James Alan Hetfield Dating History. Ex-Wife & Kim Kardashian

James Alan Hetfield Dating

Kimberly Kardashian is mostly known as Kim Kardashian. Kim’s life has always been in news about her lifestyle, Clothing, Entrepreneurship, and also her dating life. Kim’s dating life has always created headlines in many posts and Newspapers. Recently, Kim is also in the news because of her recent dating rumor that Is Kim Kardashian dating James Hetfield the well-known guitarist. In this article today we will find out if, Are they both really dating? And who is James Hetfield? And James Hetfield’s some personal information like his net worth, Age, And Current marital status?

Celebrity relationship gist has managed to stay relevant among lifestyle stories that fans love to read about and stay updated on. These Hollywood relationships have proven to be entertaining since the industry seems to have enough people to keep the gossip mill rolling. All that being said, most of the fans still have nothing but pure love for their favorite celebrity. It is very common nature that we always try to stay updated about the news related to our favorite celebs. 

The list of these celebrity relationships that generate a lot of interest in America and world news naturally goes beyond just the movie stars in Hollywood, but also dancers, athletes, producers, musicians, and rockstars. Like James Alan Hetfield, one of the most successful rock stars of the last four decades, and his various relationships

Does he really in a relationship with Kim Kardashian? Know the reality here in this article about the rumored relationship. But before that let me tell you more about James Hetfield’s personal life.

Who is James Alan Hetfield?

Name.James Alan Hetfield.
Date Of Birth.August 3,1963.
Place Of Birth.Downey, California, United States.
Career.Musician, Song writer, Vocalist
Role.Rhythm Guitarist, Song Writer, Vocalist.
Achievements.9 Grammy Award Winner.

James Alan Hetfield is a very talented rhythm guitarist and singer. Hetfield has maintained relevance in the American music industry for almost half a century as a co-founder of an exceptionally successful rock group Metallica. In this article. We are going to find out about who he is, and every other detail related to him.

James Hetfield has different nicknames like Jaymz, Papa Het, and Almighty Het. Hetfield is an American-born singer. Born on the 3rd day of August 1963 in Downey California, United States. Born under the Leo zodiac sign, he began to exhibit signs of musical and instrumental talent quite early.

Band Metallica

Eventually went ahead to co-found the hard rock group Metallica in 1978. Where he still functions as their Rhythm Guitarist, Main Songwriter, and Main Vocalist to date.

The band quickly rose to relevance in the early 1980s with various tours and shows. In an interview, Janes pointed out that Metallica would remain his number one favorite music band. The guitarist also had some other musicians and bands he is a huge fan of. He mentioned bands like the Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Ac/Dc among others.

In the same interview, James also mentioned how his hobbies did not revolve around music alone. As sometimes James enjoyed hiking, or just forgetting everything else and spending time with his family. Who according to him, he loves more than anything else. This great rockstar has worked with notable record labels like Warner Brothers. He is still enjoying the peak of his career as an American celebrity.

Is James Hetfield Dating Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashians’s dating life history is quite long And leaves a trail behind some broken men.

Kardashian’s Dating History

Name Of BoyfriendTime Duration
T.J. Jackson1995-1999
Joey Lawrence1999-1999
Damon Thomas2004-2004
Ray J2005-2007
Nick Lachey2006-2006
Nick Canon2006-2007
Reggie Bush2007-2010
Cristiano Ronaldo2010-2010
Justine Bieber2010-2010
Miles Austin2010-2010
Gabriel Aubry2010-2010
Shengo deane2010-2010
Kris Humphries2010-2011
Kanye West2012-2021

A few months ago, James Hetfield officially ended his 25-year-old marriage to Francesca Hetfield. That seemed to immediately put him on the eligible bachelor’s market. The press turned their searchlights on James for any new emotional attachments and not long after. News started making the rounds that the famous rockstar is now dating. The also a very famous TV reality show star, Kim Kardashian. Who just broke up with her boyfriend Pete Davidson.

A thorough investigation however revealed that the article causing all the rumors was published by Madhouse Magazines. A self-acclaimed best rockstar magazine in the world. According to them, the insensitive joke was meant as a satirical publication. But was obviously so well crafted. That people, especially their fans, seemed to take in the whole message hook, line, and sinker. Other blogs and news outlets began to carry the story and it has quickly spread from there. None of the above-mentioned celebrities have seemed to care enough to give a reply to Madhouse Magazine as they are known for such false. (though satirical), Oftentimes misleading information. So the overall news is a false claim.

James Hetfield Dating History

Before James got married to his wife Francesca, he had a couple of short-lived whirlwind relationships. Which really did not make it to the spotlight. Research says James Hetfield dated Marlo Broaddus in 1983, and Leah Storkson in 1984. Kristen seemed to be the longest he could afford then as the relationship lasted two whole years before they got separated in 1990. He also dated Teresa Haynes.

James Hetfield’s Ex-wife/First Wife

James Hetfield and wife
James Hetfield and his Wife

Quite unlike what we get from celebrity relationships, James Hetfield has been married only once and had a long-lasting relationship. Though not unlike what we are used to seeing in celebrity relationships the relationship itself was riddled with ups and downs, issues that might have warranted James Hetfield filing for divorce even though they have three children between them and have lived together for more than 20 years.

James Hetfield got married to Francesca Hetfield in 1997 after they dated for approximately five years before deciding to tie the knot. James Hetfield met Francesca at the stage costume design set for one of the band’s tours titled Wherever We May Go, around 1991-1992. It wasn’t hard for the two people to realize that they were perfect for each other and that they had a lot of chemistry.

Their Dating

They started dating almost immediately till they decided to get married in 1997, build a home, and raise a family together. During the time of their union, they had three children; Cali Tee Hetfield who is 24, Castor Virgil Hetfield is 22, and Marcella Hetfield turned 20 this year 2022. 

Things turned a bit surprisingly sad for the woman though when her husband asked for a divorce in the early months of this year, stating his reasons to be a lack of chemistry and feelings between them. According to the superstar, ‘it just wasn’t there anymore and so he had to call it quits, when his ex-wife was asked what she thought about it, she confirmed that it made her really saddened that the singer and instrumentalist would want to throw away what they’d had and protected for 25 years.

Not much is known about the career or life of Francesca Hetfield except that she was once in a Metallica commercial for the band.

James Hetfield’s Children

James Hetfeld's children

Francesca has three children, Cali, Castor, and Marcella with James Hetfield. Like any good father, James has been doing his best to provide for the kids and make sure they had everything they ever needed, even when it came to helping them craft out their career paths.

Castor Virgil Hetfield has unapologetically taken after the footsteps of his illustrious father, forming his own rock band Reckless which is currently and steadily climbing the leaderboards to become one of the outstanding favorites of rock fans all over the world. Hetfield has expressed in no simple words, his satisfaction with his only son’s choice of a career.

James Hetfield’s Net Worth

James Hetfield is not just one of the most successful rock stars of the century. Hetfield seems to also be one of the richest as his net worth is estimated to be around a whopping $300 million. According to the singer he makes most of his revenue from his music career. Which is always one of the indications to him that he made the best choice in choosing a career.

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