Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Revealed. Free Examples For 2022

Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Revealed

Norman Mailer the famous writer & actor once said, “The highest prize in the world of men is to have a loyal woman in your arms and living there having loyalty for you in her heart“. And this is true word by word. But does every woman get this in her life? Does every woman get the love they deserve in their life even though being loyal and giving out all the love to their male partners? NO! Every woman does not get the love they deserve. BUT WHY?

In my opinion, there is only one reason why a woman does not get what she deserves in a relationship. And the reason is that she doesn’t know what is Hero Instinct in a man and how to trigger it. Every woman should learn about these two terms “Hero Instinct” & “12 Word Text”. To help you in your love life I am writing this article in which Hero Instinct 12 Word Text will be revealed with examples. And this is the latest guide that you need in 2022 to have a happy and romantic love life.

You might have heard these terms Hero Instinct in man, man’s primal desire, 12-word text to get back an ex, Hero Instinct Psychology, etc on the internet. And you might have various questions in your mind like are all these terms true, do they really work, and many other questions. Or there are chances that you might not have heard a single word about Hero Instinct. But as a woman, you are in a certain situation in your relationship like your man is slowly building the gap between you both, he is losing interest in you, you might have gone through a breakup and want to get back with your ex and any other relationship issues with your partner.

So, as a woman what I am about to tell you about The Hero Instinct & 12 Word Text formula with free examples will change your thought process forever. After learning what is hero instinct and how to trigger it formula you will respect yourself more and will learn how to make your man respect you more. You can become a woman that he can not stop thinking about and can you have a successful happy relationship with him. Hero Instinct can help you in getting the upper hand in your relationship. 

Before we start learning more about the Hero Instinct and its examples I request you my friend to open yourself to learning things today. This mindset will help you a lot and you will easily start to implement Hero Instinct triggering technics and see the difference in your love life.

Let’s start with learning some basic but most important things about man’s primal drive.

What Is Hero Instinct In Men? 

Firstly, let me tell you that Hero Instinct is not a magic wand but a guide of psychological tips that have helped plenty of women in getting the love they always desired from their partners.

In a simple sentence, I would say that the Hero Instinct psychology in man is a man’s basic desire to have respected and loved by the people he cares about the most. The Hero Instinct is a primal drive or a basic need of any man to get appreciated. Every man has Hero Instinct inside him but it is hidden. And when you trigger his hero instinct you become irresistible to him. When you activate his inner and hidden hero instinct, he feels that he is the hero of your life. When you trigger his hero instinct he thinks that you are the one who understands him the most. You are the woman he always wants to stay around and be with. After triggering his hero instinct the correct way you become essential to him.

After using the psychological ways mentioned here for activating his hero instinct, you become the person for him whose appreciation matters the most to him. He will always try to make you smile, make you feel protected, and whatnot. YES! my friend that is all possible with hero instinct. The Hero Instinct & 12-Word Text have changed the lives of many women who struggled with their love life. And will continue to change the lives of every woman out there who really want to make changes in their relationship.

To learn more about the concept you can also watch the below video. It will help you in understanding the concept a lot.

His Secret Obsession Why Men Pull Away

With a simple example let me make the concept easier to understand for you. We humans have various feelings and emotions. Hunger, anger, thirst, and many more feelings we have. The desire to eat delicious dishes, the desire to earn a lot of money, and many other desires we humans have. With all these emotions and desires, we all humans have the desire to get loved. Women and men both have this desire to get appreciated by the ones they love. But for a man, this desire is so powerful that this desire can strongly drive him. Even can influence his decisions. And hero instinct is the way to make him understand that he is getting appreciated by you without directly telling him.

The idea of what is Hero Instinct might have cleared in your mind with all these explanations and examples. Let’s get forward in the journey of making your relationship stronger with your man.

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Who Introduced Hero Instinct & 12-Word Text

the credit for introducing the terms Hero Instinct and 12-Word Text that have helped many women in shaping their romantic relationships goes to the relationship coach James Bauer. James has been a relationship coach for many years. Throughout the years of his career in the field, he felt that most relationships just don’t work because the male partners lose interest in the relationship as the relationship gets old. But why this behavior? James tried to find the answer to this question and finally found out what is the thing that makes any man committed to one woman. And that was “Hero Instinct” and “12-Word Text“.

