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Genuine Review Of His Secret Obsession. 12 Word Hero Instinct. The Hidden Secret

Relationship expert James Bauer has written a book called His Secret Obsession for women readers. The main motto of the writer James Bauer to write this book or eBook was to give women some better understanding about men and give them some emotional connection and advantage to make her man love her more. According to the writer, this book can help any woman to attract a man emotionally and keep him interested in her. And you can stop your relationship from drifting apart. So, here in this His Secret Obsession review we are gonna check and testify the claims of the creator of the book.

Features Of His Secret Obsession In Short

Name:His Secret Obsession.
Type:Book / eBook
Purpose:To Give Women Psychological Tools To Get The Love They Deserve.
Publication:Beirrestible ( Blink Publication LLC)
USP:Hero Instinct & 12 Word Secret Signal.
Includes:Ebook & Audiobook
Access:Instant Download
Creator:Relationship & Dating Coach James Bauer.
Availability:Only through the official website.
Official Website:Click Here
Watch Free Video:Click Here

Love is a feeling every living thing in this beautiful world wants to feel. The touch of love changes everything. But all the people don’t have the same love life. Some people get a lot of love throughout their life and some even struggle to get a little bit of it. There are many awesome women (every woman is awesome) out there who struggle to get the attention and love and respect they deserve. His secret obsession is a book that claims to make you a better understanding of your man’s psychology, his desires, and the things and talks that annoys them and drift apart from us. And make you better at dating and relationships.

According to the creator James Bauer “HIS SECRET OBSESSION” enables any woman to connect with a man in a way that would be responsive to their true desires. He refers to them as “secrets,” although there’s nothing sinister about them.

One reason why this book is loved by the most of its women readers that as a female you connect with every aspect of the book.

His Secret Obsession Why Men Pull Away

This book simply has been created for a set of women who are going through the circumstances mentioned below. This book deals with the situations or some of the life events maybe you are going through right now like:

      • You are feared that your man is slowly-slowly slipping away.
      • You feel he has started to put other things ahead of spending time with you.
      • He is not as he was used to be. Not sending texts and calling you as often as he used to be.
      • You feel that he is gradually losing interest in you.
      • The nights are not as romantic as they were used to be with him before.
      • He doesn’t show affection, respect, and love as you were getting from him before.
      • He is afraid of long-term commitment, even if things are going smooth.

The creator James Bauer has given a series of 14 attraction secrets of tackling such above mentioned situation in the ebook. Using these secrets you can communicate better with your partner or your future partner.

These are some of the love life circumstances, women are going through should consider reading the ebook His Secret Obsession to mend their broken marriage or relationship. Other than the above-mentioned life events there are several other things about His Secret Obsession. Things you can learn from this relationship guide. The relationship things you are interested in. And if you are interested or want to learn more about these below-mentioned things then you too can consider reading this book.

And the things are: 

You Want To Grow Your Relationship:

You are in a new relationship and want to grow your relationship with your boyfriend or husband. And want to learn things about how to make a better relationship then you should read this book to make you the best in the relationship and the irreplaceable person of his life. Every relationship goes through ups & down but if you are mentally prepared and have a better understanding of your partner then you can face it easily. So, in short, if you are considering a long-term relationship with your new partner then you must consider reading this book. His secret obsession is for you.

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You Want To Understand Your Man’s Mind:

As you may have read above that the man most of the time doesn’t know exactly what he wants. And even he comes to know his deepest desires, he can’t express or he can’t find words to express his feelings. And if you want to understand more about your man and his deepest desire and how to make him confess his feelings to you, then you too can consider reading His Secret Obsession.

If you care about crafting a better relationship with your partner and want to dive deep into your man’s mind then you can consider reading this book. There is a lot of useful information in this ebook you can use to make your relationship better.

What Is His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession is a book for women readers to learn the emotional ways to keep their men interested in them. But what is actually inside the book? What are the actual ways you are gonna learn from the book?

