Is Joseph Quinn Dating Doja Cat? Is Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson Gay?

Joseph Quinn Dating Doja Cat

After Stranger Things season 4 Volume 2 aired on Netflix, the two new characters got pretty famous among the people. And these two new members are Joseph Quinn & Jamie Campbell Bower AKA Eddie Munson & Henry/Vecna respectively of Stranger Things season 4. Fans of Stranger Things has loved both of these characters so much and wants to know more and more about their personal life. People are making a lot of searches on the internet to find various answers related to their new favorite stars.

There was a lot of speculation about Joseph Quinn’s Dating status previously after the first volume of Stranger Things 4 was released. And the latest Doja Cat & Noah Schnapp chapter has intrigued people to speculate that Doja Cat & Joseph Quinn dating in 2022. There are a lot of questions going around related to Joseph Quinn’s Dating life. People are even asking questions if Eddie Munson AKA Joseph Quinn is gay.

If you are also having various questions about Joseph Quinn’s love life then after reading this full article, you will get all your question answered. But before we go deep into Joseph Quinn’s dating life, I would like to tell you more about Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson’s personal life.

Who Is Joseph Quinn?

Do you also have noticed Joseph Quinn’s sweet “British Accent“? Yes, Joseph Quinn is a British actor. He was born on 15 May 1993 in London. Joseph graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 2015. He got his first acting chance in BBC One’s TV show DickensianYou might don’t know but Joseph Quinn has also played the small role of Stark soldier, Koner in HBO’s world-famous series Game Of Thrones season 7.

And Stranger Things season 4 changed many things for him as an actor. He gained enormous popularity with his character of Eddie Munson. His wavy hair and British accent were loved by all. The way Eddie Munson had bonding with his friend Dustin and how he sacrificed his life in the end to save the people of Hawkins touched the audience’s heart. Stranger Things fans are loving his character.

Joseph Quinn Gay

According to Joseph’s interview in Vanity fair magazine, Joseph was so dedicated to his role as Eddie Munson. Joseph Quinn even lost weight in order to look young in Eddie’s character. Because Joseph in real life is 29 years old and his character Eddie Munson in Stranger Things is only 18 years old. To present the best look on screen, Joseph tried a lot of wigs before they finalise the right hair look for Eddie Munson’s character.

Joseph Quin had to work hard on his accent as he was the first time playing the character of an American person. He used to talk in his character’s accent between shots. And if you don’t know then let me tell you that other famous actors Millie Bobby Brown and Charlie Heaton of Stranger Things are also British. Joseph further added that he had a totally different experience on the sets. The cast of Stranger Things is so supportive & friendly and he enjoyed a lot shooting for Stranger Things. People loved his character and the scene where Eddie is playing the guitar in Upside Down was the best.

Joseph Quinn Dating Doja Cat?

After his appearance in the latest season of Netflix’s Stranger Things, Joseph has become the heartthrob. Every now and then his name is getting linked with various women. Recently his name was associated with Doja Cat after Stranger Things’ other cast member Noah Schnapp AKA Will Byers posted a video on TikTok of Doja Cat. In this video, Doja was messaging Noah on his Instagram asking him to put him in contact with Joseph.

As per Noah’s TikTok Video, Doja was seen asking Noah to tell Joseph to HMU (Hit Me Up) her. Instantly without waiting for Noah’s reply Doja asked Noah whether Joseph has a girlfriend or not. Noah replied to Doja’s chat by asking her to slide into Joseph’s DMs. In further discussion, Doja told Noah that she doesn’t know his Instagram or Twitter. Then Noah shared Joseph Quinn’s social media account with Doja Cat.

But then things got uglier when Noah shared all these chats on his TikTok video. Later in her TikTok live Doja was asked about the Noah thing by her fans. And addressing the controversy Doja said that Noah is a kid and when you are at this age mistakes happen. She also confessed that she herself made mistakes at that age. Doja herself has shown some little love to Joseph on Twitter on May 30.

joseph quinn fine as shit

— im made of diarrhea (@DojaCat) May 30, 2022

Fans’ Reaction To Doja Cat Joseph Quin Dating Controversy

Today at the time of writing this article social media is on fire. And  Twitter is full of Doja Cat & Joseph Quinn’s dating memes.

me knowing that doja cat will get joseph quinn before me

— malia / ST4 SPOILERS (@maliak__) July 7, 2022

Even some people are advising Doja that what she expected from a 17-year child. And if she wanted to contact Joseph then she would have directly messaged him.

why did I just open tiktok to see doja cat talking shit about noah schnapp for exposing their dms like girl he’s 17 why were you dm’ing him about joseph quinn in the first place 💀

— adu 🍑 (@MYDEARJONGlN) July 8, 2022

People are sharing their memes and various thoughts on the Doja Cat Noah Schnapp’s controversy around Joseph Quinn’s Dating. But one thing is clear here and that Joseph Quinn & Doja Cat is not in a relationship in 2022 and we don’t know about their future dating plans for sure.

Who Is Eddie Munson AKA Jospeh Quinn Dating

If Joseph is not dating Doja then who is he dating in 2022? Who Is Joseph Quin n’s girlfriend? The immense popularity that Joseph’s character Eddie Munson gave him is the main reason behind us all wanting to know more about his personal life. After season 4 aired on Netflix, his fans around the globe wanted to know if he really dating someone in 2022.

Joseph is not the kind of modern times celebrity who is posting everything about their life on their social media accounts. Joseph made his Instagram account on 9 May 2022. And he just posted 7 pictures on his Instagram account to date of writing and gained more than 5 million followers in just 1 month. This shows how popular Joseph is in recent times.

As per his interview with Vulture, Joseph himself is not handling his Instagram account but his one friend is doing this on his behalf. Joseph also told that he stays away from social media and even don’t have a TikTok account. It is clear that Joseph doesn’t like to be on social media channels and only shares pictures about his professional life.

So, there is nothing that has been posted about his love life on social media. And there is no confirmation from Joseph’s side about his relationship status. Until we found something about his dating life, it can be assumed that Joseph Quinn is single currently.

Is Eddie Munson Gay?

People are speculating and presenting their weird theories proving Eddie Munson is a Gay Man in Stranger Things. According to a Twitter user, he has found a wired connection between Eddie’s wardrobe and the LGBTQ community. Eddie Munson has a fixed outfit as a leather jacket with a cutoff jean jacket over the top and a Hellfire Club shirt throughout the season. Above it, he always wears his rings and has a monster hairstyle.

Eddie’s full appearance has encouraged a fan to find out more. According to a Twitter user’s fan theory, the black handkerchief that Eddie always carries in his back pocket has a meaning. This fan theory says that the handcuffs Eddie has on his walls and his black handkerchief is part of the code signal “The Hanky Code“. Do you know what is this code?

The Hanky Code was a secret signal used by Gay Men in the 1970s & 1980s for the purposes of sexual signaling. The color of the back pocket Bandana had different meanings. From Red to Black, different colors meant different secret signals to other gay men.

We need to talk about Eddie Munson. A Black hanky = S&M peep the handcuffs on his room wall and the hanky in his back pocket which is code. In conclusion Eddie is very gay and very kinky thanks for coming to my TeD talk. #StrangerThings4 #STEDDIE

— Living dead gore whore⚰️ Vol 2 Spoilers! (@PsychoticKid7) May 31, 2022

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