Joelle Rich Wiki, Real Age, Husband, Family And Johnny Depp Relationship!

Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich Dating

Joelle Rich the name has gained quite fame nowadays after everyone saw her supporting Hollywood Superstar Johnny Depp in his defamation trials against his ex-wife Amber Heard. There are lots of stories between Johny and Joelle that are going around the net nowadays. Today in this article I will tell you everything about Joelle Rich’s Age, Work, Husband, and everything else you need to know.

People also did link Johnny’s name with his other lawyer Camille Vasquez from the Virginia defamation case. But eventually, the truth comes out to be something totally unexpected. According to Marca The star and his former lawyer from the UK case against The Sun both are dating and keeping a low profile very sharply for almost from last two years from 2020.

Johnny Depp lost the suit but won something else in return.

Who Is Joelle Rich?

NameJoelle Rich
Birth PlaceEngland
EducationGraduation in Law from University of Birmingham
Year of Birth1985
DesignationPartner at Schillings

Joelle is a London-born lawyer currently working partner at Schilling’s firm. She is specialized in Privacy law, Intellectual Property type cases according to her Linked IN profile. The lawyer was born in 1985 in London, England According to the reports. In further research about Joelle, we have found she did her schooling at BPP Law School and after completing her Law degree from the University of Birmingham, England.

As we read before Joelle is a privacy law specialist so she is quite good at keeping her own life very private. There is not much info available on social media about her and her family or any other details.

Joelle Rich Instagram
Joelle Rich Instagram

Even she has kept her Instagram private.

Joelle Rich Age

Rich was born in 1985 in London, England so currently, in 2022, She is 37 Years old.

Joelle Rich Husband

Jonathan Rich is the husband of Joelle.  Jonathan is a multi-designated and multi-talented man. He has and still working in various positions. According to News-un-zip Jonathan is a successful British Businessman, Director, Chartered Accountant, Media face E.T.C. In London, England. Currently, Jonathan is Working as an active Director of BlueBox Corporate Finance Group for the past eight years. Rich has also served as the Manager of Corporate at Price water house Coopers.

Mr. Jonathan Rich was interested in finance from childhood and it was pretty clear to him what he wants to do in his life so he became a chartered accountant first and then the story of success goes on. Jonathan has also completed his degree in Economics from the University of Birmingham same as his wife Joelle. There is no official statement about this but, It’s easy to guess that this couple met during their graduation from the University of Bermingham.

Joelle Rich-and-Husband-Jonathan
Joelle Rich-and-Husband-Jonathan

According to SK Jonathan and Joelle got married in 2011 in a lavish Tuscany ceremony. As per the sources, the couple is separated and not living together for more than a year. Their divorce is still pending. The couple has two children.

Joelle Rich Family

Joelle was born in London, England in a very well-settled family. The lawyer Joelle Rich doesn’t share any details about her family. According to some guesses, her father is a well-established businessman in the United Kingdom and her mother is a housemaker. She has two siblings whose names are still unknown.

Joelle and Johnny Depp’s relationship

Joelle is a former lawyer of Johnny for his libel against The Sun. In which the sun claimed Johnny as a wife beater. Johnny lost the libel against The Sun but he got something else in return from his lawyer. Reports say that both the lawyer and the client Johnny Depp are dating since then. There is no official confirmation from the couple that they are dating. The news of both dating each other started sparking when Joelle took a flight all the way from England to America just to support his client’s defamation case against his ex-spouse Amber Heard. Joelle was not part of the legal team her presence in the courtroom was personal, not official in 2022. Since then the spark of their dating each other is keep rising.

Johnny-Depp-and-Lawyer Joelle
Johnny-Depp-and-Lawyer Joelle

The couple is seen so many times together in public during the trials of the Defamation case and at other events as well. Sources have also claimed that both of them use to meet in hotels in London in the early days of their relationship.

Amber Herd’s Reaction To JD’s Dating.

Sources have said The Aquaman star has recently expressed her views about her ex-partner dating his lawyer. Amber heard said it’s none of her business, That who Johnny dates all she wants to do now is to move forward and focus on different things. To make her life better.




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