Basically, It is a dating and relationship guide created by relationship expert James Bauer. And it is a concept that works around the evolved psychology of man and tries to make you understand that how you can utilize a man’s evolutionary psychology to attain desired outcomes. This may be sound to you kind of being bossy and manipulative, but the motto or the main goal here is to provide real skills to women so, they can learn how to foster love. The idea is to be irresistible and to understand what your boyfriend or your husband or any man you like really wants from you as a partner so you can provide it. Men frequently are unaware of their emotional needs and, even when they feel and know what they actually want, they are most of the time are unable to explain them.

This book is created in a way so, that women of any age and relationship status and relationship stage can learn from this. Whether you are married for 25 or more years or you are in your teenage or in your twenties or thirties and looking for love. Any woman can use this and learn from His Secret Obsession.

You get instant access to an eBook and an audiobook of His Secret Obsession.

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What’s Inside The His Secret Obsession?

After downloading the ebook you will get the 217-page book that is divided into 17 chapters which include 3 main modules of relationship betterment. In simple words, His Secret Obsession has 3 main parts of different relationship angles which have a total of 17 chapters.

3 Main Modules Of His Secret Obsession:

  1. Part-I.     The Hero Instinct And How Does Hero Instinct Work?
  2. Part-II.   The Secret 12 word & phrase signal. And how to trigger it in your man?
  3. Part-III.  The Message formulas. You can start to send it right away and make him want you.

Part-I) What Is Hero Instinct? 

While reading the book you will notice that half of the book revolves around the term “Hero Instinct”. And that’s a very good thing about the book. You may have not heard about the term “Hero Instinct” because it is relatively new in the relationship. But if you better understand the HERO INSTINCT then you can win over him easily. Let’s dive deep into the Hero Instinct to have a better idea of it and learn how it works.

This is the biggest psychological and evolutionary and relatively new secret that can help you keep your man interested in you and give you the love you deserve. After learning more about hero instinct, you will learn how instinct affects a male sentiment, his thought process about you, and how you can use this hero instinct to attract him towards you and how you can keep him or any other man interested in you.

All man thinks differently and has different psychologies. But some things are very common for men. They all think about their basic desires. The deepest desires or their inner wishes are often common for every male. They think the same way.

Some basic things every man wants but don’t tell their partners are given below:

      • First of all, feel appreciated for what he is doing.
      • To be respected by his partner.
      • Emotional maturity from his partner.
      • Sometimes, he wants space in a relationship.
      • Men want approval and praise.
      • He wants partnership in a relationship.

Mens secert obsession

Triggering Hero Instincts is the answer to all these male desires and many other hidden desires a man has but doesn’t tell. Hero Instinct is the ultimate answer to all your relationship problems. After learning more about Hero Instinct, you will learn how to make any man attracted to you or you can reignite the lost charm of your marriage. You will start to learn man psychology better.

So, you can consider The Hero Instinct as your all relationship-related problem solver.

How To Trigger Hero Instinct?

James Bauer just doesn’t leave you with introducing the term. He makes you understand how to trigger Hero Instinct in your man and that too in very easy and simple language that anybody can learn about the hero instinct.

Hero Instinct is all about making him feel how he is your hero. And make him feel this every day. And the main thing is that even a man doesn’t know that getting to be felt and appreciated like a hero every day by his partner is what he actually wants in his relationship.

James has created a formula of simple texts and other signals that you can use to hint your man that you feel he is a hero of your life without even letting him know that you are doing this knowingly.

Want To Learn More About HERO INSTINCT? Click Here—>>> How To Trigger Hero Instinct

Part-II) The Secret 12-word signal. And how to trigger it in your man?

“I’ve realized that I won’t be happy without you ever in my life.” this simple text helped a woman to get back his boyfriend. This is the real incident creator James Bauer has mentioned on his website. The woman was the client of James Bauer and she was taking lessons about his broken relationship, from relationship coach James at that time.

