Is Brittney Griner Trans Or Man? Her Hair Locks, Deep Voice & Russian Prison Details.

Is Brittney Griner Trans

Brittney Griner is a professional basketball player from the United States who plays for the Phoenix Mercury in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). In Waco, Texas, she participated in amateur basketball with the Baylor Lady Bears.

Professionally, Griner was chosen by the Phoenix Mercury as the first overall pick in the 2013 WNBA Draft. While playing for the Mercury, she won the 2014 WNBA championship and was selected to the All-Star game eight times.

Griner was seized by Russian customs officers in February 2022 after cartridges carrying marijuana oil were discovered in her luggage. On suspicion of smuggling, she was later detained. She has finally landed at her home. She has been in news all over the world because of her release and with it brought back some old rumors associated with her.

Social media has been trolling Brittney for her masculine features such as her appearance and deep voice. This has again brought back the culture of bullying people online. More than releasing them from jail people are bothered about her gender.

Is Brittney Griner Trans or a man or a woman??

Is Brittney Griner Trans, Man, Or Born Female?

Basketball player Brittney Griner has publicly spoken about being bullied and subjected to body shaming. After going naked for its Body Issue in 2015, she spoke in an interview with ESPN Magazine about being labeled a boy at school because of her physical characteristics.

Although Griner has frequently spoken about the terrible remarks and bullying she has experienced over the years, including frequently being mistaken for a man due to her physical appearance, social media users say that Griner is a man.

She expressed a tremendous desire to interact with kids and spread awareness about bullying, especially bullying that targets LGBT people. When Griner was a senior in high school, she came out to her parents. She had to spend her senior year living with an assistant coach since her father was unhappy. Brittney Griner is a woman and not transgender or born a man. She is female and self-identifies as a lesbian.

Here is a video from YouTube in which a man is explaining why he feels that Brittney Grinner is a man. Just have a look and decide if Brittney Griner Trans or not.

Brittney Grinner’s Deep Voice

The majority of the people aren’t ready to accept Brittney as a woman because of her deep voice. Despite her admitting the truth of being a woman, people have judged her for her voice and thought her to be a man.

A man commented over her voice saying he isn’t sure “she” was born a woman in the traditional sense of the word. Her voice is masculine. Come on, I mean. That is NOT how women speak. Not even women with extremely deep voice depths.

While another one added that she’s just a really large person. She was taller than normal women thanks to her endocrine system, which also gave her a bigger voice box. She truly is a giant. Giants speak with heavy tones.

Another person commented on her deep voice saying that she appeared to be a typical young girl in pictures taken of her when she was younger, complete with pigtails and a frock. Maybe her parents decided to raise her as a girl because she was born intersex. However, as she grew older, the male traits became far more apparent than the female. Lack of feminine physicality in the hips, breasts, butt, voice, size, height, size of feet, size of hands, and other factors. Have you seen the naked body profile shot she took during the picture shoot? Her buttocks are entirely exposed, and while you cannot see her genitalia, they are those of a grown male, not a grown female.

All these comments are brutal and bizarre for Brittney despite revealing she is not a man, people never stop judging. Genetics is different for every person and might have worked differently on her that deep voice doesn’t make her a man. Having a deep voice doesn’t make Brittney Griner Trans.

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Her Hair Locks Were Cut In The Russian Prison

Amid escalating tensions over Ukraine, Griner—a two-time Olympic gold winner, and WNBA champion—was detained nine months ago at a Moscow airport. She was given a nine-year prison sentence in August after being charged with having vape cartridges containing a trace amount of cannabis oil.

As the Russian winter got worse, Griner’s hair would freeze while wet, and she regularly suffered from flu. So she decided to cut it to make living in prison simpler, according to one of Griner’s attorneys, Maria Blagovolina.

Blagovolina claimed that Griner decided to cut it all off rather than deal with the problem for a whole Russian winter. For YEARS, Griner wore long hair, hardly ever cutting the length below the shoulder. Even so, the basketball player exuded joy as she departed Russia on Thursday, grinning and announcing to at least one passenger that she was “glad.”

Why She Was Jailed In Russia?

Griner was held at Sheremetyevo Airport outside of Moscow while en route to Russia to play overseas during the offseason after customs authorities claim they discovered vape cartridges in her luggage that contained cannabis oil. Griner had previously played for club team UMMC Ekaterinburg in Russia during the WNBA summer, and she was going back to do so.

Eight-time WNBA All-Star Brittney Griner was permitted to return to the United States following her 10-month detention in Russia, where she was also sentenced to nine years in jail on drug-related charges. Viktor Bout, a convicted Russian arms trader, was included in a prisoner swap that was negotiated by the Joe Biden administration.

December 8 saw the exchange in the United Arab Emirates after President Biden gave the trade his final clearance. According to CBS News, the trade had been approved on December 1 between the US and Russia. Griner’s safety was affirmed by the White House, which also shared a video of President Biden speaking to Griner on the phone.

On Friday, Griner touched down at Kelly Field in San Antonio, Texas. Griner will likely go through a medical examination, as is customary for recently released American convicts.

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