Gad Saad Weight Loss. Which Method He Used? Before-After Photos

Gad Saad Weight Loss

Gad Saad Weight Loss. Lebanese-born Canadian Professor of marketing Gad Saad is quite famous for his unusual evolutionary psychological marketing and consumer behavioral teachings. But this time, people are curious to know more about him not because of his marketing tactics but because of weight loss. Gad Saad recently appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast show and told how he lost 86 pounds of weight at the age of 57 years.  He has shared many things about his weight loss. After his appearance on the Joe Rogan show people just want to know how Gad Saad has lost weight, which weight loss diet and exercises, he followed to lose 86 pounds of weight. Here, in this article, you will get to know about every detail related to Gad Saad Weight Loss.

But before diving deep into the weight loss journey of YouTuber & Professor Gad Saad, I would like to tell you more about him and his personal life, so you can have an idea about how he was struggling with his weight issues. and how Gad Saad lost weight.

Who Is Gad Saad?

Born on 13 October 1964 in Lebanon and later shifted to Canada, Gad Saad is a famous Marketing Professor at Jhon Malson School Of Business. Apart from, teaching students his unusual marketing skills, Gad Saad also has a YouTube channel where he shares his views about various issues in the world. He has more than 240,000 subscribers on his youtube channel. In 1975, during the Lebanese Civil War, his family fled Lebanon and settled in Canada.

He was very good at studying in his academic days. Apart from being a good student in studies, Gad Saad was also a good athlete during his youth days. And he was almost underweight during those days. But in the last 20 years, he starts to gain weight and he has been trying various methods to lose weight for the last 2 decades. His wife has also helped him in his weight loss journey.

Gad Saad Weight Loss On Joe Rogan

Gad Saad opened up about his weight loss journey on the Joe Rogan Experience. Saad the marketing professor at Concordia University shared all about his healthy lifestyle and how he has maintained his healthy weight. On the show, Gad was very expressive about his fitness and health routine.

At the start of the show, Gad asked Joe Rogan to guess his weight first. And after some guessing game, Gad finally revealed that he was 256 pounds heaviest, and then he lost 86 pounds of weight, and finally, he is maintaining his weight at 170 LBS. His waist is just 33. And answering Joe Regan’s question of how he feels 86 pounds lighter, Gad Saad replied that he is feeling phenomenal and incredible after losing such a huge amount of weight. Adding more to his good experience of weight loss, Gad even mentioned that now his love life is also good. And the timings of his love sessions have increased and have doubled since he lost weight. He also added that it is his daily goal to be under 1700 calories a day.  In further discussion, Joe Rogan asked Gad Saad more about his weight loss like which method he used to lose weight. And which weight loss diet he used to get in shape and Gad revealed everything on the show.

Gad Saad Weight Loss Method

On the show, Gad saad revealed his daily routine and methods that have helped him in weight loss. He gave credit to his wife also in helping during his weight loss journey and keeping him motivated order to lose weight and become healthy. So, there are 4 main points or you can consider them as the 4 basic rules of weight loss that profession Saad followed in becoming healthy and slimming down. You can also follow these 5 golden rules of weight loss of Gad.

1- Daily Steps

Gad Saad told Joe Rogan that the first thing that has helped him in his health and weight loss journey is he never skips his routine of 15000 to 20000 steps a day. No matter what happens he always practices this every single day. Professor advised that these steps can be in any form you can walk on the treadmill or walk outside or even can do cycling for your goal of reaching the daily step limit. He also mentioned that in the last 2.5 years he has never skipped even a single day of his walking routine. At least he has walked for 10000 steps if not possible to walk for 15000-20000 steps. For counting his daily steps he keeps a Pedometer with him every time. He also expressed that he is just obsessive about painting his routine.

2- Tracking Diet

What you eat has a lot to do with your health. Saad takes care of every snack and food he eats. He tracks every diet of his. Moreover, his wife helps him with this a lot.  Gad even said that in between the interview that her wife turned into a Diet Gestapo (Secret State Police) for him. To help Gad in his weight loss journey, his wife also used the diet and exercise tracking app MyFitnessPal. His wife always tracks his diet intake and puts every detail of his daily food intake into the application. Because a lot of improvements comes from the types of healthy food we eat in our daily life.

3- Weight Check

Gad Saad never fails to weigh himself once a week. Gad says that if he weighs himself once a week then the autocorrection mechanism comes. So, whenever he is out of town for any event or conference and gains some weight due to eating outside, then he can easily manage the healthy weight by doing some extra work on his physique. Weighing himself helps him in scheduling his next week’s diet and exercise routine. Gad also adds that there is nothing like a magical thing for weight loss, you have to be in your routine to maintain good health.

