3-Step Secret Formula. Get Your Ex Back Permanently & Quickly.[Easy Hack]

How To Make Your Ex Want You Back? Are you also finding the answers to this question currently? Then you are at the right place. In this article, I will give you some very secretive and proven psychological tricks and tips to win back your ex. First of all, I wish you luck and pray that you get back together with your ex permanently & quickly.

Before starting the process I would like to show you some reasons why most break-ups happen so, that in the future you can keep these reasons in mind. And try to avoid doing the same mistake again.

Reasons Why Break-Up Happens

Why Do Break-Ups Happen
  • Cheating: Infidelity is one of the biggest reasons why people separate in their relationship. If you are the person who has cheated in the relationship, then you might have to work very hard to rebuild the trust level again with your ex.
  • Behavioral Issues: In relationships, it is not cool to be “BAD”. Bad behavior in a relationship can be anything like not listening to your partner and not appreciating your partner’s efforts. Or it can be even indulging in bad things like drugs, over-the-limit alcohol, money overspending, etc. Relationships Breakups due to behavioral issues can be easy to mend again.
  • Unsupportive: Being unsupportive in a relationship is a “love crime”. Knowingly or unknowingly not supporting your partner when they need you is one of the biggest turns off in a relationship. This behavior can make your partner re-think your relationship and the continuity of this behavior will lead your relationship to a dead end, where the only choice your partner will have is to split up.
  • Toxicity: Dominating, controlling, demanding, exploiting, misunderstanding, and jealousy are the signs that you are in a toxic relationship. And the toxic relationship has no future. Your partner will always find ways to free themselves from this toxic relationship.
  • Losing Interest: There can be numerous reasons why your partner lost interest in the relationship. But if your partner somehow has lost interest in the relationship or being with you, then it can be undone. Watch this video explaining how you can make your partner love you more.
  • Anger Issues: If your day was not good then it is not your partner’s fault. You can not divert the anger of work or the outside world onto your partner. This is unfair and eventually, this anger issue breaks down the relationship.
  • Lying Habit: One of the biggest killers of any relationship. You broke trust you broke your relationship by lying. Being confident and accepting your mistakes is very necessary for building a healthy relationship. Lying can save you and your relationship in starting but in long run, you can not survive with the lying habit. This habit damages the relationship so deeply.
  • Financial Infidelity: In married couples, financial issues are the reason for more than 30% of divorces. “Financial Infidelity” has become very normal these days in modern couples. If you hide things related to money or steal money from someone you love, then there is no chance that your partner will continue this relationship. And you seriously need help with this.
  • Communication Gap: Silence is a slow poison for any relationship. First, it kills the charm and excitement of your relationship, and then it kills your relationship slowly-slowly. One of the most important things in the relationship is communicating with your partner. If you have good communication with your partner, then most of the relationship issues you both can manage without breaking up.

After reading all these points, you may have gotten the idea about what actual issue you had in your relationship, so you and your partner split up. And if I have forgotten to mention any relationship issue here please feel free to comment on your issue and I will definitely try to give you the answer to your issue. Ok, let’s move on to the topic of how to get back your ex permanently & quickly.

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Now getting back with your ex. I have divided this process into 3 stages. You have to go through all three stages step by step. Read all the things I have written in all stages and see the change in you and in your life. Follow all these steps in order to get back together with your ex quickly.

1st Stage: Self Awareness

I call the first stage “SELF AWARENESS“. The first stage is all about handing yourself first. In this first stage, I recommend you 2 things. You have to do these 2 things first before learning more about how to Get Your Ex Back.

Self Awareness After Break Up

#1: Stop Over-Thinking

The first thing you should do after your breakup is to stop overthinking. You have to control your thoughts and mind first. I know you are in a dilemma that whether you should try to contact your ex or move on. There is a lot of negativity around you currently. You may be thinking about the mistakes of your partner that broke this relationship. But you want to be with that person again. But have doubts. Please sort out these things before taking any steps further. Because believe me, my friend, if you are not sure by heart and mindfully then any steps taken in this state of mind may even worsen the situation.

When you have just broken up with your partner. Everything seems fine. You think that you have taken a good decision. But 80% of people after 1-2 week starts to feel that they have made a mistake. 65% of people who have broken up recently try to spy on their exes via social media, common friends, and other ways. And more than 70% of the couples who have broken up never get back together. Do you know why? Because they just want to get back with their ex automatically. They don’t want to make effort. This 70% of couples don’t want to be together or just don’t have the courage to stop crying, stand up & make effort.

But there is hope for people like you who genuinely love their partner and have been separated due to some reason. You are one of that 30% of couples who make it together again. So, my friend please stop crying, get up and gather yourself first.

