How Much To Tip Your Movers?


Moving can be a stressful and expensive experience, but it’s important to remember that your movers are working hard to make sure you get your stuff to your new home safely and efficiently. That’s why it’s customary to tip your movers for what they’ve done for you. But how much is it better to tip?

Tipping Etiquette for Professional Moving Companies

Tipping etiquette is a common concern for customers hiring movers. While tipping is optional, it’s considered customary and a way of showing appreciation for the quality of services received. Professional movers are hired to handle the physical labor of transporting belongings to a new location, and tipping is one way of praising their hard work. However, tipping should be given based on the quality of services provided and not as an obligation.

When deciding on the amount to tip, customers should consider several factors, including: 

  • the difficulty of the move;
  • the size of the crew;
  • the distance between houses. 

A general guideline is to tip 5‒10% of the overall moving cost, with a minimum tip of $20 per mover. If the move involves cumbersome items, such as a piano or large furniture, a higher tip may be appropriate.

It’s important to note that some moving companies may include a gratuity charge in their total fee. In this case, it isn’t necessary to tip again unless the customer feels inclined to do so. Similarly, if the movers were late or provided subpar service, it may be appropriate to withhold or reduce the tip. It’s essential to communicate any issues with the company’s management immediately rather than withholding or reducing the tip without explanation.

In summary, tipping etiquette is based on individual discretion. Customers should consider the factors of the move, the service provided, and the company’s policies while deciding on the amount of tip. Tipping should be a way of acknowledging the hard work of the movers and expressing gratitude for their efforts. By adhering to proper etiquette, customers can ensure that their move goes smoothly and show appreciation for the movers’ labor.

Our Recommendations

However, since tipping etiquette rules for moving services aren’t strict, those who have never ordered them before still have some concerns. If you have hired a moving service company and you want to tip them for their services, here are some tipping recommendations:

  • for local moves, tip your movers 10‒15% of the overall price;
  • for long-distance moves, tip your movers a flat amount, such as $50 for each mover, or 5‒10% of the overall price.

If heavy lifting or difficult conditions is needed, consider tipping your movers a higher amount.

You can also show your appreciation by providing food and drinks for your movers during the move.

If you are unsure about how much to tip, you can always ask the moving company for their recommendations or check online for industry standards.

Other Ways to Show Your Gratitude 

You can express your gratitude for the hard work and effort of your movers differently. Tipping them is the most common option, but here are some other ideas:

  • Write a positive review. If you had a great experience with your movers, consider leaving them a positive review on their website, social media, or review platforms.
  • Offer a positive reference. When your movers have done a good job, offer to be a reference and provide positive feedback to potential clients who are considering the same moving company.
  • Show kindness and respect. A simple way to show your appreciation is by treating your movers with kindness and respect throughout the move. Respect their time, space, and efforts.
  • Let your movers rest. Even the easiest moving process is tiresome, and even the most professional movers with great physical health get exhausted after a few hours. Offer them to rest a bit if you see that it’s getting harder for them to complete their task in a day. This rule is especially important for those who order long-distance moves.
  • Give a small gift. Besides money, you can give your movers a small gift to show your appreciation.

Showing gratitude and respect for the hard work and effort of your movers goes a long way in creating a positive experience for both parties.

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