Kevin Federline Wife, Children & Job. Relation With Victoria Prince, Britney Spears & Shar Jackson

Kevin Federline Wife

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In this article, you will get to know about Kevin Federline Wife, Children & Job Details. His relations with his current wife Victoria Prince and ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson. And the recent interview controversy with Britney Spears.

Celebrities are always followed by their fans. People love to know more about their favorite celebrity’s personal life information. And this is how it becomes very hard for glamorous world people to hide things about their lives from the public. If they start dating people know, if they break up people know and if anything big happens in their lives people know.

Recently something big happened in the pop star Britney Spears’s life. She married a second time and had a big controversy with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. His former partner made some sensational headlines during his interview.

Kevin Federline Interview

In the interview with ITV News, Kevin Federline made some controversial statements about Brittney spears. The interview was shot in Kevin’s home in Los Angeles. Kevin Federline’s wife Victoria Prince & his two sons Jayden James Federline and Sean Preston Federline were present at the time of the interview. According to Daily Mail, Kevin in the interview told that his sons Jyadon & Preston still love their mother Britney Spears but they do not want to meet their mother. And this statement has irked the controversy.

After the statements, Kevin Federline is in trending news. And people want to know more about his personal life like what he does for a living, who is his current wife, his children, and his family, what is Kevin Federline’s job status, his relationship with his ex-wife Britney Spears, and his first child from his former girlfriend Shar Jackson, and many other things. Here in this article, you will get to know everything about Britney Spears’s ex-husband Kevin Federline & his recent controversy in an interview.

Who Is Kevin Federline?

Kevin Earl Federline was born on the 21st of March in 1978. The popular disk jockey, singer, and former backup dancer gained his most high-profile media attention during the bitter child custody battle between him and his ex-wife Britney spears.

Having been a background dancer for the likes of Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and Britney Spears. It was no wonder he took interest in doing music of his own. Though his music was always heavily criticized, he dropped his debut album “Playing With Fire” in 2008. Supposedly after his saga with popular beloved singer Britney Spears.

Britney Spears And Kevin Federline

K-Fed has remained relevant in the entertainment industry, occasionally appearing in videos. His major critics called him a gold digger and claimed he would never have attained fame but for his relationship with Britney. His achievements in music seem to say otherwise.

Kevin Federline’s Relation With Wife

Celebrity couples are not new to the halls of Hollywood. Though many of them make the news for one couple scandal or the other, few actually come up with beautiful stories of love and a lasting marriage like Kevin Federline and his wife of almost nine years, Victoria Prince.

Having to take care of the six children -four of which do not belong to Victoria- while managing their individual careers is a feat they have shown themselves to be capable of. With Victoria Prince, Kevin has two daughters Jordan and Payton. Kevin Federline, or K-Fed as he is popularly called, has custody of all his children from his previous relationship

Kevin Federline Family

Amidst the controversy from his last relationship with Britney Spears, K-Fed and his wife have managed to keep a low profile of their relationship life while vying for more popularity in other aspects. The couple has been known to create sensations online, usually for positive reasons. 

According to People, they supposedly met in 2008 at a recreational bowling league event. The two individuals undoubtedly found chemistry and hit it off quickly. They started dating almost immediately and dated for five years, a period in which they had their first child. 

The couple tied the knot in a private wedding event at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas in 2013. Before going ahead to have their second and last child in 2014. Though Victoria Prince is most notable for being a celebrity wife, she has also carved a niche for herself in important aspects like sports, business, and entertainment

Who Is Kevin Federline’s Wife Victoria Prince?

Victoria Prince among other things is a proud homemaker and mother of two. She was born on the 2nd of December 1982, under the Sagittarius sun sign. According to people that know her, Victoria has been active and very energetic from a very young age, preferring to get things done than sit around waiting for them to fix.

It is no wonder she played Varsity Volleyball for three years. She quickly made it to a notable spot within that short period, competing against well-known names in volleyball before she pulled out of it. Obviously, volleyball alone couldn’t help her maximize her overflowing creativity.

After high school, Victoria attended the university of her birthplace, Washington State University. She later went on to the University of Hawaii where she earned a degree in language and became a teacher, something she had wanted to do for a long time.

Kevin Federline Wife Victoria Prince

Victoria’s life took a turn towards more popularity after she met Kevin Federline in 2008. The relationship deepened into a more serious affair when they had their first daughter Jordan Kay Federline in 2011. Victoria got married to her baby daddy in 2013 before they welcomed the second beautiful girl Peyton Marie Federline in 2014.

She quickly proved she was built for family life when together with her husband they took custody of their kids along with the four from K-Fed’s previous relationships with Britney Spears and Shar Jackson. She chose to become a full-time mother so as to give the children the attention they needed and quickly built an empire from home.

