Ian Karmel Weight Loss. Diet, Workout & Before After Pics.

Ian Karmel Weight Loss Before & After

Ian Karmel the name has created a buzz nowadays about his Not about his Jokes but about his weight loss. Yeah, the stand-up comedian has lost 120 pounds of weight. People have been curious and want to know about his workout and diet. Or did Ian Karmel has undergone weight loss surgery to get rid of that much weight? I mean if you look at his previous photos and now there is a huge difference. Don’t worry we will find out his secret in this article today.


Weight loss is a prevailing topic among adults in America. Especially in the celebrity industry where fans are always watching out for the daily life of the celebrities who they daily look up to. Though there are many downsides to being obese or overweight especially if you look at it from a medical aspect. The body needs and deserves to be taken care of to achieve maximum health benefits and functionality.

But for these celebrities, it is slightly different. Not only do they have to be trimmed for the sake of their health. They also have to remain perfect in the eyes of their fans and promote their show business. So for celebrities who are overweight. It becomes a kind of necessity for them to engage in weight loss diets or workouts. Some of them even resort to surgery to get the perfect shape they or their fans expect of them.

This can be said to be the case with the iconic stand-up comedian from America. Who is popularly known by his birth name Ian Karmel? From the time Ian started his weight loss program in 2020, he has lost around 120pounds of weight. Ian has always been outspoken about his desire to lose weight and the efforts he was putting into it. He even answered questions on his diet and routines fans.

Who is Ian Karmel?

NameIan Karmel
Date Of BirthOctober 9 1984
Place Of BirthPortland, Oregon, USA
NationalityUnited States of America
CareerActor, Writer, Comedian
AchievementsGrammy and Emmy Award Winner
SchoolWestview High School
CollegePort Land State University

Ian Karmel is an American-born stand-up comedian who attained fame in his career around the year 2011.  Karmel was born on the 9th of October in 1984 in the United States. He is a comedian that has gained fame and repute not just for making people laugh. But also for writing exceptional pieces for shows. Like the famous Late Late Night Show where he use to be a stand-up comedian but now he is currently a co-writer with James Corden on CBS.

Writing Career

Ian Karmel’s career as a writer has also not gone unnoticed. In 2017 and 2018 Ian wrote for the Grammy awards. And Karmel’s piece for the 2016 Tony Award got him nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special. Our artist has also gone ahead to win another Emmy for a different piece he wrote during the time of the peak of his fame.


Ian Karmel is a Libra according to his Zodiac sign. Ian is well known for making people laugh. Karmel has attained fame in the stand-up comedy industry not just in America, but in other countries in the world as well. Making him one of the highest-paid stand-up comedians at a time in Hollywood

Our Highest paid Comedian is currently dedicating more of his time to writing and presenting, along with his podcast. Which it was said introduced him to his ex-wife during the 2020 pandemic lockdown. Currently living with another comedian as a roommate. Ian is still writing and directing more shows but says he is not giving up on his career as a stand-up comedian and that as far as he is concerned. That is his main profession and a major source of income.

Ian Karmel Weight Loss

Karmel started to take his weight loss dream and programs seriously during the 2020 COVID pandemic. Ian has always posted on Twitter about his progress to his caring fans who showed much interest. 

During the lockdown, Ian Karmel intimated to his fans that he would be going on a diet to lose weight. Ever since then the questions and concerns started pouring in. Karmel lost about 120 pounds in less than one year. That left many people. Marveling with some even speculating that he had undergone surgery to lose so much in such a short time.

According to Ian however, all he did was go on a good diet with consistent workouts to achieve what he wanted, and the lockdown gave him all the time he needed to do it. He also talked about the kind of food he had to focus on and how he had to cut down on what he ate a lot to get what he wanted.

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Ian Karmel Weight Loss Diet

When asked, what his weight loss diet was, Ian said he has been living on salad and take-outs which consisted mostly of salad too. When he was talking about his diet, he mentioned the fact that he changed most of his diet to salads giving his body access to all the vegetables he needed to be healthy. Along with changing his diet, he also had to reduce the amount of food he ate in a day in a bid to reduce the calories he consumed over time. 

During his weight loss program, he tried out a couple of weight loss and vegan take-out spots for the kind of diet needed to lose weight. And to the pleasure of his fans, he would always drop a review about the takeout he tried and how impressed with it… or not.

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Ian Karmel Weight Loss Workout

The weight loss program Ian had embarked on caused him to engage in a steady workout. When asked about his workout routine. He advised anyone who would like to follow his routine to start with aerobics as that would help them drop general weight faster than lifting weights. He advised using things like the treadmill or simply jogging in the morning. 

According to him, that consisted of most of his workout routine at the early stages. Ian also had a weird comparison method where he tried to compare his progress to American football players and he said he ended up as a Quarterback playing for the team. And hoped to end up as a University linebacker.

Ian Karmel Ex-Wife

Ian Karmel proposed to Dana Schwarts When they met after the pandemic. After dating for a year with a lot of distance between them because of the lockdown. The couple found chemistry after Ian Karmel Invited Dana as a guest on his podcast, they had the talk and found a lot of compatibilities. After that they started dating and getting to know each other, eventually, they went on a real first date where he proposed after a movie, dinner, and ice cream. 

They are currently not together anymore and neither has made any comments about why they decided to end their whirlwind marriage. We don’t know about the current actual relationship status they have. Let’s hope a couple spills the bean. 

Ian Karmel Girlfriend

Currently, Ian has not been seen to be in a relationship, there have been speculations about who he could be dating or having an affair with but according to what is known by the press and what Ian himself has confirmed so far there is no one in his life and he is currently very single.

Ian Karmel’s Net Worth

This is not surprising as the star’s net worth is said to be between 5m-10m USD as of May 2022. Ian is still working to expand his career according to some journalists and critics. The 37-year-old is yet to be at the Pinnacle of it. Being the most paid stand-up comedian our star does deserve more.

Ian Karmel Before After Photos

Here are some of Ian Karmel’s before and after images.

Ian Karmel weight loss


Q & Ans

Q.1 What show does Ian Karmel hosting currently?

Ans. Ian isn’t currently hosting any show, perhaps he is the co-writer with James in The Late Late Night Show.

Q.2 How Much Weight did Ian lose?

Ans. Karmel lost 120 pounds of huge weight in two years of time.

Q.3 What nationality does Ian have?

Ans. He is an American Citizen from birth and still is.

Q.4 Who is Ian’s Wife?

Ans. Ian is currently single, he was married to Dana Schwartz but now they are separated.

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