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First Copy Shoes. In these Instagram And other social media times, most of the social media users try to have premium products in their wardrobe. In recent times, the demand has been increased for premium branded products. But to have premium products is not a go to-go option for everyone. So, the alternative of Premium costly branded products has come to market. Ditto branded looking product exact same but not the original one.

These Products Are Called First Copy Products. We have also written an article on 7A quality Products. You Can Read What is 7A Quality Products. The shoes which are exactly the same replica of branded products like Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Etc Are called First Copy Shoes. These Replicas are so realistic that you can not even find out which one is original shoes and which one is first copy shoes. If you are planning to buy the original shoes then you must read our articles about the difference between the original and first copy product.

The market and demand have increased so much for this kind of products. Now because of various reasons manufacturers are shifting their focus from replicating and printing big brand names on their first copy products to just replicating the designs of big brand’s products and naming the products under normal brands. This lower the risk for any kind of legality to the manufacturer.

In my opinion, people are buying premium looking shoes, first copy shoes for just 2 reasons.

1-Too Costly

Everyone knows that if you gonna buy NIKE you have to spend much more amount than the regular brand. Just for eg. if you are planning to buy Nike Air Max 2090 Marathon then it may cost you around 13000-14000 Rs. But for the exact same copy, you may just have to pay 1800-1900 Rs. This is the main reason why people don’t like to buy first copy shoes.

Nike Air Max 2090 Marathon
Fisrt copy sports shoes
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2- Constant Trend Change

If you only consider big and well-known brands then there may be hundreds of new designs are created daily and if you gonna consider each and every shoe manufacturer then there may be more than thousands of designs are being created on daily basis. So it is very difficult to stay in trend if you gonna buy 14000-15000 Rs. Shoes. Instead of buying one 14000-15000 Rs. branded shoe people more likely to spend 1500-2000 on 6-8 different styles of first copy shoes.

There Are many websites out there where you can buy First Copy Products. If you want to buy some Then You can find some seller website and Instagram pages in our article Where can I buy first copy shoes. Just click here to read about the sellers of first copy shoes.



NOTE: Buying Or Selling Brand First Copy Products Are Illegal

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