Kelly Monaco Weight Loss. Is She Sick? Her Health Update.

Kelly Monaco Sick

The Philadelphia-born Reality TV star Kelly Monaco Is 46 years old and looks like 26 now. Everyone on the internet wants to know the secret of her not-aging formula and staying thin consistently. And people are also worried about her health as she is missing from the “General Hospital”. In this article, you will get to know the exact details about Kelly Monaco weight loss and her sickness.

Kelly Monaco’s Fitness Secret

“I have a decent metabolism, Whenever I eat in excess, which is rare, I just burn it right off. I have my active lifestyle to thank for that.” The main reason Kelly always stays in shape is she follows a vegan diet for so many years. Kelly’s other secret is that she works out 2 hours a day every day. Her workout routine includes sit-ups, Light Weights, and Heavy Cardio. Monaco also loves to dance in an interview Kelly said “Dancing is a good form of Exercise, You will never feel you are exercising.”  It’s her daily routine. Apart from all these activities Kelly also likes to do hiking, Rollerblading, and Swimming for her fitness.

For her mental health, Kelly prefers Yoga which also increases the body’s flexibility. Kelly said “I could never imagine myself not doing anything. That would take the fun out of life.” In an interview with She Knows Kelly said “My workout routine depends on the weather and my day and also what I am feeling. I go every day to the Gyn and do everything from the Jam to Yoga, Cardio Classes, Hiking, and Swimming.” Kelly also added, “I am pretty active though it to be active and be out rather than staying put in the house.”

Kelly Monaco’s Diet

Animal rights and their protection Kelly Monaco has turned vegan for so many years. Her food her diet is completely plant-based. There are no non-veg and not even dairy products in her everyday diet. Yeah but she does have a weak spot for sneaker bars. About expressing her love towards sneaker bars Kelly said “My guilty pleasure is a Snickers bar. I love Snickers, and I also have a sweet tooth You know little sweet and salty. Twix is probably my favorite and little Reese’s.” Dancing with stars winner also has a soft corner for KitKat.” I actually have a bag of it, and I have lined up things in my order of favorites like Twix, Reeses, Sneaker bars, Kitkat ETC.

I love to cook, I cook a lot and I enjoy doing it. Monaco has her own organic vegetable garden and she grows so much of her own foods and spices. Kelly grows her own food, Vegetables, and Species. Kelly has Zucchini, Cucumber, and 14 different varieties of tomatoes. She goes out in the garden every day and checks out what’s fresh today, Like yeah ” I have 30 tomatoes I will make some pasta tonight, and grab everything.

When asked about apart from dancing what is your regular diet for a normal day? In answer to that Kelly said ” Well I am a vegetarian so my diet is meatless. I consume high protein and fewer carbs in my diet. And I Burn calories really fast, so I gotta keep the weight on.

When asked about specific food Kelly said “I don’t know, I eat what I -want and I eat really healthy and pretty clean.

Kelly Monaco Weight Loss

Kelly Monaco Illness

Kelly Monaco didn’t return to the sets of “General Hospital.” There was a lot of speculation about her health. People were assuming that she has not returned to the screen due to some sickness. Well, this is partially true. According to her mother, when Kelly was about to return to the sets, she had a breathing issue. She was facing difficulties breathing. She immediately rushed and underwent some Covid-19 tests. And fortunately, her test results came out negative and she is healthy now. But she is under a 14-day quarantine. Hopefully, when the quarantine period is over, she might come back to the General Hospital as Sam McCall.

Kelly Monaco’s Partner

Kelly Monaco started dating Mike Gonzalez when she was just a junior in her school. The couple also worked together as a lifeguard at a local resort. They both also went to a community college together. From 1991 to 2009 they were together for almost 19 years. since then it’s been years that Kelly’s rumor of dating her co-star Billy Miller. Kelly also dated Heath Freeman from 2010-2014 sadly their relationship ended but they were still good friends even after the breakup. Sadly on November 14, 2021, Heath passed away.

According to Who Dates Who Kelly has dated Billy Miller (2015), Val Chmerkovskiy (2012 – 2013), Heath Freeman (2010 – 2014), and Michael Gonzalez (1991 – 2009). If the official reports are to believe Kellly is not dating anyone officially. No one knows what happens backstage but in front of the world, she is currently single.

Facts About Kelly Monaco’s Personal Life

Kelly Monaco was born in Philadelphia on May 23, 1976. By profession, Kelly is well known for her Dancing, Acting, Modeling, And currently staying fit even at this age. She went to Pocono Mountain High School and for two years Kelly attended Northampton Community College. Kelly also worked as Lifeguard during her college at a local resort.

Kelly always wanted to become a model and in order to start her career in modeling she sent some of her photographs to Playboy Magzine. Later Kelly Became Playboy’s Playmate of the month in July 1997 and this is how Kelly’s Career in modeling started. During her contract with Playboy in the 1990s, Kelly was featured in many special editions of the magazine.

Kelly also won the first season of the T.V Reality show Dancing With The Stars with her partner Alec Mazo. In 1997-1998 Kelly got her first role in the tv series Baywatch. Since then Kelly has done various roles and has also been Body Doubles of Carmen Electra. Kelly has also appeared in several movies but her most successful show is General Hospital in which she starred as Sam McCall.

Kelly Monaco Is a Stalker.

In an interview with Michael Fairman on the 49th Annual Daytime Emmys, Kelly accepted that she is a stalker. When Michael asked about her social media and asked When you post on social media, your fans love you and they are very supportive of you. I think you realize that.

In answer to that Kelly said “My fans are amazing. I know I don’t usually post so much on social media, But I look at it all the time. I am a Stalker, Everything that they make and everything that they tweet is amazing.” Kelly further added ” My fans always support me through my Thick and Thins. They know when I am quiet somethings like going on, and I feel like it’s really awesome to have an understanding of,  like your Fans. I don’t even like to use that word. Because I feel like my fans are connected and a lot of them like became friends, and they are just like cool.”

Kelly Monaco has a special bond with her fans. Like every celebrity, Kelly is also unable to respond to every message, Tweet, or post of her fans. But one day she tweeted that she read each and every post of her fans.

Kelly Monaco’s Social Work

Kelly Monaco has always been a kind-hearted person in 2009 as part of the Feed The Children Program she traveled to Kenya with other stars like Susan Lucci, Anthony Geary, and others stars. Monaco and other stars video documented their whole journey. On the trip, Monaco and others stars provided food and other life-necessary things to children by visiting schools and Abandoned baby centers built by Feed the children.

Minnie English From She Knows asked what else do you do to stay in shape?  Kelly Monaco replied “You just need to smile and be in a good mood. You just have to be happy, and mentally good to have a nice body.”

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