Erin Moriarty Weight Loss. The Boys’ Starlight’ Secret Behind Being Skinny. After Before Photos

Erin Moriarty Weight Loss

Erin Moriarty Weight Loss. As the 3rd season is released on the 3rd of June 2022 The Boys’ Starlight AKA Erin Moriarty is again in news. I mean she is always in the news but this time Erin Moriarty is in news not only due to her power-packed performance in the latest episodes of The Boys as Starlight but also for her weight loss. I know you might be thinking that Erin Moriarty is already so thin and skinny then how she can lose weight? But people have noticed something is different this season. Erin Moriarty is looking different. People are speculating that Erin Moriarty might have undergone Face surgery like a Nose Job or something. And there are also some rumours about Erin Moriarty suffering from an eating disorder.

And the real matter is that fans want to know what is different in Erin Moriarty in the new season of THE BOYS. People also want to know how she maintains such a slim figure and stays skinny. People also want to know what is the diet & exercise routine The Boys actress follows in order to maintain her weight. And there are a lot of speculations about Erin Moriarty’s different looks from face surgery to nose job to eating disorder lot of talks are happening right now on the internet. Here in this article, you will get to know everything about Erin Moriarty’s weight loss & her different loo.

But before going deep into Erin Moriarty’s weight loss, I would like to tell you more about Erin Moriarty’s personal life, this will help you in knowing more about The Boys’ Starlight and her daily routine.

Who Is Erin Moriarty?

Erin’s full name is Erin Elair Moriarty. She was born on the 24th of June 1994 in New York. Erin Moriarty is 28 years old American actress. Popularly known for playing a superhero Starlight in Amazon Prime’s show The Boys. Apart from The Boys, Erin has worked on other projects too like Netflix’s Jessica Jones, HBO’s True Detective, and ABC’s Red Widow.

Erin always wanted to become an actress. She started acting at the age of 11. She was playing the character of Annie in community theatre in 2005. After graduating from high school instead of going to college she decided to pursue her acting career.

She started her professional acting career with a role in the TV series One Life To Live. She got little fame and was noticed by people in the comedy film The Watch which was released in 2012. After that Erin Moriarty played many small roles in various films & TV projects. Later she played one of the main cast of the Netflix show Jessica Jones which was aired in 2015. After she played many roles in different films and TV shows and in December 2017 she got the role of Annie January AKA Starlight in the Amazon Prime Video series “THE BOYS“. The 1st season of the show was released in July 2019 and as the first season aired, people started to know about Erin. The second season of The Boys was released in September 2020 and the third season has been released on 3rd June 2022.

Erin Moriarty Weight Loss

We have seen most of our beloved actors at some point in life are very skinny and then in a few months they bulk up and then again after a few months we see them skinny again. So, weight loss for actors is not a big deal. They have all the time they needed and all resources that can help them in losing weight. If the upcoming movie requires a skinny character they lose weight and again in their next movie the character is bulky fat they gain weight.

Most of these actors follow a healthy routine and mainly focus on being healthy first. And whenever they have to lose weight then also they focus on a healthy way of weight loss. But Erin Moriarty is one of the fittest actresses and maintains a healthy weight. Erin Moriarty’s height is 5.6″ and her weight is around 120 Pounds. To maintain her healthy weight and lose extra fat from her body, Erin follows a balanced diet and a workout routine.

Erin Moriarty Diet

Eating healthy food and choosing a healthy diet routine is not only good and helpful for weight loss but it also helps you improve your overall health and your lifestyle. If you are eating a good then you are living a healthy life. But diets are different for different people. Erin Moriarty also follows a healthy diet routine to maintain her body and have an active lifestyle. Erin Moriarty has not said more things about her health routine and the foods she likes to have on her food menu. But here, I have got some details about Erim Moriarty’s healthy diet routine like what she likes to eat throughout the day.