The His Secret Obsession 12 Word Secret Signal is the guide of secret 12 words that when are used can trigger the emotional part of a man for you. And by using these 12 words you can make him attracted towards you. Besides, these 12 words signal you will learn more secretive signals and you will also learn how you can practically use these signals to make him more attracted towards you and make him more affectionate about you.

And these other Secret signals are:

1)- “EX-BACK” Signal

As the name suggests these are the signals you can use to attract back your EX. This signal solves the problem of your recent break-up. You can make him attracted to you again. Using these signals it becomes irresistible for him to stop forcing himself from coming back to you. You will get the prebuilt set of text messages, words and phrases and psychological behaviour to make him interested in you again.

Get Back Your Ex


This is the signal by giving your man, your man or any other man will consider you as “The One Perfect Lady“, ” The Perfect One” for him. The one and only factor that matters for a man before considering a woman to marry or to get in a relationship with her is that the man considers the woman as the one perfect woman. Even for every woman that is very important that her man thinks of her as THE PERFECT ONE because only then she will be able to keep her man tied with her emotionally.

3)- “I OWE YOU” Signal

I Owe You is the signal that a lady says selective things to her man what her man wants to hear as his deepest desires. This signal creates a deep trust level for you from your man. It is a great benefit for you. This will make your man trusts you more and he will try to open up in front of you more often and even more than his male best friends.


This signal is quite famous. If you are not getting love and affection from him you deserve then this signal is for you definitely. This signal will force him to give you undivided love and attention. Using this signal you can put him into a mode that he will crave for your attention and appreciation.

5)- “SILENT ACTION” Signal

As the name goes, this signal teaches you how to use silence to make him more attracted towards you. How sometimes you can become mysterious and the puzzle he just wants to solve. If used properly this can be a trump card for you in the betterment of your relationship. Sometimes not using it properly and stretching things like being over silent can destroy your relationship, too. In the book, you will learn how you can take leverage of being silent and to what extent you can take this and when you have to stop. You will learn everything in the book.

His secret obsession james bauer

6)- “FASCINATION” Signal

Also known as an innocent signal, uses the emotion angle to make him think about you more. You can use this FASCINATION signal through texts and calls, too. The write has simplified the Fascination signal in the book in such a simple way that after implementing the Fascination signal in your life your male partner would not be able to stop himself from thinking intensely about you.


This is a secret phrase that will tell your partner or your future partner what really you are. The real you and what he will get as a partner after being in a relationship with you. It makes you more mysterious to him and slowly-slowly by using this phrase you down curtain from your charming personality and show him the real you. The awesome woman he always wanted to have in his life.

8)- “SECRET LOVE CURRENCY” For Happy Relationship

This revolves around the situations where a man is leaving or have left the woman once he loved. After learning more about this signal you will never feel numb when he tries to drift apart himself from you. Or when you feel he is losing interest in you. You will learn how you can grow an about to be broken relationship or any relationship into a happy relationship or a successful marriage just by depositing your emotional attachments towards him into the relationship.


This is the technic that lets you dive deep into his mind and thoughts. By using  X-Ray Questions you will make him forget about his worries and stress and slowly you will feel that he is telling you the secrets he has never confessed with you. This is a kind of method, by using that you hear his inner thought that he could have never shared with you.

For every signal, the writer has given the sentences, words and phrases and text messages to use in the book. These all signals are more like prebuilt situation templates and you just have to use the signal as per the situation you are going through in your relationship. The most important thing about these signals and even you will like it the most and the best thing is when you try these signals at various stages or in different situations in your relationship, your man feels more connected with you without having a slight idea that you are giving him these signals knowingly.

His Secret Obsession 12 word secret phrase revealed

The Detail About Writer James Bauer:

James Bauer is a relationship coach and well-known writer. His previous book “What Man Secretly Wants” was a guidebook for women to help them navigate playing in the dating field was quite popular. James has been working for the last 12 years as a relationship coach. He has established himself as a relationship coach in the field.

