Make Him Want You More? 8+1 Secret Tips To Make Him Crave For You In 2023.

How to make him want you more

Make Him Want You More. Love, Care, Affection, and Attention are emotions & feelings that a woman craves the most. And getting all these from a special man is something different thing that most women don’t get or struggle to get in their life. Every woman loves to get pampered and should be pampered but the harsh reality is different. It doesn’t matter that you are in a happy relationship now because always remember that the spark slowly fades away. The man slowly stops doing things that he used to do to impress you in your relationship previously. And it is not your fault but it is natural that man loses interest as the relationship gets older and eventually your romantic relationship turns into a boring one.

But why does this happens? Why does your man slowly lose interest in a relationship and why does he pull himself away? Maybe you would not like the answer to all these questions that I am going to share with you but it is true. It is true that the man loses interest in a relationship only due to he doesn’t find any reason to woo you.

In the initial days of your relationship, he wanted to impress you every now & then. He wanted to spend time with you, he wanted not to lose a single chance to make you smile. He wanted to be with you all the time. And now all this has gone just he doesn’t find any reason to try to impress you again.

If you want to make him want you then you have to create circumstances where he can not stop him to think about you. You have to make some changes in yourself and be that woman that he can not resist. You want to make him desire you, you have to make him want you more, and you want to keep him wanting you. But how?

You have to make some efforts in order to ignite the spark that your relationship has lost. To help you in this I have created a guide of the top 8 psychological tricks that will help you in making him want you desperately + 1 Secret Tip that no one will tell you. He can be your boyfriend or your husband or any man with that you want to get involved in a romantic relationship. Believe me, my friend, Just focus on these simple tricks & you will start to see the change in your man. And all these tricks & tips will help women not only in relationships but also the women who want to be in a romantic relationship with someone but haven’t started yet. Using this guide any woman in the world can make a man want her.

The Ways To Make Him Want You

To make him want you, you have to change your image of yours in his thoughts. To make someone want you, you have to be desirable. Don’t take this as a negative. You are an awesome woman my friend, but in life, we have to make some changes in ourselves from time to time and according to the circumstances. And if we don’t make changes according to the situation, we get left behind. And if changing yourself a little bit can make your man desperate about you then nothing wrong with it.


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1)- Be Mysterious

Think of this one as a suspense movie. There is a new suspense movie has been released and you are excited to watch the movie. You are kind of desperate too to watch the movie. But once you watch the movie and the suspense is revealed, then you might not watch the same movie again. I am not comparing anyone with a suspense movie but here my point is to make you understand the benefits of being mysterious sometimes.

Do not tell him everything about yourself. Let him guess things about you your likes, your dislikes, etc. Let him engage most of the time in a guessing game. This will make him want to know more about you. Apart from not telling him everything about your life, give him some surprises too.

Be Mysterious

2)- Touching Game

An unexpected touch from you will have a different impact on his mind & mood. It is like you both are seating and talking and you just unexpectedly touch his shoulder or his hand and you do not react like you have done this knowingly. This behavior of yours will surprise him. This will shift his attention from other things that he is doing now to you. These kinds of small behaviors have a big impact. And whenever you are not around him his mind automatically recalls these moments and he will crave more such moments with you.

But always remember don’t overdo this because overdoing anything kills the charm. You have to do this perfectly. And if you want to learn more about this then I recommend you watch the below video of relationship coach James Bauer. This video will change your mindset.

His Secret Obsession Why Men Pull Away

3)- Relive The Moments

This one is for those women who already have a long relationship with their partner but now the relationship is no anymore like it used to be. The romance is long gone. Now the relationship is just dull & boring for your man. Always try to include your good old day’s romantic memories whenever you are talking with him. Remind him how you fell in love with him, how you both build this relationship, how your relationship used to be, and other memories of your happy relationship days.

But do not force this in every conversation try to recall when you think the situation is suitable. This will force your man to think about how passionate you both were in starting days of your relationship. This can work as an instant boost for your man to think about you more and his mind will force him to be with you more.

Ways To Make Him Want You

4)- Encourage Him

For a strong relationship, you need a strong base. Become his encouraging pillar. A man likes that woman the most who has supported and encouraged him. “I am so proud of you“, “I am always there for you“, “I am here to listen“, and “I appreciate everything you do“, these types of sentences encourage your man & boost your man’s trust in you. And once you win his trust he is yours forever. Make him addicted to your encouragement & support.

Appreciating him & encouraging him makes his mind think that no woman can replace the behavior he gets from you. You are the one for him. For him, you become the woman he can not resist. This is the way to keep your man with you forever.

5)- Flirting

Flirting is a must rule of any happy relationship. Complementing him, teasing him, and flirting with him makes him desperate for your attention. Put little compliments in between your conversations. Simple compliments like he is looking good today can make his mood light. Compliments like his dressing sense are good or he smells good will boost his confidence. Once the man feels confident in front of a lady, he can open up about his desires and deep feelings. Your compliments and your flirting will make him crave more for you.

