Is Vanessa Bryant Dating Again? Pau Gasol & Dating History.

Is Vanessa Bryant Dating Again

After the unfortunate death of Kobe Bryant, Vanessa Bryant came into the limelight of the media about her life details. Almost everyone becomes curious and searches on the Internet now and then to know whether she is dating someone or not. Is she found love again in her life or not? Rumors have been spread on the Internet regarding the dating history of former American professional basketball player Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Bryant.

However, numerous fans and followers are still willing to find out whether she is in a relationship or currently dating someone. Today, with the help of this article, we will elaborate on this rumor in detail and try to find out whether all of these speculations are true. Let’s get started with our discussion by knowing the fact. 

Vanessa Bryant is a prevalent personality and is well-known as the wife of the late Kobe Bryant. The couple had spent years of a successful marriage. But unfortunately, in a helicopter crash, the husband of Vanessa Bryant died with his daughter and seven other people. Since the tragic accident passed two years, people are showing a deep interest in whether the lovely wife of the late Kobe has started dating someone again or not.

Previously, Vanessa Bryant was linked up with numerous men in her life. And finally, she found her love in Kobe. But as Kobe is no more with her, people are speculating that she might be with someone else. And this has become the most trending and a hot topic for the audience. As of 2022, the rumor of Vanessa Bryant dating is again rising at its highest peak. There are many more exciting sides that you need to know about Vanessa Bryant. 

Quick Summery
>> Vanessa Bryant Is A Wife Of Kobe Bryant.
>> Kobe & His Daughter Died In A Helicopter Crash In 2020.
>> It Is Rumoured That Vanessa Bryant Might Be Dating Again After 2 Years Of Her Husband Died.

Vanessa Bryant Pau Gasol Relationship

After the death of her husband, Pau Gasol has given full support to her. Pau has assisted her in all her ups and downs after the death of his friend Kobe. Even he accepted that Vanessa Bryant is a powerful woman and the pillar of her family. He has spent all his time with her and her family. Besides that, he has also given a lot of gifts to Vanessa Bryant.

Pau also arranged and celebrated the sixth birthday of Bianka Bella Bryant and spent a happy day with all of them. On the other hand, Vanessa Bryant also shared many pictures on her Instagram profile. Therefore, by watching the images of her with him, the audience suspected that both of them might be together and dating each other. But there is no official confirmation of the fact. And both of them ever have spoken anything about their dating rumors.


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Therefore, all the allegations and speculations are false, and they are just good friends. This is all about the rumor between Vanessa Bryant and Pau Gasol. Pau Gasol is just being a supporter and a good friend to the grieving family of Kobe Bryant. No information on the Internet can also claim the rumor as accurate. Hence, it is considered just a mere rumor. 

Vanessa Bryant’s Dating History

Before being engaged to Kobe, Vanessa Bryant was linked up with many men. After the death of Kobe, the love life of Vanessa Bryant became a scorching topic for people. Several allegations and speculation have been circulating on the Internet. Vanessa Bryant has been linked up with Derek Fisher

The audience has taken an interest in what is going on between her and Derek or not. Both of them were sitting together each other at the WNBA All-Star Game last year. Derek used to play for Los Angeles Lakers with his friend Kobe. In 2021, Derek married Gloria Govan. Before married Gloria Govan, he was married to Candace Fisher. 

From his previous marriage with Candace Fisher, he shared two kids. But recently, he adopted two kids too. Both Kobe nor Bryant did not confess anything publicly. Therefore the rumor about the relationship between them is considered false. 

There were also rumors that Vanessa once dated boxer Victor Ortiz. But none of these were ever confirmed by any of them. It was just found to be a rumor only.

Kobe Bryant & Vanessa Bryant’s Relationship

Vanessa Bryant and her husband, Kobe, were a lovely couple and always received love and admiration from the audience. The couple first introduced each other back in 1999. In their first meeting, they found interest in each other and expressed to know each other. Therefore after two years of dating, they decided to settle in 2001. 

Altogether the couple has spent about 20 years of togetherness. Both of them led a very successful and happy married life with each other. They have been blessed with four wonderful kids. And in the 20 years of successful married life, they have seen lots of ups and downs together. 

Unfortunately, in 2020, the husband of Vanessa Bryant met with a fatal accident. He died in a helicopter crash with his daughter. She gave birth to four daughters, and the names of her daughters are Gianna, Capri, Natalia, and Bianka. But she lost Gianna in the same accident with her husband, the late Kobe. 

During the phase of their married life, both of them were seen at numerous events and in public spots. As Kobe was a very successful NBA legend, he played multiple games and made himself successful among other players. The couple always shared a very romantic chemistry

In 2003, Kobe faced allegations from a 19 years old girl in an adultery case. He has been gone through sexual assault allegations. In an interview, he accepted all these allegations were true and took being unfaithful to her lovely wife, Vanessa Bryant. When he was giving the interview in front of the media, he expressed his Furiousness and hatred for himself.

He has also confessed that he cheated on his wife. He made a huge mistake in his life. However, he also expressed his feeling and love for his wife in front of the audience. Kobe also identified his wife as his backbone. Apart from all of these things and due to the differences between the couple, they finally decided to take divorce each other in 2011. 

But in 2013, both changed their minds and decided to stay together again. But unfortunately, in 2020, Kobe lost his life in an accident.

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