Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Revealed Free. [2023 Update]

Hero Instinct 12-word Text Revealed For Free

My pretty ladies! Haven’t we all imagined and fantasized about the male lead after watching a romantic movie? Yes, we all do. We immediately fall in love with the male lead because of his certain characteristics. Now, I’ll make you revisit your memory lane and tell you the real and hidden benefits of Hero Instinct 12 Word Text. Here in this article, I will reveal hero instinct 12-word text for free for you. So, keep reading, ladies.

We all watched The Vampire Diaries in our teenage, didn’t we? Or imagine any movie where you fell in love with the male lead. You love the way Damon and Stefan care about Elena, the way they get alarmed by the fact she may be in danger and does everything to save her no matter what. Or remember the way Tony Stark did his best and rescued Pepper Pots in the Iron Man movie? You immediately love their heroic acts, you love the way they treat their women, the way they are protective of their women which makes imagine that YOU are their partner in reel life. You get so engrossed in the male lead’s characteristics that you like this feeling of a partner having fictional characteristics. Am I mistaken??

Hero Instinct Example

After some time, reality struck us and we realize it happens only in movies and dramas. In reality, men with these characteristics don’t exist. You get sad and you come out of your reel world.

But what if I say, this imagination of yours can be turned into reality? You can make your man the hero of your life. Getting butterflies already? Finding it hard to believe? I am clarifying this for you. This article deals with Hero Instinct in men. Hero instinct is present in all men but at times remains in a dormant state. The term ‘Hero Instinct’ was given by famous relationship coach James Bauer. He revealed that there are some ways of activating hero instinct in your men. He revealed 12-worded texts that can switch on the hero instinct in your men.

Grab your seat belts because we are going on a journey to explore this aspect in depth. Stay excited!

What is Hero Instinct?

Before knowing about 12-worded texts, we should dive a little into what is Hero Instinct.

The term hero instinct was first coined by James Bauer who is an excellent relationship specialist. He mentioned hero instinct in his dating book “His Secret Obsession”. This term is widely used in relationship psychology to help those struggling in the relationship. This concept has the power to compel a man to love and stay committed to a relationship.

The hero instinct revolves around three natural concepts of men. They want to feel needed, feel respected, and want to live a purposeful life. This hero instinct is present in all men from birth, it is innate in nature and has the desire to safeguard and support the people they care about. Every man tends to be the hero of his woman’s life. The Hero Instinct takes over and propels him to take action when he notices his woman is in peril or need. This situation inspires him to be a hero. He is ready to be with her in any situation and reassures her optimistic thoughts to get over difficult. Your man loves this feeling that his loved ones call him to solve any distress. He loves to be the protector of his girlfriend/wife and family. He makes them realize the presence and guidance of a hero in the family.

This desire is observed to be heightened when his children are engaged, as it becomes essential to him that they remain safe and happy. When your man feels that he is thought about as significant by his loved ones, especially by his woman, it gives him a lot of confidence and strength to go out and conquer any realm.

As said earlier, all men have the hero instinct, some can easily express it through their actions whereas some find it difficult to show the instincts. But this instinct can be triggered in many ways.

Hero Instinct is a special learning that has been developed by the relationship coach James Bauer after his years of experience. It is very important that you learn more tactics of Hero Instinct. To know more about it I have found a video for you to help you with this. This is a very useful video and I recommend you must watch this video. Click below to watch the video.

His Secret Obsession Why Men Pull Away

What is 12-Word Text?

A brilliant relationship coach named James Bauer had worked with many clients struggling in their relationships and many ladies failed to witness the hero instinct in their men. Hence, Bauer suggested his book “His Secret Obsession” to his clients. Those who followed the suggestions and principles of his book have seen great changes in their men and have long-term relationships.

A great aspect of the book that has proven to help many ladies to wake up the hero instinct in their men is a simple 12-worded text. Ever thought this is possible just with a 12-word text? Sounds doubtful but these 12-worded texts aren’t any ordinary text but are composed of SUPER POWERFUL words.

12-worded text is a basic, simple but effective text that is responsible to trigger the hero instinct in you men. These texts reveal that you need your man and seek his protection, you let him know how you feel safe under his shadow with just 12 words. After he reads your 12-worded text, his inactive hero instinct gets charged, and his desire to provide you protection and help you in any situation increases. It unlocks his wish to be the hero of your life and makes him realize that he is necessary for your life and gets up to put more effort into your relationship.

If you are looking up for ideas to wake up your man’s hero instincts, try the 12-worded text. Here is the video explaining about 12-word text. Click below to watch the video.

His Secret Obsession 12 word secret phrase revealed

How to Trigger Hero Instinct In Your Man?

We all have heard this many times- when you are in a relationship, Trust becomes the key factor in it. But do you know trust, hero instinct, and happy relationships, all the three aspects are connected?

Trust is the key factor that forms the ground of any relationship and based on the trust levels your relationship grows and shines. When you, as the woman of his life, trigger the hero instinct in him by letting him know through your actions that you value him and his efforts, it conveys that you have trust in him. When he gets to know this, he puts more effort no matter what and adds great value to her life. These are favorable circumstances for the development of love and respect, which ultimately results in a more satisfying and long-term relationship.

