Kathy Najimy Weight Loss. Diet, Workout & Surgery. Sick In 2022?

Kathy Najimy Weight Loss Zumba

Hocus Pocus 2 was released on 30th September on Disney+ after 30 years of the first part of the movie being released in 1993. The story of a fantasy comedy film revolves around accidentally bringing back the Sanderson sisters and stopping them from doing all the havoc they did in the 1993 movie. When the movie was released one of the three main characters who played Sanderson Sister witches in the movie grabbed the attention of the audience. Kathy Najimy who played the role of Marry Sanderson one of the 3 main villains in the Disney movie is trending on the internet. Definitely, she has done a great job in his character as an actor but there is one more thing that she has been trending for. It is her weight loss.

After watching the movie, fans started to speculate that Kathy Najimy might have lost a few pounds in 2022. Her appearance was looking a bit different. So, here are all the details about Kathy Najimy’s weight loss. From her diet details to her workout routine to surgery to her sickness details and everything about her transformation journey.

But first, let me start by telling you some personal information about Kathy Najimy that you might don’t know.

Who Is Kathy Najimy?

Her full name is Kathy Ann Najimy. She was born on February 6, 1957, in San Diego, California, USA. Kathy is the daughter of Lebanese-American parents. Her father Fred Najimy was a Postal worker who died when Kathy was just 14 years old. And her mother Samia was an immigrant from Lebanon. She completed her schooling at Crawford High School and later got her graduation degree in Professional Studies & Fine Arts from San Diego State University.

Kathy’s film career started in 1990. She played many small roles in films like SoapDish, Sister Act, The Fisher King, etc. She also did some Television shows too like Chicago Hope, Veronica’s Closet, Veep, etc. Kathy Najimy also starred in 3 episodes along with Ellen DeGeneres on ABC’s TV sitcom Ellen.


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Apart from being a good actress, Kathy is also a social activist. She often speaks about equal rights, safety, and self-esteem for women and girls. Kathy also rais her voice for the LGBTQ community, Domestic violence, and Civil rights. She has also worked with PETA for animal welfare. She was also awarded the Humanitarian award from PETA for her services.

Kathy Najimy has been married to actor and singer Dan Finnerty since August 1998. The couple has one daughter Samia Najimy Finnerty who is a musician.

Kathy Najimy Weight Loss

Kathy’s weight loss story started in 2012 when she shared her Zumba weight loss story with everyone. As per Kathy Najimy’s interview with Spry Living in 2012, she lost 50 pounds of weight and kept it off just by doing Zumba.

In the interview when Kathy was asked about how she lost all her excess weight. In the answer, she replied and told that she has considered surgery at different times. But has no judgment about that. Kathy further told that, In this country, you’re born without a choice—being fat is the worst thing you can be. She added that she had tried many things for weight loss like every soup fast, every watermelon diet, and many other ways. And whenever she thought that she has been sleeping by herself, she always starts exercising again.

Kathy Najimy Workout

When she lost 50 pounds in 2012 and revealed that publically, she gave all the credit to Zumba dancing for her weight loss. Zumba dancing is one of her favorite way of exercise for weight loss. When she was asked why did she choose Zumba for her physical fitness then she replied that she has been dancing all her life. Kathy considered herself Dance-Based. She further told that she previously worked with a trainer for exercise and weight loss and that helped her also. Kathy added that anything you do for weight loss, works but the most important thing is what keeps you going. For Kathy, it is dancing as she never gets bored with it.

Kathy told that working out daily has helped her a lot. Not only weight loss but she noticed many improvements in her overall health. When she started working out regularly her joints, knee pain and lower back pain reduced drastically. She felt more energy and was able to walk a lot faster. Kathy was able to sleep better and feel better. Being a diabetic person, all the health improvements that she noticed by exercising improved her diabetes, too.

Regular workouts and Zumba classes also helped Kathy in her mental stability and improvements. She became more positive mentally. With more mental positivity added to her life, Kathy started to accept things. Things like saying more YES and accepting anything that comes in her way with confidence. After losing weight, it becomes easier for in choosing a wardrobe and that added more confidence and positivity to her life.

Kathy Najimy Diet

Kathy Najimy focused more on eating healthy food. According to, Foodnetwork, Hummus with pita, olives, crudites, authentic chips and salsa, guacamole, and Hendrick’s with cucumber and mint are some of Kathy’s favorite foods.

As her daughter is Vegan, and Kathy herself is an advocate of animal welfare the family stays away from dairy products and meat. Kathy always tries to eat vegetarian and healthy. And as she said in her interview, she had tried almost all weight loss diets for faster results.

To lose weight the most important factor that anyone should always consider first is the diet. What you eat is the biggest point in your weight loss. If you eat healthy foods you lose weight and if you eat more unhealthy foods you gain weight. But what stops people from eating more & more healthy foods? It is the very less options in healthy foods that are tasty. The taste is the main element that stops people from opting for healthy diets.

And on the other hand, almost all unhealthy foods are very good in taste. This is the biggest reason why most people want to lose weight but can not start their journey of losing weight. But as technology becomes more progressive, the health industry also has progressed. There is a modern-day recipe that can help you in making your favorite foods healthy. This recipe is different for each people according to age, weight, and gender. If you want to know more about this recipe then you can click here and watch the video.

Kathy Najimy Weight Loss Surgery

Kathy publically accepted that she has lost 50 pounds of weight in 2012 but all in healthy and natural ways. She didn’t say anything about weight loss surgery. And there are plenty of rumors about her undergoing surgery for weight loss. But none of these ever proved. In fact, Kathy is an advocate of accepting yourself as you were born naturally.

Kathy Najimy Weight Loss 2022

As the Hocus Pocus 2 was released, People suspected that there is a bit of difference in the actresses’ looks. Kathy definitely lost 50 pounds of weight in 2022 but there is no confirmation from her side about losing weight in 2022, too. To find out the answer to this question, I did a little research. I went through her social media profiles and comp[ared her before-after pictures and I did find some differences. The difference is not that big but I think that Kathy Najimy might have lost a few pounds in 2022, too. Here are some images I found from her social media profiles. Have a look and comment down your views.

Kathy Najimy Before After

Kathy Najimy Weight Loss Surgery

Kathy Najimy Weight Loss

Is Kathy Najimy Sick? Had Stroke?

Kathy Najimy is suffering from Type-1 Diabetes. But there was some news about Kathy had a stroke. There were rumors about Kathy Najimy having a stroke due to her crooked lip in Hocus Pocus. People believed that her crooked mouth is because of the stroke she had while shooting for Hocus Pocus.

We searched a lot about any trusted news but didn’t find single media coverage on this topic. And not even Kathy or any of her associates confirmed anything about this ever. So, I can say that Kathy Najimy never had a stroke.

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