the show.

The brilliant actress had to take a gap from her show in 2011 due to endometriosis. For the time being, her role was acted by Jen Lilley. Her recovery took some time due to which her return to the show got delayed and Jen Lilley kept on playing her role. But in July 2012 Kirsten decided to go back to the show and by September she again took her on-screen role.

Storms was again seen leaving the show on January 2014 because of her newborn daughter and returning on April 2014. Sources revealed in March 2017 that Storms was taking a break from the show due to personal reasons. Later she was seen on the screen again in August 2017.

Kirsten Storms Husband

Kirsten Storms was dating her General Hospital co-star Brandon Barash and confirmed their relationship in early 2013. The couple later secretly got married in June 2013 and were expecting their first child which they revealed in August. The couple welcomed their baby girl on January 2014 and named her Harper Rose Barash. Barash took to his Twitter account to announce the birth of his baby girl on January 7, 2014.

After almost 3 years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce in 2016 as revealed by Soap Opera Digest. The reason for the divorce was said to have irreconcilable differences between the couple. But they agreed to raise their daughter together despite the split.

Barash told everyone that before their split, the couple tried to mend things up and took relationship therapy sessions. Storms said also that they have been going to therapy sessions for a long time to solve everything and figure out ways to communicate better with their partner and it’s not that they dislike anything about each other but they failed to keep up the marriage.

Storms recently spoke on the State of Mind which is a mental health series where she spent some time talking about her divorce. The actress told to media that she and Barash were good friends for a long time before they started dating. After they got married things didn’t stay at the same romantic level and it was obvious, said Kirsten.

She further added that there were many things and situations where they failed to agree on each other’s decisions. She said that they both are very different like two opposite poles.

Speaking about the cheating rumors that were flying everywhere, Kirsten told that Barash never cheated on her. The breakup never faced any issue like cheating because if it was she hadn’t have been in contact with him currently. She confirmed not having any kind of betrayal during the breakup.

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