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How To Find Difference Between First Copy And Original Watches

How To Find Difference Between First Copy And Original Watches

The trend !! The trend is to have a luxury product or a luxury look like a product. Most people want to have luxury looking watches on their hands. We follow celebrities. We want to have their wardrobe as they have. But it is not possible for everyone to have that many expensive products. So the trend to have a first copy product have increased immensely these days. But what if you want to buy a real original watch. Then what, if you want to spend some good amount on the brand product. The market is full of cheaters. So here we are doing a bit of our research and a little knowledge we have. How To Find Difference Between First Copy And Original Watches??

1)-Heavy Discount

The first and most important thing is that don’t ever go for heavy discounts. Premium products never come for a low price. Never ever go for a discount like 80% Off Or 90% Off.

50 % Discount

2)- Material

Usually, premium watches are made of gold, silver, titanium or maybe diamonds added. But the first copy manufacturers can’t make in these materials. Low standard material is used in making these watches. It makes the watch light In weight. This is another thing you can check while buying the original product.

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The main touch. The main is finishing. The product is always considered premium or local by its finishing at first sight. The branded watches are manufactured with extensive standards. Have been made from top quality manufacturing plants with heavy machinery.

In this fashion time, watches are the second most counterfeited product after textile. Even shoes are one of the most counterfeited product in these extra fashionable time. If you want to find out the difference then you should read our 2-minute article with images on the difference between the first copy and the original shoes. There many types of first copy available in the market. Most famous is 7A quality. If you want to find out what 7A is, Then have a look at our article on 7A quality Products.

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