Has Erin Moriarty Undergone Plastic Surgery? Before After Photos

Erin Moriarty Transformation

Who doesn’t know the Starlight from Amazon’s The Boys AKA Erin Moriarity? Her honest & impactful character portrayal of a superhero is loved by everyone. But s the latest season of The Boys was released on Amazon Prime Videos, people noticed something is different with Erin in comparison with her previous seasons. Everyone started to speculate that Erin Moriarty has undergone a transformation and her appearance has changed. There were a lot of speculations about her face like she might have undergone plastic surgery &  had a nose job done.

Plastic surgery is not recent news in the medical industry today. Some people want to look more beautiful, attractive, and appealing to themselves as well as others. It can be done to boost self-confidence, and perhaps attain self-fulfillment. The surgical procedure involves the alteration and reconstruction of the human body, and scientists have done well by dividing it into two categories: cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery thereby giving people a plate of choices although reconstructive surgery is more prevalent.

Hollywood considers it taboo when celebrities admit to working on their body even if it is the least procedure or the most serious one like cosmetic surgery (breast implants or facelifts). So a lot of these stars go under the knife and the needle comes out in total denial of it. But things are changing and some of them are coming out with the boldness to own up to their decision of going through the surgical lane as well as sharing their little bad or good experiences. 

Shortly after Erin Moriarity was featured in The Boy’s Season 3, her fans began to insinuate that she had lost weight and looked like someone that has gone through cosmetic procedures. Some of them rumor that she has done botox to slightly alter her appearance. 

Well, it is no bad news because a larger number of her fans like the new look while the other percentage battle with disdain. However, the controversy is, did Erin Moriarity undergo cosmetic procedures together with nose surgery, or is it just makeup and lighting effects?

Let’s find out in this article but firstly, let’s get to know her!

Who Is Erin Moriarity?

Full Name:Erin Elair Moriarty
Birth Date:24th Of June, 1994
Birth Place:New York, USA
Age:28 Years Old (2022)
Husband:Not Married
Net Worth:Around $1.5 Million
Height:1.68 Meters
Weight:Around 120 Pounds

Her full name is Erin Elair Moriarty. She is a 28 years old Hollywood actress born in New York on the  24th of June 1994. She’s famous for her protagonist role in Amazon Prime  Video ‘’The Boys’’.  Aside from The Boys, she has starred in other movie projects, such as ‘’True Detective’’ on HBO max, ‘’Red Widow’’ on ABC movies, ‘’Jessica Jones’’ on  Netflix, etc.

Erin does what she loves and that is acting, she started acting at the age of 11 playing minor roles in the community theatre in 2005. Due to her love for acting, she did not pursue a college degree instead she pursued her acting career with optimum interest.

Her acting came to the spotlight in 2012, when she took a role in ‘’One Life To Live’’ a TV series. Viewers kept noticing her even in other films and TV shows until  2015 when she dropped a banger on the Netflix movie  ‘’Jessica Jones’’. This was a breaking ground for her as she continued featuring in other movies and TV shows.

In 2017, she played the role of Annie January (Starlight) in the Amazon Prime Show “THE BOYS“. Season 1 of the sequel was released in 2019 and this brought Erin more fame. September 2020 marked the release of the second series and later, (June 3rd, 2022), Season 3 was broadcasted. This is a great journey for the Hollywood star as she has received a lot of cheer and recognition from her fans.

Erin Moriarty Plastic Surgery

Now, did Erin undergo plastic surgery? The short answer is both maybe Yes or maybe No! We can’t say for sure! Because nothing officially has been confirmed from Erin Moriarty’s side. Hollywood celebrities often undergo various surgeries to make changes in their looks but most often they do not expect that. That might be the reason behind Erin’s no confirmation or she might not have undergone any plastic surgery, which is also a possibility. 

But the before and after pictures of her have been the topic on the news and social media platforms, especially Twitter and Reddit. Fans are saying that her nose looks different from her appearance in previous seasons of ‘’The Boys’’ because she had surgery, but Erin has not confirmed or admitted to having any surgical operation. It’s still assumed that it might be weight loss considering the beauty standards and pressure in Hollywood. 

