Is Alexi Lalas Sick? Yellow Eyes, Jaundice, Liver & Health Update.

Is Alexi Lalas Sick

 The United States men’s soccer team has seen some good days and some bad days, but no matter what the result of the game is, one player has always been a fan favorite: Alexi Lalas. In 2009, Lalas was inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame, solidifying his place as one of the best American soccer players of all time! But he has also been in the headlines for a different reason: his yellow eyes in recent appearances. And this has definitely led many fans around the world to speculate possible health issues. In this article, we will take a look at major health issues the star player has faced in recent years and what could have possibly led to the existing theories about the whole issue! In this article you will get to know about whether Alexi Lals is sick or not, his yellow eyes, liver, Jaundice, and other health updates.

Who Is Alexi Lalas?

Alexi Lalas is a retired American soccer player who is currently the president and general manager of the Major League Soccer club, the Houston Dynamo. He is also a Fox Soccer analyst. Lalas was born in Birmingham, Michigan, and raised in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. He played college soccer at Rutgers University from 1988 to 1991. Lalas began his professional career with the San Francisco Bay Blackhawks of the American Professional Soccer League in 1992. He then played for several European clubs, including Padova of Italy’s Serie B, Apollon Smyrnis of Greece’s Super League, and FC Utrecht of the Netherlands’ Eredivisie.

Alexi Lalas
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Alexi Lalas Yellow Eyes

Alexi Lalas is an American former professional soccer player who played for the United States men’s national team in the 1994 FIFA World Cup. After retiring from playing, he became a commentator and analyst for soccer broadcasts. But he is known for his distinctive physical appearance, including his yellow eyes!

Now, coming to the speculations around these distinctive features, there are several theories as to why Alexi Lalas’ eyes are so yellow. One theory is that it may be due to a condition called jaundice, which liver problems can cause. Jaundice causes the build-up of bilirubin in the blood. Which can lead to the yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes. Another theory is that it could be due to an excess of bilirubin in the blood, which can be caused by certain medical conditions or medications. It is also possible that Lalas’ eyes simply have a naturally yellow tint. 

Overall, there are many fan theories on Reddit about Alexi Lalas’ yellowness in his eyes. Some people believe that it is due to his use of steroids, while others believe that it is simply due to his genetics. However, the most likely explanation is that it may be a combination of both steroid use and genetics. Whatever the reason, Lalas’ yellow eyes are definitely striking and have helped to make him one of the most recognizable faces in soccer and, of course, intrigued many people over the years!

Alexi Lalas Jaundice

Alexi Lalas, former USMNT star and current Fox Sports commentator, is known for his striking features. Unfortunately, some fans believe that his eyes may indicate a more serious health condition.

Jaundice is a yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes caused by an excess of bilirubin, a yellow pigment normally present in the blood. Bilirubin is produced when red blood cells are broken down and excreted by the liver. Jaundice can occur when the liver is not functioning properly or when there is an obstruction in the bile ducts that prevents bilirubin from excretion.

Fans first noticed something was wrong when he appeared during commentary of a recent match. During the broadcast, the yellowness in Alexi’s eyes was clearly visible, and fans were quick to notice that his eyes were extremely yellow. People initially thought it was just allergies, but he decided to see a doctor when the symptom persisted. Maybe a blood test or a similar test would help confirm if he had elevated bilirubin levels and if he needs to be referred to a specialist.

While it’s true that Lalas’ eyes do look yellow in some photos, it’s important to remember that lighting can play a big role in how our skin and eyes appear. It’s entirely possible that Lalas doesn’t have jaundice at all – but even if he does, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he has a serious health condition. Jaundice can often be treated (and cured) quite easily. So while we don’t want to jump to conclusions, it’s definitely something to keep an eye on!

Alexi Lalas Liver  

Yellowing of the eyes is a common symptom of liver disease, and fans of former U.S. Men’s National Team soccer player Alexi Lalas are somewhat concerned that he may be suffering from a severe liver condition.

Lalas, now an analyst for Fox Sports, has long been known for his distinctive red hair, but in recent months, his eyes have appeared increasingly yellow. This has led many fans to suspect that Lalas has jaundice, which is often caused by liver problems. Of course, people’s eyes may turn yellow for many reasons. Still, when fans saw that Lalas’ eyes were yellow in a recent appearance, they immediately suspected he might have hepatitis or another liver disease.

While it’s possible that Lalas may have liver disease, it’s also worth noting that other conditions can cause the eyes to appear yellowish. For example, certain medications can lead to this side effect, as can dehydration or a lack of sleep. So far, Lalas has not commented publicly on the speculation about his health, but we hope he gets the care he needs if he indeed has a severe illness.

Although many fans suspect that Alexi Lalas is sick due to the yellowness in his eyes, it may be true that Lalas has had health issues. However, there is no evidence to suggest that he is currently ill or has had a history of medical issues. Instead, the most likely explanation for the change in the color of his eyes is simply due to allergies or age. However, only time will tell if Lalas is truly healthy or not.

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