James Bauer is the creator of the terms and he wanted to teach more about Hero Instinct 12-word text to all women who are in need of repairing or growing their relationships. But it wasn’t possible for him to teach each woman about his revolutionary findings about how a woman can make him obsessed with her. So, James created a full guide. This guide is called “His Secret Obsession“. His Secret Obsession is a set of digital informational materials about how you can make any man fall for you. James has created this guide. If you want to learn more about James Bauer’s His Secret Obsession Then I recommend you must watch the below video of James explaining more about What is His Secret Obsession & Hero Instinct.

Hero instinct his secret obsession review

How To Trigger Hero Instinct In A Man?

The world revolves around love and getting loved might be the most desired human emotion. But there is a big difference between what you desire and what you get. Not all humans are the same in this situation. Some get the love they deserve and most people just don’t get the love they deserve. Every man also has this deepest desire of getting loved and appreciated. But he doesn’t show this emotion openly. And most of the man even don’t know about their deepest desire until their hero instinct is triggered by a lady.

When triggered in a proper way the Hero Instinct can take a very serious turn on some occasions, a man can get very protective about the person he loves the most. This does not mean the men lack the will to control his emotions after his hero instinct is triggered by you. But when it comes to standing up for what or who they really love, men have been known to go the extra mile. 

For example, if you are a lady, then most probably you must have been stranded at a place before or were too scared to pass a street so you asked a man passing the same street to walk with you. The person, even though they have no personal relationship with you, would gladly play chaperone for you till the time you stop needing his help. Even being willing to step into a dangerous situation when the situation is related to the person come who appreciates him the most. 

How To Trigger His Hero Instinct

This is an inherent instinctive behavior in men that dates back to the time of the cavemen and the stone age. This is a natural & biological drive of a man. There have been several documentaries talking about what this instinct could be and what it can do in a relationship. In other words, a hero instinct in man pushes him to protect his loved ones but first, you have to trigger his hero instinct which is hidden inside him somewhere. 

So, here are some examples and video links to help you in learning more about the hero instinct and the ways to trigger your man’s hero instinct. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a relationship for just a short time period or it is a decades-long marriage. These tips and tricks for triggering his hero instinct will work even if you are in a long-distance relationship or even had a breakup recently or your relationship is just starting to grow or even if it is a long-time marriage. It doesn’t matter if he is your husband or your boyfriend or just your crush, if you fully focus on these below steps you will definitely be able to trigger his hero instinct. So, let’s get started. Read all the points below carefully and watch the videos.

1)- Become His Confidence Booster

Most men are raised in a way that a man has to be masculine every time. But deep inside every tough man, there is a soft man who always wants to be taken care of by her lady love. The man never tells this desire because most men even don’t know about their inner desires until his lady love tries to put him in a situation where she is trying to motivate him and boost his confidence. Once when he feels how it is like to be in a spot where he has been taken care of by her lady and her lady is there to boost his confidence every time, a man becomes obsessed with your company. He always will like to stay around you and always try to make efforts that you notice and give him attention.

Text Examples For Boosting Your Man’s Confidence

  • “Actually you are so smart in taking decisions and don’t need any advice. But still, I want to say something, you are a tough guy by mind and a great guy by heart. I don’t like whenever you are sad, upset, or having negative thoughts about yourself. You are the definition of perfection to me. You can and will do it.”
  • “I used to get scared in thunderstorms, but now I don’t feel it anymore. Because I know I am with the guy who can take care of everything for me.”

Text Examples For Hero Instinct

2)- Ask For His Opinions

This is one of the best things that can help you in getting close to him emotionally. Asking for his advice is an indirect way of saying that you trust him. And when a guy gets the feeling that a lady has put her trust in him, then he tries to make the best for her. And always remember that happy relationships always start with increased trust. Showing him that you trust him and that his opinions matter to you makes him put you aside in a place where he can not put anyone else.

To try this method, you have to find out what he is best at first, then you can ask him his opinion about the field he has expertise in.

Text Examples For Asking His Advice

  • “I am a little confused can you please help me out? I have doubts. Should I opt for a new job because I don’t think that I am getting paid enough for the work I do? Or should I continue doing this one because the market situation is so weak and companies are laying off employees and I have a stable job? So, I am confused. Please help me out. I know you are a smart guy and have a long-term vision for things.”
  • “I have saved some money this month by saving from my paycheck. What do you think, should I invest or make some shopping for myself? I know your financial skills are very good. Come on, you can guide me.”

