Is Ben Azelart Dating Hannah Thomas? Who Is Youtuber’ Girlfriend In 2022?

Ben Azelart Hannah Thomas Dating

Famous for his various Vlogs from prank videos to challenge videos Youtuber Ben Azelart is quite famous among youngsters. Apart from his youtube viral videos, Ben also stays in news for his personal life. In recent days, people are quite intrigued in knowing more about his dating life & relationship status. People are speculating that Ben Azelart is dating Internet model & Instagram Influencer Hannah Thomas in 2022. Previously Ben Azelart was with another Instagram influencer.

Alexa Rivera AKA Lexi Rivera was his former girlfriend. But in current times it is believed that Ben has moved on from Lexi and is now dating Hannah Thomas.

So, here are the details about the couple’s dating life. But before we go deep into their actual relationship status, I would like to tell you more about Ben Azelart & Hannah Thoms’ personal lives.

Who Is Ben Azelart?

His full name is Benjamin Roger Azelart. Ben was born on January 20 in 2002 in Texas, USA. The 20-year-old internet celebrity is an American by his Nationality. Apart from being a successful YouTuber, Ben is also a skateboarder and a social media influencer. Ben Azelart also performs on other YouTube channels’ various programs. He played a role in Brat TV’s “Brobot” with his ex-girlfriend Lexi Rivera.

Apart from running and growing his own YouTube channel Ben also worked with other big YouTube channels like “AMP World” with a big influencer like Lexi Hensler.

Ben Azelart regularly posts on his YouTube channel. And his YouTube channel is a big one with more than 10 million subscribers. His content is widely loved by the audience. Some of his wild prank videos have more than 40 million views. And Ben has plenty of videos with more than a million views on his Youtube channel.

And if you go through Ben Azelart’s YouTube channel, then you will notice that his ex-girlfriend and YouTuber Lexi Rivera is there in most of his videos. Ben started his youtube channel in 2015 but for the upcoming two years, he didn’t make any content. Later in 2016, Ben Azelart started naming videos for his YouTube channel. And in a very short time, he gained a lot of popularity through his amazing and fun videos.

Ben’s first video was uploaded on August 16th in 2016. His first video’s name was “THE START OF MY YOUTUBE!”. Which has more than 13 million views as of writing this in 2022. This is a random video where Ben is seen exploring beaches and some mountains with his friend in Miami.

Is Ben Azelart Dating Hannah Thomas?

After Ben’s breakup with his YouTuber girlfriend Lexi Rivera, people speculated that it would be hard for him to overcome the breakup. A video uploaded on his channel on 25th December 2020 had the title “TRYING TO FIND A NEW GIRLFRIEND!”. And this full video was all about Ben trying to find a new girlfriend. In this video, Ben Azelart’s friend Jeremy was telling that Ben feels lonely and was forcing Ben to go on Omegle to find a new girlfriend for him.

But all the speculations of internet people have come to a dead end after Ben declared that he has been dating Instagram model Hannah Thomas. There were a lot of speculations about Ben & Hannah dating. They were continuously posting pictures of each other on their Instagram & making videos on TikTok. Even Hannah appeared in some of Ben’s Youtube Videos. The couple was seen hanging out together a lot. They were attending parties together and all of this was the reason behind the rumors of Ben & Hannah dating.

Ben Azelart was shooting a Vlog with another YouTuber, Jordan Matter. This video was uploaded on YouTube on 14th May 2022 on Jordan Matter’s Youtube Channel. In this video, Ben Azelart was hanging with Jordan Matter and doing various stuff. In the video, Jordan asked Ben do he has a girlfriend. And in response to the question, Ben replied that he has been saying this first time publically that he has a girlfriend. Ben further told and revealed that he has been dating Hannah Thomas.

So Yes, Ben Azelart is dating Hannah Thomas in 2022. And he feels lucky to have her as his girlfriend.

Who Is Hannah Thomas?

Hannah Thomas is quite popular on Instagram. She was born on August 20, 2000. The 21-year-old Instagram model has more than 90K followers on her Instagram account and that too with very few posts in the very short time period after joining the social media platform. Hannah is famous for posting quite bold images on her Instagram profile. Hannah Thomas is also very popular on TikTok. She posts a lot of stuff related to fashion, modeling, make-up & travel on her TikTok profile.

Hannah Thomas

Ben Azelart Dating History

Before getting into a relationship with Hannah in 2021 Ben Azelart was dating YouTuber Lexi Rivera. After dating for quite a good time, on 20 November 2022 Lexi & Ben declared their separation. Alexa Rivera’s (Lexi Rivera) YouTube channel uploaded the video with the title “We Broke Up“. In the video, Lexi was seen saying that even though they are breaking up still he has a lot of respect for Ben. And Ben told her that even if he is not Lexi’s boyfriend anymore, he is still there for her whenever she needs anything.

Ben Azelart Lexi Rivera

Later in the video, Lexi said that she knows Ben for the last 3 years. And for the initial 6 months, they were totally stranger and not spoke even a word to each other. Slowly they become friends and things got romantic gradually. For breaking up, the ex-couple mentioned the reason that they feel they both are better as friends rather than as girlfriends & boyfriends.

Before dating Lexi, it was rumored that Ben was dating model Brighton Sharbino. They have shared a lot of pictures together n their Instagram.


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There have been a lot of rumors before Ben dated Internet star, Eva Gutowski. They were seen together in many videos. And it was very common for them both to flirt a lot with each other in their videos. And this chemistry made people believe that internet celebrities are in a relationship. But in the current time, we all know that Ben Azelart is dating Hannah Thomas in 2022. They both are happy and have a good relationship.

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