Jill Scott Weight Loss. Diet & Workout Routine. Before After Pics

Jill Scott Weight Loss

Jill Scott Weight Loss. Jill Heather Scott stays on the news for a lot of reasons. She is popular for her singing, acting, and songwriting prowess, but what caused the recent buzz about Jill Scott? But this time, the buzz about her is a little different. It is not related to her career but to her appearance. Jill Scott has lost 63 pounds of weight in less than two years! Yes, the Hollywood star can rock all the glamorous attires she desires since she shed a lot of the post-child birth weight that didn’t even make her look bad. Losing weight and gaining weight is a kind of culture in Hollywood.

Here is the detailed information about Jill Scott’s weight loss from her diet to a workout routine to her before-after photos and other details, too. But before we deep dive into her weight loss transformation journey, I would like to tell you more about some personal info about Jill Scott. This section will make her weight loss & fitness journey more relevant to you. 

Who Is Jill Scott?

NameJill Heather Scott
Birth Date4th April 1972
Birth Place Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Height1.68 m (5′ 7″)
OccupationSinger, Writer, Actor

‘I am a woman, I make mistakes. I make them often. God has given me a talent and that’s it.’  This is one of Jill Scott’s famous quotes, and indeed she stands out as a talent in Hollywood, The United States, and the world.

Jill Scott Personal Life

Jill Scott was born in the town of Philadelphia as an only child to her parents, though nothing is known about her father. She was raised by her mother Joyce Scott, her grandmother, and the whole of Philadelphia because she has always been a beloved child in the Philadelphia neighborhood.

The Hollywood star was raised as a Jehovah’s witness and attended the Philadelphia High School for girls. Then after she went on to join Temple University. According to the famous singer, she wanted to pursue a career in teaching and had a dream to become an English teacher. At some point in college, even serving as a teacher’s aside.


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During high school, Jill simultaneously held down two jobs in an area that supported her upkeep and a few other things. Somewhere in the jumble of activity in her early life, Jill Scott became disillusioned with her career and decided to drop out of college.

The three-time Grammy award winner quickly became a trending sensation when she started displaying all of her talents which would include singing, acting, and writing. Her compilation of poems The Moments, The Minutes, The Hours quickly became a New York Times Best Seller but can hardly be counted as one of her greater achievements.

She has released up to 5 studio albums most of which started topping charts days after their release, has a greeting card collection in partnership, and is still on the screen. Scott is on the BET+ remake of The First Wives Club, a 1996 romantic comedy.

Jill Scott Weight Loss

Jill Scott has undergone amazing transformations with her body, both for personal reasons and because of her line of work as she revealed in one of her interviews. I gained 30 for this role,” Jill said to her interviewer during the interview. “I wore a fat suit, and if my face didn’t match the suit, then it wouldn’t be believable”.

But what came as a surprise to fans was how quickly she was able to lose weight and still keep her admirable curves. Her current transformation is that she was able to shed 63 pounds while still looking as beautiful and voluptuous as ever. The mother of one has talked a lot about the diet and workout routines she adopted to make this come to pass.

Jill Scott Weight Loss Diet

Jill from Philly, as she is fondly called by her neighborhood Philadelphians, has openly talked about her diet journey to great shape. She stated that she doesn’t maintain a focused diet but just leaves herself open to good food and consumes three low-fat meals and two snacks a day. She combines this with her regular workout and consistency and this has been her routine for the past two years.

Here are some of the low-fat meal ideas you can try.

  • Orange, Honey & Soy Chicken,
  • Paleo Chicken Stew,
  • Chicken Stroganoff,
  • Miso Tofu Soup,
  • One Pan Chicken, etc…

Apart from all these low-carb diets, there is also a weight loss solution that is quite trending o the internet these days. The Fizzy Juice hack was already there for years but nobody knew about it in modern cities. If you want to know more about this then click here and read the article about the Fizzy Juice recipe.

Jill Scott Workout Routine

On her workout routine, Jill Scott revealed to an interviewer in one of her numerous interviews that one of her secrets for having her healthiest looks in the last 20 years is her 60 minutes of cardio and strength exercises. She practices boxing, kickboxing, and outdoor biking as part of her routine with her trainer Scott Williams at least three times a week. This is the routine that has helped her keep in shape.

I will never be a stick figure” she had said, acknowledging her limits to how much weight she was hoping to lose. But with her current physique and curvy shape, the fans couldn’t ask for more.

Jill Scott Before After

Celebrity weight loss is always a hot topic among fans. They always want to see their favorite star in a fit & healthy look. Here are some of Jill Scott’s before and after weight loss images.

Jill Scott Weight Loss

Jill Scott Weight Loss Transformation

Jill Scott Before After

Jill Scott Age, Weight, and Height

Jill Scott was born on the 4th of April, 1972 under the Aries zodiac sign. She is currently 50 years old, and after shedding up to 63 pounds of weight she currently weighs 91 pounds and is 5’7 in height. Her physique and average height make it obvious she is not someone who would be easily intimidated by anything, and her successful weight loss journey proves that fact.

Jill Scott’s Net worth

Jill Scott is a multitalented and exceptional artist, this means her income is diversified. From the proceeds of her acting to her writing, albums, and entrepreneurial brands she is currently valued at $12 million. The multiple award winner is among the richest entertainers and has acted in a lot of high-earning movies with other notable actors, hence it is no surprise that she is worth this much with her career and exceptional ideas.

Jill Scott Husband

The Lady Jill Scott was first married in 2001 to Lyzel Williams but they ended things in 2007 without a child between them. Though Jill later had a son with the famous drummer, Lil John Roberts, they never got married.

Jill Scott recently got married in a surprise wedding to Mike Dobson during the weekend. Their marriage is still very young but everyone is hopeful that it will be love-filled, the couple does seem to be so in love with each other after all.



Que: Did Jill Scott gain weight for a movie?

Ans: Yes. Jill Scott gained up to 30 pounds for a Tyler Perry Movie.

Que: Where is Jill Scott now?

Ans: She currently resides with her family in Nashville, Tennessee.

Que: How old are Jill Scott’s children?

Ans: Jill Scott has only one son, Jett Hamilton Roberts, who was born on 20th April 2009. He is 13 years old.

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