3)- Appreciate His Efforts

Making efforts for his lady and not getting appreciated is the killer of a relationship. And if you do the vice-versa then it can boost your relationship, too. Appreciate him not only for the efforts he makes for you but also for the efforts he does in his life. It is not only about what he does for you but what he does in general. It can be about his skills or his physique or about anything he is good at. The man also needs appreciation not from everyone but from a special someone. And the way you appreciate him can make you his someone special if you are already not.

Text Examples For Appreciating Him

  • “Oh, you are there every time I need you. Sometimes I feel that my world would have been meaningless if you wouldn’t have been in it.”
  • “You are such a kind person. The way you behave with kids and elders makes me your fan. Your sweet gesture with everyone makes me think about how lucky your future partner will be.”

4)- Do Things Together

Creating memories is always important in a relationship or even when you are not in a relationship with him. Doing things together help people in connecting with each other. By doing adventurous things together, you both will feel like you now know more about each other than yesterday. Every couple should do some adventures together to know more about each other.

Text Examples For Asking Him To Do Things Together

  • “Hey, babe! I was having thoughts about whether I should do something about my fear of heights. I just want to overcome it. Should we do bungee jumping this weekend?”
  • “I have heard that there is a new amusement park has opened in our city. I just want to go and enjoy time with you. When can we plan to go?”

5)- He Makes You Happy

It is so important for a man to know that his lady love feels happy when he is around. A man gets motivated after knowing that his presence makes her wife or girlfriend happy. This is one of the biggest driving forces for a man in a relationship. This gesture of yours will automatically force him from the inside to do more for you. And make more efforts in making you happy. Your smiling face will become his priority.

Text Messages For Showing Him That He Makes You Happy

  • “I just love the way how you find more and more ways daily just to make me smile. Even a single thought of yours brings a smile to my face.”
  • “The best thing that ever happened to me is you. When I am down you are always there to cheer me up. You always treat me like my single smile means a lot to you. Thank you so much for always keeping me happy and for everything.”

Text Examples For Your Man

6)- Become His Favourite Person

It is a basic human instinct to be around his favorite person. A man even can not think about leaving a girl that has gained “His Favourite Person” status. Becoming his favorite person is more than becoming his love. Because in every man’s life the time comes when he wants free time from his love life. But the time never comes when a man wants free time from his favorite person. But, the question is how to become his favorite person. The answer is quite a cliche but that’s the reality. To become his favorite person you have to do things he likes the most. But not for him with him. Do his favorite things with him. Like, don’t hate his friends. Just kidding.

You can plan a surprise party for him. Or can arrange Boys night for him and his friends.

Text Messages For Becoming His Favourite

  • “Hey, babe, I have just found out that today is your favorite team’s soccer match. Oh, I am so excited about the match. We watch it together on the TV.”
  • “I have called and told your friends to set up a party tonight. Go and have some boys’ time with your friends.”

7)- Be A Mystery Sometimes

Open books never intrigue people as much as closed books do. You have to show your different sides to him always but also have to be secretive about some things. Being secretive makes him more interested in unfolding more about you. Like you give him a task to find out more about you. And this will keep him interested in you more and more. You have to show him affection but also be mysterious sometimes that will make him fearfully of losing you.

8)- Don’t Let Him Take You For Granted

Always remember that the things that are easily available have no value. Your love, respect, and care will have no value in long term for him if he is getting all that every day, easily, and more than he needs. So, understand your limits and try to show him that you can be changed and he will not get all your affection if he doesn’t value it. First, you have to put in his mind that no other lady is perfect for him by using all of the above points and then if the situation makes him arrogant then you can pull it.

Text Messages For Stopping Him Taking You For Granted

  • “Even being the best version of me for you and for our relationship, I feel that sometimes you take me for granted. I am a mature and educated woman and try to test my patience.”
  • “Today I felt like I am in the wrong place due to your behavior. My mind is just forcing me to rethink my decision for this relationship.”

