Julia Haart Weight Loss. Diet, Eating Disorder And Anorexia

Julia Haart Weight Loss

Julia Haart has been on the top of social media news. Firstly, due to her eating disorder and then to the messy divorce with Silvio Scaglia. Julia Haart is famous for the Netflix show – My Unorthodox Life. This drama is based on the real life of Julia Haart. In 2013, she left her Haredi Orthodox Jewish community to pursue a career as a fashion designer and entrepreneur. Recently she is in news but for all the wrong reasons. She is currently gin through a bad divorce phase. Apart from her divorce news, there is one thing that has grabbed the attention of people. And that is Julia Haart weight loss.

Are you also thinking that there is a change in her looks? And she is looking slimmer than in her previous appearances then this article is for you.

In this detailed article, we will discuss Julia Haart’s weight loss, her diet, and some of her health issues like eating disorders and Anorexia. So, let’s get started with the information.

Julia Haart Eating Disorder & Anorexia

Many years ago, Julia Haart adopted an eating disorder consciously. She wanted to kill herself out of starvation of the continuing feud with her family. She believed, this kind of death will not bring a bad reputation as committing suicide. After this terrible decision, she lost 73 pounds of her body weight. But in the meantime, her kids convinced her to stop the torture she was doing to herself.

Julia Haart always spoke in public about her eating disorder. She told in an interview that if it wasn’t for her kids, she would have died out of starvation. Julia further added that she would regularly write in her diary thinking about ways she could least hurt her children and then she decided to die out of starvation as that society wouldn’t realize it. She would commit suicide but the community would take it as a disorder that is not a disgrace in the world.

The fashion designer didn’t suffer from any health issues. To escape from her violent marriage, she chose to starve until death. Julia became anorexic in the process due to her poor mental health.

How Julia Haart Lost Weight?

Julia Lost 73 pounds of her body weight due to her eating disorder – anorexia. A tremendous change was seen in her body weight. Since the day she stopped her eating disorder, she has successfully maintained her form in a good way. She has good eating habits with proper calorie counts. She maintains her meal timing so that no meal is skipped between her work.

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Julia Haart Diet & Workout

Julia Haart follows a strict meal plan full of nutrition. Around 1 pm, she has her lunch alone in her office where she could enjoy the quietness. She usually takes salad or soup. She is a calorie-counting fan and loves knowing what she eats in a day.

Julia revealed that she used to have 12 diet coke cans in a day, two months ago and now she reduced the amount to 2 cans. She maintains hydration by drinking water all day. She usually keeps a bag of Hot Tamales and a small bag of Lemonheads for her sugar cravings.

Julia prefers to take a cup of coffee after lunch, not after 5 pm because this disturbs the sleep cycle. During very stressful days, she prefers to take a diet coke at 3-4 pm after lunch. Usually, after her shows or meetings, she likes to grab crab legs and other seafood in the evening.

Julia often doesn’t get time to work out due to her busy schedule but during the summer months, she opts for intensive work out. She loves to do stretching and tries to maintain the routine for the whole year. She further added that she goes for a walk every day and also joined a boot camp the previous summer. There she was given classes in Pilates and yoga which she can perform even in a hotel.

Recent Divorce Controversy

Julia Haart of My Unorthodox Life is suing her ex-husband Silvio Scaglia for $257 million, claiming that he forced her into “indentured servitude.” On Thursday, July 8, the former reality star, Julia, 51, filed the lawsuit in New York Supreme Court, alleging that Scaglia, 63, had committed many felonies in an apparent effort to preserve his money.

The problem is not that Scaglia lacked money, but rather that he is accused of keeping the pay earned by the former La Perla creative director while she was CEO of the model and talent agency they jointly control, Elite World Group LLC (EWG). Scaglia asked Haart that instead of taking a salary from EWG as its CEO, EWG should pay its parent company FHI [Freedom Holding, Inc.] a significant management fee in exchange for Haart’s services.

Haart believed her future husband-to-be when he allegedly promised she’d own 50% of FHI at the time the two were engaged. Now, Haart’s attorneys claim that everything here was “a bag of lies” to increase Scaglia’s income flow. Her control and ownership of FHI were fictitious, and she was powerless to stop Scaglia from pocketing the entire sum of money that EWG had paid for Haart’s valuable services as CEO, according to the documents.

According to Haart’s team, while serving as CEO, she increased EWG’s value “from roughly $70 million in 2018 to between $700 million and $1.1 billion.” Haart claims Scaglia took $1.5 million of her earnings and locked her out of the jointly-owned account, even though her income was paid into an FHI account.

According to the lawsuit, Scaglia struggled to maintain his business ventures and was “desperate for funds to sustain his lifestyle.”

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