4- Mindset Change

Your mindset plays a major role in your achieving your goals. Your mindset decides whether you gonna lose or win. This is the fourth way Gad Saad says that has helped him get fit. The right mindset has helped him in slimming down and shed those extra pounds. Gad says that he usually had an All Or Nothing” mindset. He always thought that he has to lose all of his extra pounds in just 1 or 2 weeks. But later, he changed his mindset. Now, his mindset is that he has to get better every day. First set up a goal to lose 10 pounds and then shift your goal to 20 and then eventually, you will reach your desired level of weight. 

Gad Saad Weight Loss Diet

The thing that matters the most in weight loss is what you eat. Which type of diet you are having daily results in which type of your body becomes later. Saad also says the same about his weight loss. He has been very strict about the foods he eats. Below are some of Gad Sad’s weight loss diet routines that he followed to lose weight.

  • For Breakfast: For his breakfast, Gad usually likes to take 1 or 2 hard-boiled eggs. Breakfast is the most important meal for weight loss. If you have a high-protein breakfast then it will help you in feeling full for longer hours and your hunger pangs won’t disturb you again & again.
  • In Lunch: For his lunch, Gad saad prefers to have a quarter chicken with coleslaw. It is packed with nutrients like Vitamin C & Vitamin K. It is full of protein and a high-protein diet is good for healthy weight loss.
  • Snacks: In snacks, Gad likes to have one or two healthy snacks around midafternoon. Like having 100 gms of frozen raspberries or a little yogurt of about 70 calories.
  • For Dinner: During dinner, Gad takes his “Fantastic Salad“. This is the term introduced to him for his favorite healthy dinner salad recipe. Gad’s fantastic salad contains 5 or 6 ounces of protein. He eats the salad until he feels full. Later, sometimes, Gad also takes a small snack of 70 calories if needed in his dinner.

Apart from this healthy diet routine for his weight loss, Gad Saad also follows a simple diet routine for all his foods. He has removed most of the carbohydrates from his entire diet routine. As some of the carbs are necessary for your body so not all but most of the carbs he removed.

Gad’s Message For Weight Loss

Gad is a promoter of health. He likes to maintain health and is very obsessive about it and also inspires and motivates others to eat healthily and stay healthy. He has seen sharing a lot about his weight loss methods on his youtube channel. On his YouTube channel, in one of his videos named “Secrets of My Weight Loss Journey (THE SAAD TRUTH_1196),” he shared many things about his weight loss. He said that he was a soccer player and runner in his young days. And he was almost underweight in those days. he was 122 pounds at his lowest weight in those old gold days of his youth.

But later things changed and he gained weight. And now for almost the last 2 decades, he is fighting to lose weight. But finally, he achieved his goal of losing weight. In the podcast show Joe Rogan Experience, Gad was asked if he has any message for the people. Gad in response told that  “If you are on a goal of something, then there will be 1000 different temptations in a day for you to derail you from your journey and you can almost never fail. And you also don’t have to be punishable for yourself. But out of 1000 times 997 times, the road goes the wrong way and you have to choose the best 3 right ways to achieve your goals“.

The road to svelte is long and hard but you can do it.

— Gad Saad (@GadSaad) May 12, 2022

Gad Saad Weight Loss After Before Pics

Photos are the real motivators for people. Here are some of the images of Gad Saad’s after and before weight loss. I am sure, this will motivate you.

Gad Saad Weight Loss
Gad Saad Weight Loss After Before Images
Gad Saad Weight Loss After Before

People’s Reaction To His Weight Loss

Different people have different opinions. Some people are happy that he is healthy now and wants to know the secret of Gad Saad’s weight loss and on the other hand, some are just pushing negative comments about his weight loss journey. But most people after, Joe Rogan’s podcast are congratulating Gad Saad for his health achievement. Many people have poured their positive opinions in support of his weight loss. And on a plus note, I have noticed that many people are commenting that Gad has inspired them to walk on a healthy path.

Watched you on Rogan, congrats on the weight loss and health. Enjoyed it!

— X-ray (@HarleyInsanity) May 12, 2022

We have shared all the details about Gad Saad Weight Loss. From his daily routine to his weight loss diet to his exercise routine. I think this might help you. And if you also want to lose weight this weight loss routine of Gad Saad might help you in your weight loss journey. If you have any concerns or questions then you can ask us in the comment box below. Thank you so much for reading.


Que: How Much Weight Has Gad Saad Lost?

Ans: Gad Saad Has Lost 86 Pounds Of Weight.

Que: Heveistst Weight Of Gad Saad?

And: Gad Saad Was 256 LBS Heviest Before Losing Weight.

Que: What Is the Current Weight Of Gad Saad?

Ans: Right Now, Gad Saad Has Maintained 157 Pounds Of weight.

Que: How Gad Saad Has Lost Weight?

Ans: Gad Saad Has Lost Weigt Using His 4 Step Formula. Daily Walking, Tracking His Food Intake, Weighing Himself Regularly, And changing Of Mindset Are The Main Things That Have Been Used By Gad For Weight Loss.

Que: Who Is Gad Saad’s Wife?

Ans: I have searched a lot but haven’t found the name of his wife. There are no details about Gad Saad’s family available on the internet.

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