#2: Leave The Negativity Behind

And the second thing is to leave the Negativity behind. Negative mentality or negative thoughts. The mentality of thinking that your Ex had broken up with you because you had some issues is totally wrong perception of yours. This will not help you in getting back with your ex. Issues can be resolved. If you have any behavioral issues then they can be solved. But to sit back thinking that you are a bad person in your relationship and only praying to god to get back with your ex is not going to work out.

You have to be easy on yourself. Dwelling on negative thoughts won’t help you. And that’s true believe me, my friend. Everyone has some issues with them. No one is perfect in this world. But if it was you at the fault for breaking up and due to your issues your partner has called it off, then my friend you will have to work extra hard. But I believe, if you love someone truly any hardship can not stop you. You will get back to your ex but only if you leave the negativity behind.

Your relationship had issues and your partner didn’t want to resolve those, so your partner broke up with you. In this situation, your partner may be thinking that the relationship with you is not worth it now or your partner may have fed up with resolving issues with you.

In these conditions, there is only one solution and the solution is that you have to prove your worth in your ex’s eyes.  You have to make your ex think that he/she has made a great mistake by breaking up with a person like you.  You have to increase your self-worth and value. Let me give you an easy example of what I am trying to make you understand.

Assume that you bought one random company’s share in 2021 for $200 thinking that this share will give you good returns on your investment just like you do in your relationship by inventing your feelings, emotions, time, and all of yourself. But even after investing this company’s share is not giving you any good return. So after 1 year, you think to get rid of this share and invest the money in other good shares or keep the money in your pocket. You sold it for $220. Ok, you are happy, you got rid of the old burden and you are free now without any tension.

But after 1-2 months, you notice that the share you sold thinking it worthless is now trending. Everyone wants it, but its price is too high, and most people can not afford it. The current price of the share is $500. What will be your first reaction? You have made a mistake and you have missed out. This is the guilty feeling that you have to create in your ex-partner’s mind. Your ex will be thinking that they had made a mistake breaking up with you.

You have to become this share, my friend. And I will help you in becoming this Share. Here I will share some very important psychological tricks with you in order to get back to your ex. This will definitely gonna help you. Let’s move on to the second stage of Getting back with your ex permanently.

If you want to learn all this in deep and want to speed up your process and increase your chances of getting back with your ex then I recommend you to look at this “The ExFactor Guide” just once. This will change your mind.

2nd Stage: Getting Up

The second stage is “Getting Up“. After self-awareness and learning more about controlling your thoughts and leaving negativity behind, the next stage is all about gathering yourself and becoming the best version of yourself. This stage will walk you through the process of how to avoid doing any mistakes and making yourself a person that your ex wants to be with again.

Self Care Check List

#1: Don’t Hurt Yourself

Hurting yourself will not end your pain. It will only increase your pain. You are already going through mental and heart pain and you will also have to go through physical pain if you try to hurt yourself. Hurting yourself will only make you look like a psycho. And no one wants to be with the psycho. Your ex-lover will start to get afraid of you. And your ex-partner will feel relief after hearing the news that you have tried to hurt yourself. Your ex-partner will feel that they have left you at the right time, as no one wants to be with a person who hurts them.

So don’t be an idiot. First, handle yourself then you can try to handle your Ex.

#2: No Negativity On Social Media

There should be no negativity in any form in your life. Maybe your ex is still your Facebook friend or maybe they still follow you on Instagram. Or even you two have common friends on social media. And sharing sad quotes, break-up songs, and all that negativity will harm your chances of getting back with your ex more than doing good. Don’t ever show your ex that you are hurt and sad after they have left you.

Apart from this, Continually negative posting on social media will eventually force your friends to think to unfollow you on social media platforms. Your circle will shrink and my friend let me tell you one thing, this is the time when you need your friends the most. Your sad stories eventually will make even your close friends start maintaining a distance from you. Don’t try to get attention by being negative and sharing negativity on social media.

I know that as human beings we feel pain and we need support in these times. There will be times when you feel strong emotions like crying out loud. But you can go and meet the people who really care about you. You can express your feelings in front of them. Even if you can cry out your emotions if they really care they will listen. But don’t ever bore them with again & the again the same sadness.

#3: No Rebound Relationship

If you are recently gone through a breakup and are still not over your ex. And in this situation, if you look for a relationship just to shift your mind from your ex is called a “REBOUND RELATIONSHIP“.  A rebound relationship is can be very confusing for you emotionally. Because in a rebound relationship, you never know what you actually want. In a rebound relationship, you always try to compare your current partner with your ex. You still want to be with your ex but trying to get over your ex unconsciously. And this will only increase the complexities in your life.