But remember to flirt in a way that he can accept and not go over the board. Your flirting must look realistic and not more like you are pulling his leg. Because flirting can make or break your charm in his eyes.

If you think that you might feel any difficulties in doing this & making him want you then let me tell you a small story about Rachel. Rachel was a normal girl. This was the time when most of her friends were getting engaged getting married or getting into a relationship and Rachel was single at that time. Being single is not bad humans crave love. Back to Rachel, Rachel was just trying out something and was going on blind dates. Some of them were good and some were bad. She even started dating but none of her relationships worked out. One of her relationships was good and lasted for quite a long time but eventually, her man pulled himself from the relationship.

It was very difficult for her to figure out what is wrong. She was putting in all her efforts still something was missing. Finally, she met James Bauer the relationship coach who has written the book “His Secret Obsession“. James didn’t give her cliche advice like there is plenty of fish in the water & she should give others another chance instead James Bauer suggested him “12 Word Text Message” to send to her ex-boyfriend.

And after receiving the message, Rachel’s ex-boyfriend instantly messaged her back. If you also going through a rough patch in your love life then I recommend you to watch this below video. Your mind will have no doubts and will be cleared after watching this video.

His Secret Obsession 12 word secret phrase revealed

6)- Give Him Space

An ideal relationship for both is that they both are happy in a relationship and want to be in a relationship by their choice. Nobody is bound forcefully to be in a relationship. To reach this level every individual in a relationship has to accept and respect that individuals have their own space & life.

You have to give him enough space so that he doesn’t feel like running away every time from this relationship. And for your own good that is very important, too. Because if he feels that he is the only thing in your life then it might change the image that you have built up in his mind using all the above tips. You also have your own life and other things to do in your life. And males are more attracted to females who have their own life plans.

Don’t show him that he is your first priority always. You too have a life and you have to spare time for yourself, too. This will give you confidence. It is a good idea to build an image of a life-balancing lady in his eyes rather than always calling him & texting him asking about his whereabouts.

There is nothing wrong if he wants to party with his friends on Saturday night without you. And there is also nothing wrong when planning something activity without including him with your friends.

The Ways To Make Him Want You

7)- Show Your Love

It doesn’t matter that you just started your relationship 1 month ago or you have been married for 20 years,  Love only stays in those relationships where it is coming from both ways. If you want to get loved then you have to give love and show love. I am not talking about showing your love by sending him flowers & all that flashy things. Showing love is all about appreciating him, saying “I Love You” to him, encouraging him, saying sorry to him whenever you make mistake, not forcing him to do what he hates doing, allowing him to do what he enjoys, enjoying moments with him, praising him in front of his friends, and a lot more things that makes him feel that you truly love him from your heart.

To keep your relationship fresh every day, start it by showing him a little sign of affection. It can be anything from making a cup of coffee for him to helping him choose the right shirt for his meeting. It’s you who make the relationship grow not anyone from the outside world. Make him addicted to your love that he even can not think about a life without your love.

8)- Make Little Changes In Yourself

Changes are not bad always. Some changes are for your own good. Changing some things in your life doesn’t mean that you were not good enough before but it is kind of upgrading yourself and becoming a person that everyone wants to be with.

Making little changes in yourself can be a change of your wardrobe or it can be a change of your hairstyle or anything. It is all about looking a little different from your previous look. Change in your look forces any man to have a second look at you. The smell of perfume change is also a good way to get the attention of your men.

These were the 8 psychological tips and tricks to make him want you more. Apart from these 8 tips, I am going to share the additional tip that you will the most helpful in growing your relationship with your man.

Hero Instinct

The additional tip that has the power to make any man fall for you is “The Hero Instinct“. The hero instinct is the brainchild of the relationship coach James Bauer that he has mentioned in detail in his book “His Secret Obsession“. Here I am going to tell you what is The Hero Instinct & how to trigger it in your man.

What Is Hero Instinct?

The Hero Instinct is a primal drive or biological drive of a man and when it is activated that man feels like a Hero of his female partner. As the Hero in the movie does things like always pampering his female partner and always trying to save her and putting a lot of effort into making her happy. Hero Instinct is a natural thing that is already there in every man and you just need to trigger it to activate the Hero hidden somewhere in your partner.

To learn more about The Hero Instinct watch the below video.

His secret obsession james bauer

Final Word: How To Make Him Want You

The final word starts from that you can make any man yours forever using some psychological tips and tricks but your efforts and intentions must be clear. You should not use these tips to hurt someone’s feelings. Most women in the world don’t get the love they deserve. If there are any women in contact then please share this article with that women or with your groups of family & friends. This might help someone in making their male partner commit to them. I wish you all the luck in your love life, Dear!

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