Garth Brooks Weight Loss Of 50 LBS. Diet And Before After Pics

Garth Brooks Weight Loss

Popular American singer & songwriter Garth Brooks is news these days. He is on a Europe Tour with his band. The band is performing in various Europe countries and giving blast performances to their fans. Garth has been interacting with the media with every performance the band is giving. Recently in one of his media interviews, Garth revealed that he has lost weight and his weight at the age of 60 is the same as he had when he was 35. And that’s a big statement.

After the Country Music star’s revelation, fans are quite curious to know more details about Garth Brooks’s weight loss journey. How he lost weight, which type of weight loss diet & workout routine he followed, and what other methods he followed in order to lose weight. If you also have these questions in your mind then this article is definitely for you.

But before going through the amazing transformation journey of Garth Brooks and seeing some before and after weight loss images, I would like to tell you more about the American singer and his personal life and some details about if his wife Trisha Yearwood also helped him in weight loss or not.

Who Is Garth Brooks

American Country music star’s full name is Troyal Garth Brooks. He was born on 7th February 1962 in Omaha, USA. His father was Troyal Raymond Brooks Jr. and his mother was Colleen McElroy Carroll. Garth’s singing abilities were due to the constant efforts of his parents. His parents used to host weekly talent nights and every child was required to participate in the show either by singing or doing skits. This is how Garth learned to play Banjo & guitar both.

Due to his family values, Garth used to sing at family functions but in his childhood, he was more attracted to athletics. Running, baseball, javelin throw, and football were his favorites. He even worked as a bouncer at a local bar.


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But his professional music career started in 1985 with singing and playing guitar in clubs and bars in Oklahoma. After hearing George Strait’s debut album “Unwound” Garth felt that he is more interested in Country music and decided to pursue and make a career in Country music.

Slowly from there, Garthe started to build his contact in the music industry with the help of entertainment attorney Rod Phelps. And in the 90s Garth Brooks saw massive success in his career. His albums were there on most music charts.

Garth has been associated with the same studio band, known as the “G-Men” for a long time. This band has 7 members other than Brooks. Mark Casstevens, Mike Chapman, Rob Hajacos, Milton Sledge, Bobby Wood, and Mark Miller are the members of the band.

Garth Brooks Weight Loss

It was speculated from his recent appearances about his weight loss but Garth hadn’t disclosed anything before. But before his performance in Dublin, Garth spoke to the media about his weight loss on the 14th of September last Wednesday.  Garth revealed that he has shed about 50 pounds in his media interaction.

He further added that he has lost weight just due to being fit to run around the stage. It was all due to the band’s five-night run at Croke Park on Friday. Brooks proudly said that he weighs the same as he was in 1977 when he first time played Croker at the age of 35.

In his own word, he said, “But try to remember, this is one of the things I’m going to give myself credit for. For 16 years, I was a soccer dad. Last on the list. And it takes a while to get back to the artist’s feelings. It has taken me eight years to get back to it. And I’m the same weight I was when we played here in 97, that’s what I want.

In his interview, Garth further added that as a presenter he only has 2 and a half hours to make people come to the stadium. It is a lot of physical work and they have to move a lot in a very short time. Garth didn’t want to be an obstacle for the team. Thus he decided to lose weight and become fit for the stage.

Garth Brooks Weight Loss Diet

In his interview with the Irish media, when Garth was asked about how he prepared for his weight loss than Brooks replied that for him it is not about looking good rather it is about being fit. No proper answers were given by Garth Brooks about his weight loss diet or food methods that he follows.

But his wife, Trisha has shared many things about the family’s eating habits. Here are some of the details about their healthy eating habits that have helped Garth in losing 50 pounds of weight before his Europe tour. As we mentioned above in this article, Trisha has published many healthy recipes that the couple eats for staying healthy.

According to the report posted in Suggest Magazine, Garth Brooks has been struggling with weight loss and weight gain for years. The report also mentioned that Garth has been following Yo-Yo dieting for the last 25 years and it has been a roller-coaster journey for him with Yo-Yo dieting for years.

Before And After Images

Here are some of Garth’s before and after weight loss pictures. These pictures definitely will inspire you.

Garth Brooks Weight Loss After Before

Garth Brooks Weight Loss

Garth Brooks Married Life

Brooks married twice in his life. His first marriage was with songwriter Sandy Mahl. The couple got married on the 24th of May 1986. From his first marriage, Garth has three daughters Taylor Mayne Pearl, August Anna, and Allie Colleen Brooks. After a long period of 13 years, Brooks and Sandy Mahl separated in 1999. They filed for divorce in 2000 and finally were divorced in December 2001.

After the gap of 4 years, Garthe restarted his married life by marrying singer and author Trisha Yearwood. They are living happily with each other to date. Trisha has shared many healthy recipes that have helped Garth in his health journey. She has published many of Garth’s health recipes like Garth’s Breakfast Bowl and his cheese and garlic tortellini.

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