In her weight-maintaining diet, Erin Moriarty mostly likes to add low-carb & high protein foods. Her diet plan mostly includes veggies and other nutrition-rich foods. Below are the details about what Erin Moriarty eats in a day.

  • Breakfast: For her breakfast, Erin prefers protein-rich foods like Oats and nutrition-filled fruits.
  • Lunch: For lunch, she likes to eat chicken with veggies and salad.
  • Snacks: In between 2 meals she also likes to have healthy snacks. For her snacks, Erin likes to have healthy smoothies.
  • Dinner: For her dinner, she likes to have light food like green veggie salad.

Erin Moriarty was in an interview with Karen Fukuhara. In the interview when Erin was asked was it like eating all of those snacks, doughnuts, and almond joys on set. How much did she have to eat and what is her favorite treat? In the response to the question, Erin said that she has a sweet tooth and that eating all the doughnuts and almond joy bars would be a joy for her. And she further added that she likes to eat all these things but being an actor she has to take some precautions. And she also mentioned that she has to take care of what she eats.

After filming this scene Erin had to work out as she didn’t want to be in Donut Coma. Because she had to shoot for long hours till the morning. She further added that she likes to have Artisanal Ice Cream and she doesn’t like Gelato but chunky ice cream. Old-fashioned ice cream in con with sprinkles is her favorite dessert. She further added that she is a dessert lover and has dessert every night. Erin Moriarty further added that apart from Ice cream, Twix candy bars and almond joys are also her favorites.

If you want to follow any weight loss diet, then I recommend you not to follow any celebrity diet routine instead just focus more on eating veggies & fruits. Try to eliminate unhealthy foods from your meals. If you want more detailed guidance on what causes weight gain and how you can lose weight then I suggest you watch this video and you will have clarity on what you should use in order to lose weight.

Erin Moriarty Workout Routine

To maintain her healthy weight, Erin Moriarty also does exercise.  Erin’s workout routine is a mix of both Cardio exercises and weight lifting. Below is the detailed workout routine Erin Moriarty follows in order to stay healthy.

Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercises don’t require much equipment. You can do cardio exercises at home easily. It is advised to engage in 150–300 minutes of moderate physical activity a week to stay healthy as an adult. You can perform cardio exercises anywhere. Below is a list of cardio exercises you can do at your home easily for weight loss.

  • Jogging,
  • Running,
  • Walking,
  • Cycling,
  • Swimming,
  • Jump Rope,
  • Burpees,
  • Squats, and many other

Weight Training

As Erin plays a superhero in The Boys, though she has not had to lift every object in the show still this kind of role requires a lot of body strength. Her character requires a lot of physical activity throughout the show. That’s why for Erin to work out and build strength is a kind of necessary task. To train herself, Erin Moriarty follows a workout & Exercising routine. Below are some examples of strength training you can follow for a better physique.

  • Squats: Do squats with weight. It helps in strengthening almost all of the muscles in your legs and core.
  • Deadlifts: One of the best exercises to train the back of your body.
  • Glute Bridge: It targets one of the biggest muscles in the legs “Glutes”.
  • Bent Over Row: Bent Over Row exercise helps in strengthening in back, biceps & shoulders.
  • Dumbell Chopper: It includes legs & Glutes movements.

Is Erin Moriarty Suffering Eating Disorder?

After the third season of The Boys has been released, fans are speculating that eating disorders might be a reason behind Starlight (Erin Moriarty) being so skinny. People are asking questions on the internet about Erin’s eating habits and the real reason behind her being so skinny and thin. An eating disorder is a harmful condition where a person has a disturbance in eating behaviors. These changes in eating behaviors are closely associated with the person’s thoughts and emotions. But, let me tell you one thing, there is no confirmation from Erin Moriarity about her suffering from any kind of eating disorder. She looks happy and fine and doing great in her character. And being an actress, she has to maintain her weight. And her profession might be the only reason behind her being so skinny and not the eating disorder.

But we don’t know the actual facts yet, let’s hope to hear from her soon about her healthy weight management routine.

