Is Hunter Doohan Gay? Whom Is He Married To? Tyler From Wednesday

Is Hunter Doohan Gay?

Netflix’s new release Wednesday has created a buzz among fans for its captivating tones. Be it the story or character, we never fail to look up the cast list and scan all the actors’ life. We love it don’t we? This series has given us a new character to look up to – Hunter Doohan. Hunter Doohan plays the character of Tyler Galpin in the series. The famous Wednesday actor Hunter Doohan has been on the news many due to his personal life and more about his sexuality. Fans constantly ponder upon his sexuality as many rumors were flying around the internet. Here’s the full information about his sexuality and personal life. Through this article, we will try to decode the mystery of is Hunter Doohan gay or not.

Who is Hunter Doohan?

Hunter Doohan is a renowned television and film actor and writer, born on 19 January 1994. He was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA. He is not only an actor but also a model and social media influencer. Hunter made his Hollywood debut in 2012 as Dreamer in the American short film ‘Lost Pursuit’. After that, he acted in another short film, ‘Distant from the Grace’ in 2013. He is famously known for his role in the 2018 American film ‘Soundwave’. Hunter Doohan also appeared in television series such as, ‘Truth be Told’ in 2019 and ‘Your Horror’ in 2020. He originally began performing after auditioning for a high school play. Later, he relocated to Santa Monica to enroll in a two-year acting course of study. Hunter Doohan’s net worth is USD 3 Million.

Is Hunter Doohan Gay?

It looks like the talk of the town has finally been answered. Whether Hunter Doohan is gay or not!

Yes, according to sources Hunter Doohan is gay. He always had been interested in men and he knew it from the very beginning. And he was very open about his sexuality toward his parents and his fans as well. His parents were supportive of his decision.

Doohan is open and proud of his sexuality and never forgets to flaunt it on social media. Hunter had experienced a long hard time in his career but there was one person who always stood by his side, his boyfriend. His relationship was evident from his Instagram pictures. Doohan used to post pictures with his boyfriend, Fielder Jewett. Hunter and Fielder had been in a relationship for over 2 years and Instagram pictures are the sole evidence of their love and bonding.

To Whom Is Hunter Doohan Married?

Hunter usually uses his social media platform to announce his new movies or series project. But once in a blue moon, he used to post some personal updates.

It was on 10 June 2018 that he introduced his boyfriend to everyone on his social media. It is unknown regarding the date when their relationship started, but he made it public in 2018 with their first picture. The picture showed both of them in a camping set-up and was captioned, he was not a camping person but being with Fielder Jewett changed his mind. The comments section was flooded with his fans’ and family members’ comments. The couple had been a great hit among fans. All his fans commented on their picture saying how adorable they looked together.


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In another picture posted on 29 August 2020, the duo seemed trekking on a mountain for their camping trip. Hunter seemed to develop a love for camping after his first experience.

Hunter has announced his engagement with his boyfriend, Fielder Jewett through Instagram after being in a relationship for more than 2 years. They finally got engaged on 31st December 2020. He later posted pictures of his engagement in black and white tone on 17th June.

Role in Netflix’s Wednesday

The American actor Hunter Doohan stars in Tim Burton’s Wednesday series based on Addams’s family. Hunter played the role of the next-door boy, Tyler Galpin in the series. Normies and misfits are the two groups of characters in the program. While the other students at Nevermore Academy, including Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) and her werewolf roommate Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers), are outsiders, Tyler is simply a regular, “normal” boy working as a barista in the nearby town of Jericho.

Although Tyler appears to be a kind guy, his past is more sinister than you may think, and he has certain secrets to keep from Wednesday as they grow to know one another. Tyler has to balance his work as a barista, his responsibilities as a teenager, and his status as Sheriff Donovan Galpin’s (Ian McShane) son.

Hunter himself didn’t know about his complete role. He admitted it to Yahoo news, saying he got to know his character’s full story at the end of the audition process. The makers revealed to him that Tyler had a dark secret. Since that Doohan has been curious about what this dark secret is as the creators themselves have not revealed it to him.

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