How To Manifest Something. SECRET Easy Tips To Follow.

How To Manifest Anything

You probably have heard a lot about manifestation or perhaps the laws of attraction. It was all elaborate in a top-notch 2006 publication “The Secret” which has sold tremendously; more than 30 million copies and still counting. 

Counselors like Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, Eckhart Tolle, and the like of them have confirmed that truly, one can manifest something. As much as anyone can manifest anything by bringing their dreams to reality, manifestation needs seriousness and a gallant attitude.

You have to take steps to make it work, it can’t happen overnight or erupt like an active volcano in a dry mountain. Some efforts have to be made for it to happen if you consider it an impactful process.

Your thoughts are your seeing mirrors, you own them and you have total control of them. Always try to think about what you can manifest with your thoughts, don’t waste them, and give them a chance to grant your desires.

In 2015, Oprah said to Jeff Weiner, “You have your thoughts but we control a lot with our joined thought”.

She said this because she has seen thoughts become realities in times without numbers. Manifesting something is not hard, it’s just an act trying to tell you that you can achieve anything you want by merely thinking positively about them and acting it out. 

It is supported by the law of attraction, which states that what you give to the universe is what it will give to you. This is the same principle in the basic computer language. “Garbage in, garbage out”.

You might not be so interested in manifestation, but I bet you, it has a lot to benefit you. Firstly, it helps you to discover who you are and what you truly want out of life. Secondly, it brings your fantasies and wishes to reality. Now what you want is what you have.

In this article, we will examine how to manifest something. Let’s continue reading to find out!

Be Sure Of Your Goals

The first step in manifesting something is to be precise about what you want and how you want it. Don’t be shaky about it, say it the way you think it. The clearer it is, the better it is.

In the words of Lombardo, the dream is yours to dream, nobody sees it with you; personalize it, whether it is a spouse, a dream job, a dream car, or anything possible, just see it and own it.

Write Your Goals In Book

When your intentions ate stated and you have highlighted your wishes, it’s time to tell the universe what you want. You can do this in several ways, meditation, visualization, or voicing your intention to pray about it. You can also write them down on a vision board or throw them inside a future box full of pictures and descriptions of what you hope to manifest.

You can choose to adopt the 369 methods. This method means that you have to write down your wish 3 times immediately after you wake up from sleep, 6 times at noon, and 9 times before you return to bed.

You have to do it consistently for 33 – 45 days because the universe sees them as dear letters.

Lubricate Your Goals With Active Efforts

The universe will keep its side of the bargain when you keep yours. Gabrielle Bernstein in her book, “The Universe Has Your Back”, said that manifestation is the same thing as collaborative creation. You and the universe are the creators, and no one can do without the other. 

This is exactly the reason why you have to know want. Knowing what you want is the basic step and ement in the engine you want is neThere’sThere’s no result without records; you must take action to make it work.

Make out time to brainstorm on those strategies you can employ to reach your goals, and divide them into daily targets.

For instance, if you are set to change your line of business, make friends with people in that field of business and try to learn more. In manifesting something, another way that works perfectly is by answering some self-questions.

You can ask yourself questions like “What can I achieve in 3 years?” The reason for doing this is to set reset your mind on your targets on which achieving them will make you successful. Lombardo sees it as being the one that owns, does, and feels your desires. 

Be happy and grateful for what you’ve received. It’s possible that you won’t get everything you wanted at once, it might not follow the order in which you made them; regardless, receive them with a happy and grateful heart whether small or big. Remember that gratitude is a rare virtue.

To embark on this journey of gratitude, start by developing a journal. Before you sleep, take out a few minutes and narrate the things you are happy and grateful for. You can include daily events that took place to draw you nearer to your wishes.

Perhaps you saw an advertisement that day on a money-saving scheme, and you’ve always had plans of starting a fixed deposit account. Give your journal lists like this and make it your bedtime best friend.

Dismiss Every Limiting Thought

Let go of every thought that might want you to doubt the process. These thoughts could blur the image you are set to take. Don’t talk down on yourself, don’t look down on yourself and Gelfand, and don’t doubt the magnitude of what you can do; they are limits you need to conquer. 

Don’t allow fear and doubt to rip you off the clothes of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-trust. Oprah once stated that “If you’re not conscious of fear and doubts, you begin to act like them not recognizing who you are.

You can’t be what you want because wanting so much is living in the realm of what is not available to you. 

To live without fears, identify what they are and relate them to yourself. Make yourself answer the questions that your fears and doubts will ask you even before they ask them.  Now,  replace these fears and negative thoughts with positive words. If you have fear of not being good enough, affirm that you are the best anyone can see.

Check And Build The Required Energy

The energy you build is the same energy you will channel to the universe and will in turn receive. Energies are vibrational signals sent to the universe.  If you send negative vibrations in the form of fears, doubts, negative thoughts, etc. They will come back to you.

But if you build positive energy and translate it to the universe, you will attract positive results. Interestingly, raising your vibrations is quite easy, focus on the things that make you happy and guarantee joy.

Whatever the activity is – go ahead and do it. If it is feeding babies in the motherless babies’ home, giving alms, doing volunteer work, or visiting the orphanage; just make sure you are happy and enjoying what you are doing. 

Give yourself some well-deserved treat, go around: see places and do lots of adventure things. This helps to restore your sense of self-care.

Remain Flexible And Believe In The Process.

The last step is to believe that your wishes will be manifested. The process is like fluid, it will take a while to soak up. All you need to do is to trust that the gift is delivered, you are only waiting for its arrival.

You’ve done all the work you are meant to do, relax and wait for the universe to do its own. Don’t mess up the process by being afraid and unnecessarily worried, stay flexible and be calm as things will happen the way they as supposed to happen. 


  • Don’t imprison yourself in the belief that you have to pay a certain amount of money to someone to learn how to manifest something.
  • Dismiss anything that will divert your attention from the pictures you are painting for yourself.
  • Be conscious of competent helplessness and the people who abuse it. Most professionals and leads will tell you to take a peek into your heart to find the answers you seek. 

Conclusion: How To Manifest Anything

The whole process of manifesting things is not a difficult course, it’s way simpler than imagined. You can call it being creative in your studio (head).

It simply means setting your goals towards something you wish would happen and then seeing it take place in reality. A fact that what you think can come to pass if you want it to. 

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