Kevin Federline’s Children

Currently, Kevin Federline has six kids. Two from each of his three relationships of which one is still very active. The singer and his actress lover Shar Jackson had their first child Kori Madison Federline in 2002. Prior to having their son Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline in 2004, the couple broke up due to rumors about Kevin Federline and Britney Spears having an affair. 

Kevin Federline's Children

His relationship with Britney became official in the same month in 2004 when his son was born. They eventually got married and had their sons, Sean Preston Federline (2005) and Jayden James Federline (2006). They called their marriage quits a year after their second child was born, though the court battle for custody that ensued is still a well-talked-about scandal. It was said that Kevin’s bad boy behavior was the main reason for the couple’s split and in November 2006, Britney officially filed for Divorce

Kevin has 2 daughters from his current relationship. K-Fed and Victoria Prince are proud parents of Jordan Federline and Payton Federline.

Kevin Federline And Shar Jackson

Shar Jackson is a popular actress and the first mama to give Kevin Federline two children. She had a relationship with the singer and dancer which lasted between the years 2001-2004, and it was during this time they had their kids Kori Federline in 2002, and Kaleb Federline in 2004. 

The popular actress let go of the singer after news circulated that he was having an affair with Britney Spears during the time the two of them were still together. These rumors seemed to be confirmed when Kevin got engaged to Britney barely a month after his breakup with Shar Jackson. 

Kevin Federline Shar Jackson

Not much has been said about their wrecked relationship as both party did not talk about it very much. But they both still have access to their kids, and even though Shar was once accused of child violence it doesn’t seem to have affected her relationship with the kids in any way.

Kevin Federline And Britney Spears Controversy

The Kevin and Britney saga started after Kevin fought for custody of the kids and won it due to the judge declaring Britney unfit to have custody because of her constant alcohol and drug use. The custody battle lasted for two years, time enough for it to gain massive attention.

At first, they were given 50% custody each, but Kevin had his raised up to 70% when Britney had a breakdown and attacked a cameraman’s car after shaving her own head. This undoubtedly left Britney more devastated, even though she got 30% unsupervised time with her sons. 

The custody battle also came with child support issues, which Britney lost too, and now has to pay a certain amount to Kevin every month to help take care of their kids. 

And as the recent statements made by Kevin about Britney and their sons’ wish not to visit their mother had created a controversy. Britney Spears and his new husband and model Sam Ashghari have shown their objections to the statements Kevin made during the interview.

People are not having a good response to Kevin’s behavior in the Interview. Most people on the internet are supporting Britney Spears in this recent controversy. People are sharing their views on Twitter and many are even supporting the hashtag #JusticeForBritney.

#BritneySpears is a proud mother of her two boys. Shame the father of her children has taken to slander and shame her in recent interviews. Shame on Kevin Federline for even doing a paid interview to get money off the back of Britney!

— Shedlightonit (@tearfilldcloud) August 6, 2022

Kevin Federline’s $20k/month during the 13 yr illegal abusive & involuntary conservatorship of #BritneySpears wasn’t enough. Kevin asked for $60,000 in 2018. Jamie Spears refused & Kevin threatened to audit the CSHIP. Suddenly, KFED got his $ #JusticeForBritney

— #FREEBRITNEY (@instabucher) August 7, 2022

Kevin Federline and his wife Victoria Prince are a**holes for using Britney Spears’s relationship with her sons against her. Britney is a good mom and these two leeches are trying to get money from her by using Sean and Jayden! #BritneySpears #JusticeforBritneySpears

— aboutnici (@aboutnici) August 6, 2022

Britney Spears shared a note on her Instagram expressing how hurt she felt after the recent interview with his ex-husband Kevin Federline about their son’s not wanting to meet their mother Britney.

Britney Spears Instagram

Kevin Federline Child Support

Kevin Federline might just be one of the few men who get child support for taking care of the kids. According to reports, he gets paid a surprising amount of $20k every month to support his having custody of the children. 

Many have claimed Kevin uses this child support fund to maintain his celebrity lifestyle with his current family so a lot of Britney’s fans still refer to him as a gold digger. But in an interview, Kevin’s lawyer made it clear that the singer had no ill intentions for Britney and was sincerely interested in her health and well-being.

At the time of writing this article, Kevin is still receiving child support funds from his popular ex-wife Britney Spears going into thousands every month.

Kevin Federline Job

You may be wondering what Kevin Federline does for a living and what is his job. Kevin Federline is a singer and former backup dancer. He has worked in many Films & TV projects and has earned a good amount of money through the years.

According to one report posted in The Sun, in 2019 Kevin was working as a DJ. He was performing at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in New Jersey. He had tried his luck many times to make it big in the musical world but didn’t have any major success as people consider him a bad singer. Kevin Federline also tried doing acting and wrestling and turned out to be at it, too.

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