Irv Gotti Ex Wife Deb Lorenzo. What Is Ashanti & Nelly Controversy?

Irv Gotti Ex Wife Deb Lorenzo

Well-known DJ & music producer Irv Gotti has been in the news in recent days. The teaser of N.O.R.E.’s Drink Champs podcast episode with Irv Gotti has been released on 2nd August. And in this latest teaser, Irv Gotti has been seen making some very controversial statements on the Drink Champs podcast. Irv Gotti revealed that his former girlfriend Ashanti was dating Nelly even when she was in a relationship with Irv. The DJ accused his ex-girlfriend Ashanti of cheating on him with Nelly. At this time in 2002, Irv was still married to his ex-wife Deb Lorenzo.

After this statement, the internet started buzzing. There are a lot of speculations about Irv Gotti and his ex-wife Debbie Lorenzo, Ashanti & Nelly. People want to know every detail about the musician’s full relationship history, his divorce from ex-wife Deb Lorenzo and how he found out about Ashanti & Nelly dating.

If you also want to find all the answers about Irv Gotti, Ashanti & former wife Debbie Lorenzo, then you will get all the answers here in this article. But before you get to know more about Irv’s dating, marriage, and cheating affairs, I would like to walk you through his personal life first. So, you can have a clear idea of why he was divorced and why Ashanti was cheating on him.

Who Is Irv Gotti?

His full name is Irving Domingo Lorenzo Jr. & he uses Irv Gott as his professional name. He was born on June 26, 1970, in New York, USA. Irv started his career as a musician in the mid-80s. He made his first public appearance in 1995 with the music video “Hipp-Hop”. Irv founded & is the CEO of the music company Murder, Inc.


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Irv remained in many controversies throughout his career. In 2003 Irv was forced to change his company’s name to The Inc. There were a lot of incidents of raids on the Manhattan offices of Murder, Inc., There were charges of money laundering on Irv & on his brother Christopher. They both were accused of being associated with financial transactions with the Drug-lords of New York. But in 2005 December, Jury acquitted Irv & his brother of all charges.

Irv Gotti & Ex-Wife Deb Lorenzo

Irv Gotti had a controversial life. His life is full of scandals, his wife, ex-wife, girlfriends & infidelity. Irv Gotti was having a good marriage with her former wife Debbie Lorenzo but the couple ended their marriage & officially divorced in October 2013. Their marriage was always on the bad run. Deb Lorenzo accused Irv of cheating with other women many times throughout their marriage. Irv has three children with Deb Lorenzo.

In an interview with Essence, Debbie Lorenzo told that while being with Irv, she had to deal with so much in all the years from cheating and everything else that she promised herself not to do anymore in life. Debbie Lorenzo further added that she used to hate Irv Gotti and everyone who is associated with him because she was so angry, bitter & hurt. But slowly she learned her ways and now in life, she is happy and settled. She has forgiven Irv Gotti for his mistakes while they were married.

After their separation, the former couple worked together on a TV reality show “Gotti’s Way 2”. She was sharing a very friendly bond with her ex-husband Irv Gotti on the show. Debbie told that she was setting boundaries in the show. After their divorce, Debbie didn’t allow whatever to go on. In her own word, she said,

"I have cut out him staying with me and the kids on the weekends. I let him know you can’t do that because I have to get on with my own life. It’s hard for me still to tell him you have to take the kids because in some odd way I feel so guilty like I’m breaking up my family. It makes me feel like I’m the bad guy and I’m somehow disturbing the times we do share. However, this is the hand I’ve been dealt and I’m playing it out."

Who Is Irv Gotti Ex Wife Deb Lorenzo?

Widely known as the Musician Irv Gotti’s ex-wife but Deb Lorenzo has her own personality. Debbie Lorenzo is a hat designer and founder of the brand Frances Grey Millinery. It is a brand that deals in various Modern Millinery art stuff made by local artists of New York City. She has three children with her former husband Irv Gotti 2 boy Sonny and JJ Gotti and a girl Angie Gotti. 

Irv Gotti Ex Wife Deb Lorenzo

Deb Lorenzo was able to make herself lift up after the drastic events that happened in her marriage. Even after her devastating separation & divorce, Deb didn’t give up. She built herself a small but happy life. Now Deb is a proud mom and a successful entrepreneur.

Irv Gotti & Ashanti Controversy?

Irv Gotti was always accused of infidelity by her former wife Deb. And one of the biggest reasons why the couple separated in 2013 even after having three children together was Irv’s continued cheating with other women. It is speculated that Irv Gotti and Ashanti were in a relationship when Irv & Deb got divorced. But none of Irv & Ashanti ever confirmed anything publically about their relationship.

Many publications even back then speculated about their dating status. But in 2019, when he appeared on The Wendy Williams Show, Irv cleared many things on the show about his affair with Ashanti. Irv declined anything brewing between him & rapper Ashanti. On the show, he accepted that he was cheating on his former wife Debbie with another woman but the other woman was not Ashanti. He denied naming that woman on the show.

People believed whatever Irv said on the Windey show but everything he told back in 2019 was contradicting his recent statements made on the Drink Champs podcast about Ashanti & his affair. The latest teaser of the podcast was released on the 2nd of August and that started a new controversy. Irv said that he was deeply in love with Ashanti and he got to know about her cheating on him with Nelly. Irv told in the podcast that he & Ashanti was in a relationship and he saw Ashanti & Nelly together on TV.

Public Reaction On The Controversy

People on the Internet share their hilarious views on Irv Gotti, Ashanti, and Nelly’s love triangle controversy. Here are some of the thoughts of people on the matter.

Irv Gotti really sounded like he felt betrayed by Ashanti. A married nigga feeling salty that his single “girlfriend” was stepping out with a single man. He was watching the game with his wife distraught seeing her & Nelly.

— Reid (@RVAReid) August 2, 2022

Irv Gotti needs to stop talking about Ashanti, he’s been doing it for over a decade. His stories are just as inconsistent as his diet plan 🗣 and here’s proof.

— Ashanti Daily (@ashantidaily) August 2, 2022

When Irv Gotti saw Nelly and Ashanti together on TV

— Rich (@UptownDC_Rich) August 2, 2022

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