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Know About All Popular Nike Jordans Shoes

Every sneaker and sports shoe lover knows about Nike Air Jordans. You love, I love we all love Air Jordan Shoes. So here we are gonna know about each and every famous Nike shoe. LikeĀ  Air Jordan XX9, XXXII, Jordan 23, Jumpman, XXXIV, XX8, Basketball Shoes, And Many More. You can even see the All-Time Best Air Jordan shoes. So, let’s get started.

Air Jordan is a very well-known very popular brand name under NIKE. Air Jordan was manufactured in the name of Legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. The first pair of Nike Air Jordan was created for Michael Jordan in 1984. And later was launched for the public in 1985. Tinker Hatfield, Bruce Kilgore, and Peter Moore were the original creators of Nike of the very first original Nike Air Jordan Shoes. Every Jordan Brand shoe has the legendary Jumpman logo.

Nike Air Jordan Jumpman Logo

Air Jordan XX9

The first was released in September 2014 and the design was first worn by Basketball players Kawhi Leonard and Russell Westbrook in NBA.

NIke Air Jordan XX9

Nike Air Jordan 23 or Jordan XX3

Again similarly this Jordan XX3 was designed by Nike’s one of the best and oldest designers Tinker Hatfield. The Jordan 23 was first publically launched on the 25th of January 2008.

Nike Air Jordan 23 Jordan XX3

Air Jordan XXXIV

Nike Jordan Shoes XXXIV

Air Jordan XX8

Launched on February 16th in 2013 and was designed by again legendary Nike shoe designer Tinker Hatfield. Air Jordan XX8 is the 28th shoe in the Air Jordan franchise.

Air Jordan XX8

Air Jordan IX or Jordan 9

Jordan 9 was the first shoe released in the Air Jordan Franchise after the retirement of legendary basketball player Michael Jordan whose name the brand is created in the November of 1993.

Nike Air Jordan IX Jordan 9

Nike Air Jordan II or Jordan 2

As a result of the huge success of the Air Jordan 1 model Nike was inspired to continue to make the franchise and make more shoe models in the Air Jordan franchise. So, as a result, Nike Air Jordan II was released in 1986 during the basketball season. Jordan 2 was also a hugely successful model of Nike, so they re-released it as Jordan Retro-2 later from 1994 to 2018.

Air Jordan II Jordan Retro 2

Air Jordan VIII or Jordan 8

The Jordan 8 as its sound is the 8th model of the Air Jordan franchise. First released in 1992. And moreover, this design was also re-released as a retro Jordan 8 shoe. It has a velcro strap.

Nike Air Jordan VIII retro Jordan 8

Air Jordan 10 or Jordan X

Air Jordan X was initially released in 1994 and then re-released in 2012 again.

Air Jordan 10 Jordan Retro X

Nike Air Jordan XIV or Jordan 14

The shoe was originally released in 1997 and was again re-release with some changes as the retro model in 2005. The design was inspired by the Ferrari 550 M model which was owned by Michael Jordan.

Air Jordan XIV Jordan Retro 14

Air Jordan 15 or Jordan XV

In the 1950s NASA developed a prototype of an aircraft called X-15. The design of Jordan 15 was originally inspired by the X15 Nasa Aircraft.

Nike Jordan Air XV Jordan 15

Air Jordan 16 or Jordan XVI

Though most of the Air Jordan shoes are popular, but this model of the Air Jordan franchise was not so successful.

Air Jordan 16 Jordan XVI

Nike Air Jordan 17 or Jordan XVII

The retro model of the Jordan 17 was released in 2008.

Air Jordan 17 Jordan Air XVII

Nike Air Jordan 11 Concord or Jordan XI

This is one of the best and most sold Jordan shoes. Originally launched in the year 1995. The shoes were re-released in 2009. Jordan 11 has a nickname “Space jam“.

nike air jordan 11

Air Jordan 18 or Jordan XVIII

Designed by veteran designer Tate Kuerbis and released in 2003. The Jordan 18 was re-released as a retro model in 2008.