He has worked with thousands of couples during these years. And doing counselling with couples for these 12 years James has developed some secrets of dating and relationships. Every relationship and each and every couple is different in some ways from each other. And every couple goes through different issues in their relationships but James has identified some connecting links in each and every relationship and from these experiences Bauer has found a way to create a very useful guide for people, so, they can have a better life with each other.

The writer of His Secret Obsession, James Bauer is a real gem in relationship coaching and he knows what he does. If you want to learn directly from him then you can watch his free video here.

His Secret Obsession: The Pros

      • You will not have to wait for days and weeks for delivery. His secret obsession has a super feature of INSTANT DOWNLOAD. You can download the ebook instantly.
      • Prebuilt, tested and proven texts, phrases and words to tackle every difficult situation you face in your relationship. You won’t lonely at any stage. You always feel like you have a guide with you every time you go through some ups and downs in your love life.
      • Every ebook comes with a 60-Days Money Back Guarantee. So, you don’t have to worry.
      • You will get two things in the package. eBook plus audiobook.
      • Written by a psychologist and proven by clinical research.
      • The book has all the information you need to improve your love life.
      • It is a fact-based book. Not like other relationship guides which do not contain all the topics and situations as the His Secret Obsession has explained.
      • The book has a practical approach to every situation you are gonna face in your relationship. It is just not only a theory-based book. It gives you a practical view of every situation.
      • Well researched, well written and easy explanations of every situation and the topic by the writer James is the main point you can not overlook.

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His Secret Obsession: The Cons

      • The biggest con we think of is the price of the book. $47 is a little bit expensive. But the quality is always expensive.
      • Only available online. Some people still like to read hard copies.
      • You will feel some points and some theories are hard to understand for some people.
      • Some people will find the book as presenting man as the one best thing in the world.

Pricing And Refund Policy Details:

So, if you buy from the official website HisSecretObsession.Com you will get a free ebook “The Attraction Triggers”. You will have to pay $47 for an ebook and an audiobook combined package.

After buying the product you feel that it’s not worth it or you are doubtful about anything then you can take the benefit of a 60-Days risk-free return and refund policy and return the product.

His Secret Obssession PDF

Buy Now

Final Word: His Secret Obsession Book Review

His Secret Obsession has a reputation for being one of the most detailed relationship books available, and it definitely lived up to that reputation in our perspective.

This is a big book on the relationship topic. Bauer’s use of the proverbial verbs in his sentences for each idea he covers impressed us.

Maybe all the strategies don’t work for everybody or maybe not. From our personal perspective maybe some people will feel outlined or some topics will not be understood by some people. But in the closure of the review, we can consider His Secret Obsession as one of the best books of the relationship guide. It is worth trying if you feel and want to strengthen your relationship or want to regain the lost love of your life.  It is worth trying.


Refund Guarantee His Secret Obsession Review

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Que. Is His Secret Obsession Available In Hard Copy?

Ans. No, You Get Instant Access To The eBook.

Que. Is It Available Offline?

Ans. No, It Is Only Available Online.

Que. How Can I Avoid The Scam Of His Secret Obsession?

Ans. If the product is popular then there are many fake copies that come into the market in the name of the original one. If you want to avoid such fake copies then we suggest you only buy from the official website HisSecretObsession.Com.

Que. How Does The Book Explain The Hero Instinct?

Ans. The term Hero Instinct has been introduced by the write James Bauer himself. The writer has explained the term in the book in very simple language. And has explained how to trigger the hero instinct and how can it be beneficial for you.

Que. Do the strategies work for everyone?

Ans. To some extent, it works for everyone. But each and everyone is different from each other and have a different thought process. Some strategies might work for some people and might don’t work for other people.

Que. Is It Worth Buying The His Secret Obsession?

Ans. According to us, even if you consider free extra ebooks+ the eBook + an ebook $47 is a little bit high for an eBook. But if you want to achieve something in your love life then you won’t regret paying the price.

Que. Can I Get a Free Pdf Of His Secret Obsession?

Ans. Unfortunately, NO. But some great pieces come with a price.



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