Text Message To Trigger Hero Instinct

Hero Instinct 12-Word Text

Not many women have an idea about the Hero Instinct 12-Word Text but whoever gets to know about the concept searches on the internet to learn more about it. I have found out that people are even searching for it on platforms such as Reddit. But I think that whoever knows about it won’t ever tell you on platforms like Reddit. Because personally in my opinion no one can replace the advice of the person who actually has introduced the concept. And that man is James Bauer. So I recommend you not search for Hero Instinct 12-word text revelation anywhere on the internet. You will only waste your precious time that you can invest in learning the psychological concept just by James’s free video that he has created just to help you and save your time. The link to the video is given below after the paragraph.

The hero instinct is a natural process. It can be learned and can be triggered by giving a man an active role in his life and his activities. Men are wired to naturally accept responsibility and want to see things through. Actively giving them a role gets them doubly involved in your activities and protection, triggering the hero instinct. 

There are very many texts and words that claim that it is helpful in triggering a man’s hero instinct. But let me tell you the reality, there are very few texts that can actually help you in triggering your man’s hero instinct.

Here is the text you can use: 

“You are the love of my life, my hero, and with you, impossible things seem very possible. The care, the love, and the respect I get from you are just out-of-the-world things. Please be there always for me. ”

Apart from this if want to learn more about the texts that can help you in triggering your man’s hero instinct in a correct way, then I recommend you must watch the below video.

His secret obsession james bauer

Is Hero Instinct Real?

Some people just don’t accept the concept of Hero Instinct & 12-Word Text. And as you know the coin always has two sides, there are hundreds of women out there who have little changed their relationships just by using “The Hero Instinct”. Women who have used it personally know the real value of it.

In one sentence I would say YES, the hero instinct is real and it does work for the betterment of relationships. But hero instinct is not like a magic trick but a strategy that you have to implement correctly. If used properly and in the correct way at the right time, hero instinct can give you amazing results. You will start to notice changes in your partner.

Hero instinct 12-word texts are psychological tricks and tips that can help in woman in her love life irrespective of her current relationship status. The only thing that matter is how you approach the method. Before taking any steps further in learning the hero instinct I recommend you must watch the below video to learn more about the secret desires of a man. The desires he will never tell you. The video is full of information.

His Secret Obsession 12 word secret phrase revealed

The hero instinct has sometimes been explained away by some as happenstance or artificially generated occurrence. But no, the hero instinct is as real and as inherent as the instinct to run for cover when there is danger or to close your eyes when something moves sharply towards it. 

Does Hero Instinct Work In 2022?

If after reading all these things about hero instinct you are thinking that the hero instinct is all about making any man follow you for 24 hours 7 days a week, then my friend you are wrong. The hero instinct is basically a psychological tool to help women in their love life and help in getting the love they always wanted from their men. It is not a magic wand to instantly trigger his instinct in 1 hour and make him mad for you for a lifetime. It is a process. But definitely, a working method that most relationship coaches are now adopting and advising their female clients to implement.

Hero Instinct has nothing to do with the year, generation, era, or anything related to time. Hero instinct is an emotion, men’s primal drive or you can say biologically it is inside hidden in every man. The drive was there in a man when he was just a caveman and this emotion is still there in him in 2022 and will e inside him in upcoming years. It is more like a feeling or in simple words, I would like to say it is like hunger which is going to stay in a man forever. It is not going to change ever.

So, yes the hero instinct still works in 2022, too. And will continue to work for the ladies who have mastered the technic.

Why Is The Hero Instinct Concept Important?

The hero instinct concept is important on so many levels when it comes to harnessing the potential of the man, and his involvement in making your relationship successful. Let me describe to you some situations here that you might face in your relationship. 

  • If it was a years-long relationship but now you feel that your husband or your boyfriend is losing interest.
  • If it is a new relationship and you are worried that he might lose interest after getting intimate with him too soon.
  • You are getting the feeling that he is skeptical about commitment.
  • If the situation is you had a breakup recently and want to get back together with your ex.
  • And even if he is ignoring your calls and messages completely.

All these situations are very normal for a woman in her relationship. Almost every woman in the world faces one or more such situations in her life at least once. Hero Instinct is able to tackle all of these situations. Always remember people can not change those ones who are irreplaceable. Become irreplaceable and the hero instinct is all you need to become the one. This is why the Hero Instinct concept is so important for every woman to learn. If you want to learn more about the hero instinct then you can watch the below video.

