Gunna Weight Loss In Jail. Actual Reason Of Being Thin & Weak.

American rapper and singer Gunna was always in a news for some of his nasty behaviors and deeds. Recently in May Gunna with his friend Young Thug & others were arrested on the charges of involving in gang activity and conspiring to violate the RICO Act. Gunna has been spending his time in jail. But his recent photographs from jail have shocked his fans. Gunna is looking thin & sick in these photographs. Definitely, Gunna has lost a drastic weight while his time in jail. And everyone just wants to know the exact reason for his weight loss & health update.

If you are looking for the answers to how Gunna lost weight, is Gunna sick and how is his health now? Then this article will provide you with all the details about Gunna’s Weight loss. But before we dive into the musician’s weight loss update, I would like to tell you more about his personal life first. So you can have the exact idea of why he was jailed and how he lost weight.

Who Is Gunna?

His real name is Sergio Giavanni Kitchens. He was born on 14th June 1993 in Georgia, USA. He has four older brothers and he was raised by his single mother. Gunna started producing music at the very young age of 15. Gunna has worked with popular American rappers like Travis Scott & Gucci Mane. He is one of the featured members of Young Thug’s YSL alongside Lil Duke and Nechie. Gunna is a successful rapper & musician.


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Gunna has also been associated with some philanthropic work. He started working with sustainable food waste management & hunger relief company GOODR. Through this association, he opened a free grocery store at his childhood school Ronald E. McNair Middle School.

Gunna Weight Loss In Jail

Gunna has been in jail since the 11th of May 2022. He was one of the members of the alleged gang Young Smile Life (YSL) which was started by Young Thug in Georgia. Both Gunna & Young Thug have been accused of and arrested for trying to violate Georgia State’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations AKA RICO act.

Gunna’s latest photos from jail have surfaced on the internet. And they are shocking. In these recent photos, Gunna is looking very thin. DS4EVER singer has lost many pounds while being in jail. Gunna is looking way thin and weak than he was used to looking before he got arrested.

Gunna Weight Loss In Jail

He is one of 28 accused of the crime. Unfortunately, his bail plea has been denied twice and he would have to stay in jail until trial.

Gunna Weight Loss Reason

After being sent to jail, Gunna’s entire look has been changed. His Locs Hair Extensions are cut off. He is looking weak and thin in a new photograph that has been surfacing on social media. People are speculating & guessing different reasons for Gunna’s drastic weight loss.

But the actual reason for Gunna’s weight loss is a little different here. Gunna’s drug addiction is not hidden from anyone. And according to one report posted in WSB-TV, prosecutors are alleging a nurse trying to smuggle Cocaine & Weed into jail for Guna. And Gunna’s weight loss in jail is due to his suffering from drug withdrawals from chronic addiction.

Prosecutors are saying a nurse attempted to smuggle cocaine and weed into jail for Gunna 🤦‍♂️

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Fan Reaction To Gunna Weight Loss

As the recent image of Gunna’s weight loss started surfacing on the internet, people started to worry about his health. His fans are shocked to see him so weak & thin. Everyone jumped on and started debating about his photo. There is various type of reactions on social media about Gunna’s weight loss.


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One user commented “That man stressed out! Done lost a good 20 lbs” on his weight loss. The user showed her worry for the rapper’s health and asked whether the jail authorities are starving him in jail. Many people were just not able to recognize him and denied that this photo is of rapper Gunna from jail after his weight loss.

Another Instagram user wrote, “This is making me sad 😩😩 #freeGunna !!!“. Apart from his fans, some celebrities also showed their support for Gunna. K Muthafuccin Goddess commented on his photo “When men are addicted to certain things I wish they would have a program in these prisons rather than “Cold Turkey” them. #FreeGUNNA“. And Charmaine wrote, “Aww man so sad“.

Gunna Weight Loss

Most people on social media are sad after Gunna’s recent photos from jail went out showing his drastic weight loss.

Gunna’s Letter From Jail

22 & 2, just a bed & a shower, no windows just walls. Can’t see or talk to anyone. I’m writing now & still praying everyday . I was raised to fight fire with water, even tho my country’s amendments have failed me! PROTECT BLACK ART!

— WUNNA (@1GunnaGunna) June 14, 2022

This letter was shared on his Twitter handle on 14th June on his 29th birthday. Through this letter, Gunna has tried to express his feelings about what is he experiencing in jail. He wrote that even though he is in difficult circumstances right now, still 2022 has been the best year for him. Gunna wrote that his art would give him this much. He further wrote how his community has been targeted all the time. And he is a born fighter and innocent. He will fight for his freedom. These were the words from the letter of Gunna that has been shared on Twitter.

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