How To Clean Suede Shoe At Home

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We all love suede. Suede leather shoes! It always gives great looks but most people avoid using it, especially if you have only one shoe option. To maintain suede leather products’ good look you have to clean them now and then. Because suede catches the dust so fast. And get rid of stains on suede leather is near to impossible. But what if I say that you can get rid of such dirty stains? You can clean your shoes, bags, and even your other suede items at home with just household things.

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Other materials shoes are different as some of them can be cleaned by just washing them with water or some eve can be just cleaned by wiping with a clean cloth. Most sports shoes are made from such material which can be washed easily. Most formal shoes are made from such material which can be easily cleaned just by wiping the dust with a clean cloth. In addition to that, in formal shoes, you can even use shoe polish to get its shining back. But in casual shoes made from suede leather, there is not any easy option available. So, First of all, I will suggest you have a Suede Cleaning Kit with you it will be very easy for the cleaning process. You can buy online or you can read this 5-minute article to use your household products for cleaning the suede products.

  • 1-First of all, you should put some paper inside the shoe so, the shape of the shoe remains in shape throughout the process.
  • 2-Then take an old toothbrush and start to brush firmly with it on the stained or dirty area of the shoe. Clean the dust off the shoe with this method and If the stain is heavy then after cleaning off the dust you should use the next step.

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  • 3-Dip a clean cloth in vinegar or rubbing alcohol and rub the on the stain. And then let it dry for some time. In between, you can do some other thing.
  • 4– Once the shoe is dry, then again pick up your old toothbrush and start to brush the stains using a back-and-forth motion. If you have to use little force then you should but not too much then it will damage your shoes permanently. Suede is a delicate material. Only rub in the direction of the grain. xxx hot movies

feetway black without lace slip on loafers for menNow, this process will require only household things you already have in your house. But with the Suede Cleaning Kit, this process will be more effective you will get Suede Cleaning Eraser, Suede Cleaning Brush, and Spray.

suede dirt eraserAfter using all these home methods you can use a suede cleaning eraser from the kit for more heavy stains. Using an eraser will not harm your suede product. And after doing all this hard work you can protect your hard work by spraying the suede spray on the shoes. For More Creative And Helpful Articles Please Visit Our Blog.

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