Erin Moriarty Before And After
Erin Moriarty Before And After Image

As much as some fans want to believe that the drastic change is due to weight loss others still insist that she had cosmetic modifications. Celebrity posts reported that about 82% of cosmetic surgery experts agree that Moriarty had plastic surgery. They also carried out mass research using a sample of 676 global voters with online polls and the result affirmed their observations and insinuations. 

There are plenty of threads on Reddit about Erin Moriarty Plastic Surgery and her transformation. In one Reddit thread, people were discussing a lot of ways that might be the reason behind Erin Moriarty’s difference in appearance. Some Reddit users were saying that the difference might be because of her weight loss, and some users were saying this is just the effect of makeup and nothing else. While some were very confident about Erin Moriarty had undergone plastic surgery.

Erin Moriarty Plastic Surgery Reddit Thread

Nevertheless, these are all assumptions and also people’s sentiments about Erin’s new look. There is no proof to back up the claims that she had plastic surgery.

Erin Moriarty Nose Job

From the comparison, Erin Elair Moriarty’s nose in the previous series of The Boys and the last series(Season 3) does not look the same. Fans and viewers of the Amazon Prime show won’t stop speculating that she had a nose job. Erin has not made any comment concerning this argument so it remains a claim without evidence for the moment.

Erin Moriarty Botox

Following the controversy, it is said that Erin also had rhinoplasty (fillers and botox) and she now appears younger than before. Anyway, Botox & fillers are one of the most popular and safest surgical procedures so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if the superstar decides to go through with it.

Erin Moriarty Before After Photos

Here are some of Erin Moriarty’s before & after photos. In these pictures, we can clearly see the difference in her nose and her face structure. But the reason is still unknown whether the difference in her appearance is due to some nose job surgery or due to her weight loss. You also find some differences in the images below then right down in the comment box your views.

Erin Moriarty Before After
Erin Moriarty Plastic Surgery
Erin Moriarty Before After Plastic Surgery Photo

The Boys Season 4

The eight episodes of Season 3 of The Boys are over and Season 4 has been confirmed although no official premiere date has been announced so don’t get so happy for a 2022 TV release. It should not be a surprise that the date is not set yet because season 3 just finished; so having Season 4 aired in the same year will be the shock of our lives.

Ken Urban has mentioned In his interview that he and the crew will resume filming for The Boys Season 4 this summer as soon as the 22nd of August 2022. 

Moriarty on the other hand, in an interview with  Comic Book, gave a teaser that Season 4 is going to be wilder than Season 3. She told fans to expect something more crazy and very creative. She’s excited and can’t wait for her viewers to see her kill the role. Fans are also excited and can’t wait for the release date to be announced.

Erin Moriarty Movies & TV Shows

The Watch
2012Chelsea McAllister
The Kings of Summer
After the Dark
Blood Father
2016Lydia Link
2016Hannah Alexander
Kong: Skull Island
2017Bar Guest
The Miracle Season
2018Kelley Fliehler
The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir
2018Marie Rivière
2018Katy Connors
Monster Party
2018Alexis Dawson
Catching Dust
2023 (Upcoming)Geena
True Haunting
2023(Upcoming)Marsha Becker
TV ShowsYearCharacter
One Life to Live2010Whitney Bennett
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Red Widow
2013Natalie Walraven
True Detective
2014Audrey Hart
Jessica Jones
2015Hope Shlottman
Pillow Talk
The Boys
2019(Continue)Annie January / Starlight

Conclusion: Erin Moriarty Plastic Surgery

Even amid the plastic surgery trend and weight loss adventures, Erin Moriarty’s fans keep analyzing her role nonstop. Some fans think that she’s glowing and shining with her youthful look while other people think she was more elegant when she started the “The Boys” series.

However, the actress is living her expectations and wants to continue giving her best to herself, her career, and her loving fans.   

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