Don’t indulge in any relationship too soon. I know my friend that this is the time when you need someone in your life very badly. You need to be healed. You are in pain. But a rebound relationship can not help you in this.  If you are still not over your ex and one corner of your heart still wants to get back to your ex, then getting into a relationship too early can be a bad choice.

How To Get Your Ex Back

#4: Don’t Lock Yourself

Don’t stop yourself from going out or meeting new people. If you focus more on the outer world more you will get healed easily. Your main focus would be on improving yourself. Upgrading yourself and making you 2.0. You have to develop yourself into the best version of yourself to get back with your ex. Going out and meeting new people or even your old friends will shift your mind from negativity to positivity.

And on a plus note, let me tell you a secret thing. And the thing is that your friends can now tell you what mistakes you were doing in your relationship openly that they have not told you openly when you were in a relationship. So, don’t lock yourself. Your pain will decrease and your healing process will boost if you start to go out often. Now, you will have a more clear idea about your previous relationship.

#5: Change Location For A While

If possible, then please go on a small vacation. This will take you away from the old environment and from old memories. If you don’t want to go on vacation then I just request you to have a change of location in your life for a while. This will help you with your mood change. This change is for your own good.

#6: Do What You Like

This is the time when you have to divert your mind and focus from your break-up to the things you love the most. I know my friend it takes a lot of guts in order to do the things you love when you’re heartbroken. There may be some things that you like. Playing the guitar, Sky diving, Horse riding, or any other thing that you like, you know, or wanted to learn. If you have had a love for some particular things for a long, then this is the right time to spend your time in order to tat things.

3rd Stage: The Magnet

3rd stage is the main stage. I have given the name “The Magnet” to the 3rd stage. The magnet because in this final stage you will learn how to become the love magnet that will attract your ex back to you. After your self-awareness & gathering yourself, this is your final and most important stage. This will walk you through the most important process of the psychological tricks and tips on how to get back with your ex permanently & quickly.

How To Become Love Magnet

#1: Let Your Ex Go

I know you might be thinking that you are here to know the ways to get back with your ex quickly but I am telling you to let them go. Yes, you have to let them go in order to get back with your ex permanently. This is a process to give your ex space. Unless you let your ex go, they will never understand your value. You have to give your ex space. Your continued efforts of contact can mess things up.

In the process to get back with your ex permanently, time & distance can either be your biggest enemy or can be your biggest friend. After a breakup, if you don’t give time and enough pace to your ex-partner, then there are very rare chances of getting back together with your ex. Continues efforts of being in contact can be the biggest turn-off for your ex. And believe me, my friend, It is creepy, too.

Break-ups only happen because one of you or both of you is not feeling good anymore in this relationship. People need space. And portray yourself as a mature person in front of your ex by giving them enough space. The longer the distance in a relationship, the more you and your partner miss each other. And this applies to couples too who have broken up recently. Distance always triggers the best memories of your relationship in your mind. This distance will force your ex to miss you.

#2: Avoid Contacting Your Ex

After breaking up with you, your ex must be in a state of mind thinking that they have made a good decision. Your ex must be thinking that you were not worth it. and in this situation, if you try to contact your ex, then only 2 things can happen. First, they will not pick up your call or won’t reply to your texts. And the second is that your ex will tell you to move on and find someone else. There is no chance or very rare chance that without finding your problems and solving them and without upgrading yourself, your ex would ever be with you again after you contact them.

After your breakup, your ex always thinks that you were not a good enough or mature person to be in a relationship with you. Even if they don’t tell this and feel this but deep inside every person there is a feeling that his/her ex must be in pain after break up. If they are not in pain then they have never loved you and they are happy without them. Let your ex feel that you are happy without them. This will make them doubt their own ability.

In short, don’t do the mistake of crying and texting and being drunk & dial your ex ever. There is a perfect time for everything. And the things done at right time have the perfect impact. And this is not the right time to contact your ex.

However, if you eventually plan to get back with them, do not dismiss the thought of them entirely. Keep reminding them of yourself, and a good way to do so is flowers on special occasions like birthdays or any holiday which is closer. You can buy flowers online under short notice.

#3: Avoid Complaining About Your Ex

This is the biggest turn-off, I can say. This reduces your chances of getting back with your ex. You two have common friends and you keep complaining to them about your ex. Continuously pointing out your ex’s mistake in front of your common friends. This bad-mouthing will eventually reach your ex-partner. And this is not good.