Erin Moriarty Weight Loss Before & After Pics

Actually, Erin is maintaining a healthy weight for the last couple of years. And there is no evidence that Erin Moriarty has lost any pounds. People are actively searching for Erin Moriarty’s weight loss after photos on the internet. But there can not be any. Because personally, I have researched a lot and have gone through all the available sources about Erin Morlaity online, have gone through every single picture available on the internet but I have not found any of the pictures that can be proof that Erin Moriarty has lost weight. But still, I am sharing some photos of her from the 1st season and the 3rd season. These are the only after-before images of Erin Moriarty I can share with you.

Erin Moriarty Before And After
Erin Moriarty Before And After Image
Erin Moriarty Starlight The Boys Weight Loss
Annie January Weight Loss After Before
Erin Moriarty Weight Loss After Before
Erin Moriarty Weight Loss Eating Disorder

Erin Moriarty Face Surgery

After the release of the 3rd season of THE BOYS, people are speculating that Starlight might have undergone face surgery to shape up some of her facial features. People are noticing that her face is a bit little different in the latest season compared to the previous ones. There is a lot of discussion about this issue of face surgery Erin Moriarty going on social media platforms. Specifically, people have noticed a change in her nose. Erin Moriarty might have undergone nose surgery but nothing has been confirmed yet from the Boys cast member. Who knows if it is just a make-up effect that people are noticing as nose surgery or face surgery? Nothing is confirmed yet and you can believe that these all-face surgery talks are rumors until something is confirmed.

Conclusion: Erin Moriarty Weight Loss

Erin Moriarty is a good actress. She perfectly doing fine in her career. And in her personal life, what is she doing is all up to her whether she wants to share it with us or not. And as far as her weight loss is concerned, I think there can be some pounds that Erin Moriarty might have lost but there is no evidence of her drastic weight loss. Being an actress, Erin has to maintain her health and body. In the end, I would like to say only that Erin Moriarty is completely fit and healthy. And being her fan I am happy for her.


Que: The Boys Episode 4 Release Date

Ans: People have loved the previous 2 seasons of Amazon Prime Video’s series The Boys. And the 33rd season is also getting love from the people. But the issue is that Amazon has only released 3 episodes yet. And people are eagerly waiting for the 4th episode. So, when will the 4th episode of The Boys will be telecasted? The 4th episode will be aired on Amazon Prime this Friday 10th of June at 3 AM ET / 12 AM PT / 8 AM GMT.

Que: Is Erin Moriarty Sick?

Ans: Particularly for this question, I don’t think that Erin Moriarty is ill as she is looking powerful in her character. She has played her role very effectively. Her weight loss might be for anything like preparing for a role or it can be anything. But I don’t think Erin Moriarty’s weight loss is due to her illness. She looks perfectly fine and healthy.

Que: What Is The Height Of Erin Moriarty?

Ans: Starlight in real life has a decent height. Erin Moriarty is 5 feet 6+ inches tall or you can say that Erin Moriarty’s height is 168 CMs.

Que: Is Erin Moriarty Undergone A Face Surgery? Nose Job?

Ans: People are speculating that Erin Moriarty in her latest season of the boys looking different and she might have undergone a face surgery like a nose job but, there is no evidence of her undergoing any kind of facial surgery or Nose Job surgery.

Que: Is Erin Moriarty Undergone A Face Surgery? Nose Job?

Ans: People are speculating that Erin Moriarty in her latest season of the boys looking different and she might have undergone a face surgery like a nose job but, there is no evidence of her undergoing any kind of facial surgery or Nose Job surgery.

Que: Why Does Erin Moriarty Look Different?

Ans: There can be many elements of why Erin Moriarty is looking different this season. Being an actress, Erin has to look beautiful and maintain their figure. In order to look beautiful actresses use a lot of make-up. And her different looks might be a reason for her different makeup or the speculations of people also can be true about her nose job. There is no confirmation from her side about anything.

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