Air jordan XVIII Jordan retro 18

Jordan 19 or Jordan XIX

Michael Jordan took his third and final retirement on April 16, 2003. After his final retirement, Jordan 19 was the first shoe of the Air Jordan franchise to be released in 2004.

Air Jordan 19 Jordan XIX

Air Jordan 20 or Jordan XX

For the mark of 20 years of the Air Jordan shoe franchise, Jordan 20 was released.

Air Jordan 20 Jordan XX

Air Jordan XXI or Jordan 21

Nike Air Jordan 21 was initially launched in 2006 and only after 2 years of official public release the Jordan XXI was relaunched as a retro in 2008.

Nike Air Jorda 21 XXI

Jordan XXXI or Air Jordan 31

Released to the public in September 2016.

Air Jordan 31 XXXI

Jordan 32 or Nike Air Jordan XXII

Nike Jordan 32 was released in two types of models. The first was a mid-length cut and the second was a low-cut length shoe. Launched for the public in 2017 September.

Air Jordan 32 Jordan XXXII

Now let’s see some of the most successful Jordans and most popular and most sold shoes of the Nike Air Jordan Series.

Air Jordan 1 or Jordan I

When Michael Jordan was in Chicago Bulls in 1984, the first pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 was created for him. The designer of the legendary Jordans was Peter Moore.

air jordan 1

Air Jordan III or Jordan 3

Jordan 3 was initially launched in 1988 and in 2009 the Jordan 3 model was re-released. And in February 2015 the latest version of Air Jordan 3 SE RED CEMENT was released.


Nike Air Jordan III Jordan 3 SE Red Cement

Nike Air Jordan III Jordan 3 SE Red Cement

Air Jordan IV or Jordan 4

Air Jordan 4 was launched to the public in 1989 and was the first Jordans series shoes which were also launched in the international markets along with the United States.

Nike air jordan 4

Air Jordan XIII or Jordan 13

Air Jordan 13 was released in 1997 for the public and was re-released in 2010 by Nike.

nike air jordan 13

Besides, all these Nike Air Jordan Shoes below is the List of all the Nike Air Jordan Shoes ever released in history.



Release Year

1Air Jordan I1985
2Air Jordan II1986
3Air Jordan III1988
4Air Jordan IV1989
5Air Jordan V1990
6Air Jordan VI1991
7Air Jordan VII1992
8Air Jordan VIII1993
9Air Jordan IX1993
10Air Jordan X1994
11Air Jordan XI1995
12Air Jordan XII1996
13Air Jordan XIII1997
14Air Jordan XIV1997
15Air Jordan XV1999
16Air Jordan XVI2001
17Air Jordan XVII2002
18Air Jordan XVIII2003
19Air Jordan XIX2004
20Air Jordan XX2005
21Air Jordan XXI2006
22Air Jordan XX22007
23Air Jordan XX32008
24Air Jordan 20092009
25Air Jordan 20102010
26Air Jordan 20112011
27Air Jordan 20122012
28Air Jordan XX82013
29Air Jordan XX92014
30Air Jordan XXX2016
31Air Jordan XXXI2016
32Air Jordan XXXII2017
33Air Jordan XXXIII2018

Furthermore, let’s check out the other popular Air Jordan Products.

Jordan Fusion Series

Nike Air Force One 1 Fusion

  • Air Jordan XII Air Force One Fusion
  • Air Jordan III Air Force One Fusion
  • Air Jordan V Air Force One Fusion
  • Air Jordan VI Air Force One
  • Air Jordan XX Air Force One Fusion
  • Air Jordan IV Air Force One Fusion
  • Air Jordan VIII Air Force One Fusion
  • Air Jordan IX Air Force One Fusion
  • Air Jordan X Air Force One Fusion
  • Air Jordan XIII Air Force One Fusion

Jordans Air Nike Packages

  • Jordan Spizike
  • Jordan Defining Moments III
  • Jordan Defining Moments IV
  • Jordan Retro 6 Infrared Pack

Jordan Retro 6 Infrared Pack

Air Jordan 60 Plus

Nike Air Jordan 60 Sixty plus +

Air Jordan 6 Rings Shoes

Air Jordan six 6 rings shoes

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