Instead, I suggest you use psychological tips. If you have common friends then refrain yourself doing some bad-mouthing and try to show them that you still respect your ex. And avoid talking a lot about your ex with your common friends. Talking a lot with common friends about your ex will trigger a mentality in your ex’s mind that you still miss your ex. And in starting days this will harm your new image in your ex-partner’s eyes.

#4: Upgrade Yourself

Here the motto is to become the person, your ex will become desperate to contact again. This doesn’t mean that you were a bad person before. But without making a change in yourself there is no meaning in getting back into a relationship with your ex. Because in this relationship all things are the same as they were before. The same you, the same your ex, and the same issues you both or your ex had previously. This relationship will also be collapsed someday. So, you have to upgrade and become the best of yourself before getting back with your ex permanently.

You have followed every step like you gave enough space & distance to your ex, you never tried to contact your ex but what if your breakup doesn’t change you? If you want to sit at home crying then you can do the same. This will not change anything for you. Someday your ex will start to forget you and eventually he/she will move on from you.  To make a long-lasting impact on your ex, you have to make positive changes in yourself.

Do you want to know how to upgrade yourself or how to make this whole process of getting back with your ex easy? Then I request you to watch Relationship coach Brad Browning’s this video. This is an amazing, full of help, and easy-to-understand video. Below is the video.

The Brad Brownings The Ex Factor Guide

#5: Experiment With Your Look

There is nothing wrong with changing your look. It is always advisable to experiment with your looks. Here I want to tell you to have positive changes in your appearance, my friend. There are numerous options are available these days in order to change your appearance. I can suggest to you some options like…

  • Give yourself a haircut. A haircut changes you a lot in your appearance. It makes you look bad or can improve your looks. So choose wisely a decent type of haircut.
  • Start exercising. Going to the gym is not everyone’s cup of coffee. But doing normal exercising like walking, swimming, cycling, jogging, rope jumping, etc is a great way to improve yourself physically & mentally. And at this time you need both improvements.
  • Drop or reduce bad habits like alcohol & smoking. This will significantly improve your skin & your energy levels.
  • Buy some new clothes. In this materialistic world, what you have worn is more important than what you hold in your heart. If you are able to change your outer impression in your ex’s eyesight then there is a huge chance that your ex will get intrigued by your makeover and would want to know the reason behind your change.

Psychological Chart To Win Back Your Ex

Here is the easy and understandable chart of the full 3 step formula to get your ex back. You can print this or even can download & save it on your phone or on your desktop. This psychological 3-step formula chart will help you a lot.

Get Your Ex Back 3 Step Formula

Facts About Breakup

I think these data and facts might help you in understanding better your situation in this world. You can look at these various numbers related to relationships and breakups and get an idea of it.

  • Communication gaps and communication issues top the list of reasons for breakups around the world.
  • The chances of you getting back with your ex totally depend on the length of the relationship you had with your ex. In simple terms, couples who have broken up after a long period of relationship are more likely to get back together than couples who had just dated for a very short period of time.
  • Couples that met online are at a high risk of getting separated than couples who met traditionally or in the real world.
  • According to some data, December 11th is the Day of Breakups. Most Breakups happen on this day in the year.
  • Most relationship experts believe and suggest that you should wait at least 1 month before you get back with your ex again.
  • You won’t believe this but even long-distance relationships have a 58% success rate.

How Much Time For Getting Back Together

how much time does it take for couples to get back to their exes? I think this is one of the first questions that will arise in your mind. Here is a detailed analysis of some studies published in various publications. And according to these studies, the time it takes for different couples is different. From days to months below is a detailed explanation. This data only includes the list of couples who have to get back together with their exes after a breakup. This data is not related to the couples who have broken up and moved on. 

  • About 4.90% of couples who have broken up get back with their exes in less than 1 month.
  • It takes 3-6 months for 30.10% of couples in getting back together after their breakup.
  • 28.20% of couples get back together after a period of at least 6-9 months.
  • About 12.90% of couples get back together after an interval of 9-12 months.
  • And finally, it takes more than a year for 11.90% of couples after their break-up in getting back together.
Time Period For Getting Back With Ex

Final Word: How To Get Your Ex Back

You both were attracted to each other that’s why you were together once. You both had some spark that’s why you were together for some period. Your relationship just lost this spark and you both were separated. There are plenty of ways to reignite this spark and even make things hot this time. You just need a good execution of this 3 step formula that I have shared with you in this “How To Get Your Ex Back” article.  Still, if you have any concerns then I recommend you to go for this detailed video by Relationship Coach Brad Browing “The Ex Factor Guide“. Through this video, you will learn the deepest secrets of break-up & patch-up. This video will change your perception of relationships & break-ups.

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