Erica Mena Plastic Surgery & Weight Loss Details. Before-After Pics.

Erica Mena Plastic Surgery

Erica Mena is a very popular reality star and became popular with the show Love and Hip Hop: New York. Recently, this famous model turned reality show star looks very different.  Therefore the audience has realized that it is the magic of plastic surgery that has helped her to bring a drastic change in her look. A large section of the people even is very curious to collect all of the information regarding the plastic surgeries of Erica Mena. Both before and after pictures of Erica Mena said numerous things about her. If you are interested to find out every single detail about Erica Mena’s plastic surgery and her weight loss then find out all of them here in this article. 

Who Is Erica Mena? 

Erica Mena is a very famous model and reality star. She is a very well-known personality in the American TV industry. However, she became famous with the reality show Love and Hip Hop: New York. She was born on November 8, 1987. 

Erica Mena is also famous as a writer, singer, and entrepreneur. She is bisexual and graduated from Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh, NY. She has also three children and she gave birth to her first son in 2007. In her personal life, first, she was engaged to Raul Conde who is a video director and rapper.

In fact, she was also previously engaged to Bow Wow. After that, Erica Mena became engaged to her husband Safaree Samuels who is a television personality and rapper. On October 7, 2019, both of them married each other and announced publicly that they are expecting a baby very soon. In 2020, she gave birth to her daughter, and in 2021; she gave birth to her Second Son with her husband Safaree Samuels.

Erica Mena Plastic Surgery

At a very young age, she started her modeling career and after that, she tried her love in the American TV industry. Soon after that, she participated in lots of TV reality shows and movies as well. After she has achieved a lot of Fame and popularity among the audience she also made the limelight for the use of plastic surgery. To make herself more attractive and perfect, she has taken the advantage of plastic surgery.

Even she openly talked about how she has taken the advantage of numerous works on her body to make her look attractive. The model-turned-actress has gone through numerous plastic surgeries in her life. In fact, she is one of the actresses who did not fear anything. And did not hide anything regarding plastic surgery information. Therefore, she never felt shy to accept all these things publicly.

Whatever she has done with her body she has confessed boldly. Not only that, she is one of the actresses who are well known for implants and for removing the implants as well. In 2016, she has taken the help of breast plastic surgery to make her breast look perfect. In previous times, she has no beautiful and god-gifted breasts. Therefore, she was not happy with it.

And apparently, she has taken the advantage of plastic surgery and has taken the implants of the breast to make it more attractive and beautiful. And with the help of the doctor and she has increased the breasts a little bit puffed and silicone. However, again in 2016 after the help of the doctor, she again removed the implants. And she publicly confessed that she was very much proud of her rack. 

Erica Mena Before After

She has faced a lot of problems and complications after the implants therefore; finally, she has taken the decision to remove them. Her breasts became larger than before. And after she posted some of her pictures on her social media platforms, the audience thought that she has again taken the advantage of the plastic surgery to increase the size of her boobs.

Subsequently, when she became totally famous among the audience with the reality show Love and Hip Hop: New York, she again took the help of plastic surgery to increase her butt. To increase the size of her bottom and to make them very attractive she considered the advantage of plastic surgery. And after she enhanced her butts, she again caught the attention of all of the people.

The size of both of the butts became larger than before. Not only that, having a large booty is not a unique trend but a boom in big is obviously the current trend. She has confirmed that in 2015 she has taken the advantage of plastic surgery to increase the size of her butt.  But soon after that, she has again taken the decision to remove the implants to carry the natural butts. 

Erica Mena Weight Loss

Talking about the weight loss journey of reality star Erica Mena then she has always followed the very diet plan and exercise routine herself. Before and after her pregnancy, she followed all of the important exercise and healthy diet routines to reduce post-pregnancy weight. Besides that, today she also follows all the healthy routines and a healthy diet chart to maintain a good lifestyle.

She is very much conscious about her health and fitness. Therefore, to maintain a healthy body and mind, Erica Mena takes the help of the best exercises and healthy foods every day. Other than that, there is a report that suggested that Erica Mena blames her split from husband Safaree. 

Erica Mena & Safaree

Erica Mena and her husband Safaree were a very compatible and lovely couple. They were married to each other in 2019 and are parents of two kids. However, in the last year, both of them jointly filed for divorce. After 3 years of a successful marriage, they have decided to separate. To take care of both of the kids Safaree has to pay $4305 per month. 

And in September, they got separated legally and got joint custody of both of their kids. He was accused of infidelity, and therefore, Erice has taken the help of the court to finalize the mutual divorce and the compensation. Therefore, this is the whole information about her married life with her husband Safaree Samuels. 

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