Is Ritu Arya Dating Umbrella Academy’s David Castañeda(Diego)? #FactCheck

Ritu Arya Dating David Castaneda

Umbrella Academy Season 3 was released on 22nd June. People loved the latest season and personally, I loved the 3rd season more than the 2nd which was released in 2020. More characters were added in the latest season and the whole cast is again trying to save the world from another apocalypse. The whole cast of Umbrella Academy Season 3 has done an amazing job but this time actress Ritu Arya AKA Lila Pitts stole the limelight through her character portrayal. After her amazing onscreen presence, people have started to praise her for her acting skills. Her fans want to know more about Ritu Arya & her personal life like who is she dating and all.

People are even speculating that Ritu Arya might be dating her onscreen partner Diego AKA David Castañeda in real life. If you also have questions in your mind related to Ritu Arya’s Dating & relationship status then you will get your all answers here. I will try to walk you through all the personal life details of the Umbrella Academy actress Ritu Arya & whether she is dating David Castaneda or not.


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Who Is Ritu Arya

Ritu Arya is an English actress born on 17 September 1988 in Surrey, England. She has 2 siblings brothers Romi & Rahul. Ritu started her acting career in her teenage years. Apart from her awesome acting skills, Ritu is also a good drummer and part of the band KIN.

On top of that, she is well-educated, too. Ritu graduated from the University of Southampton in Astrophysics. During her university days, she was actively involved in theatres. Later she trained herself at the Oxford school of drama.

Ritu Arya Drummer

Ritu first time got to play a small role in the British-French crime drama television series The Tunnel in 2013. But she got famous for her role as psychiatrist Dr. Megan Sharma in the British soap opera Doctors. She was so good in her character that she was even nominated for a British Soap Award for Best Newcomer in 2017. She also did a small guest role in Sherlock Holmes in 2014.  Apart from this, Ritu Arya played a pivotal role as the android Flash in the science fiction TV series Humans.


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Ritu Arya also did many other film and TV projects. She also did other projects like Feel Good & Red Notice for Netflix but she gained fame from her character Lila Pitts in the Umbrella Academy. Lila Pitts can be considered the breakthrough role of actress Ritu Arya.

Is Ritu Arya And David Castañeda Dating In Real Life?

People have loved the chemistry of the onscreen couple Ritu Arya & David Castañeda in the Umbrella Academy season 3. All the things that happen between the characters Diego & Lila Pitts are definitely entertaining for the audience. Lila suddenly introduces the couple’s son Stanley to Diego is a surprise to all the viewers, too. The couple’s love-hate relationship intrigues the audience more about their onscreen relationship.

Ritu Arya and David Castañeda’s awesome performances & their onscreen chemistry in the Umbrella Academy season 3 have forced fans to believe that something is brewing between them. People are speculating that Ritu Arya & David Castaneda are dating in real life, too.

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But the reality might disappoint some of you. Ritu Arya & David Castaneda are not dating in real life. The rumors of their relationship is spreading since the second season of the Umbrella Academy. But none of them ever confirmed anything. Both Ritu & David always maintain the status of good friends & great co-stars and nothing more than that ever. So David Castaneda and Ritu Arya are not dating each other.

Ritu Arya Dating Details

Fans always try to link up their favorite stars with their other favorite stars. Ritu Arya is also one of those celebrities whose fans want to know the relationship status. As mentioned above there were a lot of rumors about Ritu Arya dating her on-screen husband David Castaneda but those were all wrong.

So, if Ritu Arya is not dating Deigo(David Castañeda) then whom she is dating? Let me clear this up, Ritu is a very private person and tee are not many details in the public domain about her relationship status. According to the Reddit thread, some users were seen commenting that Ritu Arya is dating her British musician friend. Mostly possible from her band KIN.

But apart from some random Instagram Images, these Reddit users didn’t have something solid to prove their point. And Ritu Arya has never confirmed anything ever about her relationship status with anyone.

Fans’ Reaction To Ritu Arya & David David Castañeda Dating Rumours

Almost on all social media platforms, people are believing that David & Ritu are in a relationship. People are giving their various reactions to the onscreen couple’s dating rumors in real life.

just found out david castañeda and ritu arya (diego and lila from the umbrella academy) have been dating irl for a while 🥺 no wonder their chemistry in s2 was so good

— talia (@evilvillanelle) January 27, 2022

no because the way david castañeda and ritu arya are literally dating irl

— nicole (@romcnhoIidays) February 16, 2022

But nothing can be said confidently unless Ritu Or David confirms anything. So, I only can say that Ritu Arya is not dating anyone at the moment as nothing has been said from Ritu’s side ever about her dating life.

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