Why Men Pull Away

Benefits Of Hero Instinct

The biggest benefit of hero instinct is that you can make your love life a place where you always wanted to be. I think 99% of women in the world don’t know about this very helpful concept. They just try different ways to make their relationship and life better but most of them fail. You don’t need to push it hard instead you just have to push it smart with this hero instinct psychology. 

I have mentioned some of the main benefits that you can see in your life after implementing the hero instinct strategy. And especially when reading the creator James Bauer’s book His Secret Obsession. Because it is the best guide on triggering the hero instinct around the globe. The only book you will ever need to make the relationship you always desired.

  • You can make your man totally devoted & obsessed with you.
  • You can create trust in your relationship.
  • If you had a breakup then you can increase your chances of getting back together with your ex.
  • You can rekindle the lost charm of your long-term relationship.
  • You can even grow your long-distance relationship.
  • If you are having trouble approaching the man you love and want to make an emotional connection with him, then this will help you.
  • You can ignite his inner desire for you and you will notice that he has been opening up to you more than he could ever have.

These are some of the plenty of benefits of Hero Instinct that you can gain from learning more about the psychological tips and tricks of hero instinct 12-word text. To learn more about it you must read James’s book His Secret Obsession ebook. It is just available online. Click here to know more about it.


Having learned about the hero instinct in men might sound like a lesson on massaging a man’s ego, but it is more than that. Every primal instinct that is being exhibited today was cultivated for a positive reason in evolution or survival. The ego definitely is no exception and knowing how to ultimately harness the positive side of a man’s ego will ensure you always end up on the sunny side. What do you have to lose?


Que: Does Hero Instinct Also Work In Long-Distance Relationships?

Ans: Yes, definitely Hero Instinct works even for couples who are in a long-distance relationship. Hero Instinct is not all about a physical touch but about an emotional touch. It is the method to teach women how to increase their man’s inner feelings for their lady. It is all about boosting a man’s desire for one woman that he can not even think about the world without that special lady.

Que: What Is His Secret Obsession?

Ans: His Secret Obsession is a program specially created for helping women to learn the emotional tactics that can help them trigger their man’s hero instinct and eventually grow their relationship. It is a digital dating guide that can be your friend throughout your love journey. His Secret Obsession is a program that includes a set of various audiobooks, videos, and ebooks created by relationship coach James Bauer. If you are having any doubts about your love life then you should try His Secret Obsession. It is recommended. You can get instant access to the program by clicking below.

Get It Now

Que: What Is Hero Instinct Psychology?

Ans: Hero Instinct Psychology works in a way that forces a man to think that he is no less than a hero. A hero of a lady’s life who is constantly making efforts to boost his man’s confidence. It is a way of putting in his mind that no one in this world can respect him, can love him, can understand him more than you can do. Yes, Hero Instinct is all about psychology.

Que: What Are Hero Instinct Phrases?

Ans: Hero Instinct has many sets of phrases. And 12-word text is one of those phrases that can be used to enhance your love life with your man. You can use simple phrases like “You have created a special place in my life that I won’t be able to give anyone else ever.” And apart from this one, there are plenty of working phrases that you can learn from James Bauer’s guide His Secret Obsession.

Que: Do Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Also Work In Getting Back With Ex?

Ans: The short answer is yes. And the long answer is it all depends on how you approach the psychology of the concept. It never means that if you have watched James Bauer’s video and now your ex will come to you running., But you have to implement the strategies that His Secret Obsession teaches you.

Que: Can I Get Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Free PDF?

Ans: Yes you can get some of the PDFs of His Secret Obsession’s teachings about the concept. Below is a link to the PDF. You can click on the below link and download your hero instinct 12-word text examples.

Download Your Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Revealed For Free With Examples PDF

These are just some of the examples that you can try but the full guide of Hero Instinct is only available on James Bauer’s official site. You can also check out his website. You will get a lot of material for a healthy relationship. Click here to visit his website.

Best of luck my friend. Always remember you are awesome. No one can judge you and no one can tell you what to do. Just try to be happy and try to make your man happy and you will see the difference in your man. He will also respond to your efforts. I just wish you luck dear. Have a happy love life.

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