There are many ways of triggering the hero instinct in your man. Here are 10 ways to trigger the hero instinct in men you can go through it. I have listed the MOST IMPORTANT WAYS TO TRIGGER the hero instinct.

  • Seek his help – This is the best way to trigger your man’s hero instinct. You don’t have to be demanding and rely everything on him. He wants you to be a strong independent woman succeeding in life. By asking for his help, you make him feel his guidance is important in your life. He feels valued and useful to you.
  • Compliment him genuinelyMen love to get compliments just like women. Compliment him but GENUINELY. It should never look as if it is done for sake. Praise him for sharing his unique solutions to your problem, loving you so much in your hard times, supporting you, and helping you run household chores. But don’t overdo anything. Remember, it should be GENUINE. By doing this you let him know that you value him and what he does for you.
  • Encourage him – Always support him and encourage his goals. It gives him some kind of magic fuel if he sees that you believe in him and encourage him toward his goal. He knows his roadmap but is still hesitant to walk on it, so here you need to support him and let him know he can achieve anything he puts his mind to.
  • Let him take care of youLet your man take care of you, physically and emotionally. Ever noticed while walking down the street, your man switches places with you and walks on the traffic side while you walk safely beside him? Yes! This is the hero’s instinct we are talking about. He at times isn’t aware of this but if he cares about you and he does things to comfort you.
  • Celebrate his wins – Big or small always remember to celebrate his wins. Never unnoticed his successes and wins. Winning even a small thing makes your men feel special. And you celebrating his success gives him your approval and he will work more to achieve more moments like this. Always remember, you are his top Cheerleader!
  • Send him a 12-worded text – You can express your love for him by text, but it’s ideal to do so in person. It’s simpler for him to discern your honesty from your body language. But if you need some quick attention, try 12-worded text. A brief message of 12 words will catch his interest in what you have to say next. The great thing about this 12-worded text is it can be used in any situation like hero instinct or in a breakup to pull his attention back at you.
  • Encourage him to have fun – He might be working all day and get tired but you will have to encourage him to have fun. It may be picking up his hobbies, enjoying a video game, or going out with friends. You can even go on a long drive and plan a sweet surprise for him. This way, he returns relaxed and becomes a good lovable partner to you! Remember here, you should encourage him. You should not nag him to do so.
  • Tell him he is your BAE – BAE is before anyone else. Let your man know that he is the ideal man that you have been looking out for. Never leave your man in doubt. It will break his confidence and he will start questioning his qualities. Rather than using other nicknames, you can use BAE. Never think twice to let him know how important he is to you. You can show that through gestures or in a more romantic way.
  • Let him feel manly – This is pretty simple!! Difficulty in moving heavy bags? Ask him to carry it for you. Finding it difficult to open a container or ketchup bottle’s lid? Ask him to open it. These actions give him a feeling that he has “rescued” you from a situation.
  • Don’t mother him – Give-and-take rituals in partnerships must be well balanced. Giving more and more when you genuinely love someone can be tempting. However, nurturing must always be reciprocal.
Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Revealed Free

When we give too much more than required, it is natural for the partner not to perform their part. The extra part that you do for him goes in vain. So let him know you care about him but don’t step on his abilities to make decisions for himself.

What is “His Secret Obsession”

His Secret Obsession” is a renowned dating book by James Bauer. This is the best-selling relationship book. This book is helpful to couples who are struggling to be together and to women who feel distant from their men. James Bauer in his book has shared some amazing psychological concepts that are simple to follow and gives effective results. He claims his book has successfully reignited many couples’ love stories.

Many women have bought his book and applied the principles and strategies of the romantic guide to conquering love, undivided attention, and firing up intimacy. The protocols of this book have saved many marriages and even mended the broken ones.

The book consists of 217 pages and has 17 chapters that talk about ways in which a woman can win over her man. The book also gives you several bonuses inside it. The BEST PART of the book is that the ways mentioned are psychological and have proven results, unlike any spell. It explains the fact that when you are in a relationship, men want to be the hero in their women’s everyday life.

The book revolves around sparking the hero instincts in your men through various techniques, one of which is a 12-worded text. He shares with you the complete blueprint for waking up your man’s hero instinct. This blueprint includes types of texts to send him, exact phrases, and words. These words and phrases can also be used in a variety of situations and he explains this best in his book. This book is what you need to make your relationship a better place for you. It gives you psychological tools to make him devoted to you. Read it now!

His Secret Obssession PDF
Read It Now! Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Revealed

An interesting part of the book is at the beginning where he mentions Rachel, his favorite client. Rachel like us was struggling a lot in relationships, she tried out ways to develop a good relationship but men used to pull back themselves. This led Rachel to doubt herself and her abilities. Soon after she consulted James Bauer. What James gave her was his magical 12-worded text to use on her boyfriend who seemed to be distancing himself from her. He returned to Rachel soon enough after the 12-worded texts.

This is your time my friends to pick up these ideas and try igniting the hero instinct in your men. Have a happy relationship!

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