Eric Burris 100 Pounds Weight Loss Journey. Diet & Surgery Details.

Eric Burris Weight Loss

Maybe you have seen Eric Burris on Wesh 2 forecasting weather. Eric Burris is a Meteorologist for Wesh 2. But here the matter is not about any alarming weather forecast but it is about the health journey of Eric and about his weight loss transformation. People who usually watch him Wesh 2 are curious about How Eric Burris lost weight and which methods he followed for faster weight loss. What was his weight loss diet & workout plan for losing weight? There are also speculations that Eric has undergone weight loss surgery. Eric Burris after before weight loss photos. We will discuss all the details related to Eric Burris’s weight loss. But before that let me tell you some minor personal details about Eric, so you can have an idea about his lifestyle and what forced him to lose weight.

Who Is Eric Burris?

Eric Burris born & brought up in Florida is a meteorologist forecasting weather for his hometown. He started his career in weather forecasting at the Orlando TV station while he was still going to high school. Eric was so interested in Meteorology that his curiosity about the subject led Seminole County Public Schools to create an internship program that allowed him to get credit.

After graduation, Eric started some behind-the-camera work and helped in covering various hurricanes. This work helped him in preparing himself to be in front of the camera work. In the initial days of his career in 2006, Eric started to work for Wesh 2’s other station WPBF-TV. In 2007 Eric did an amazing job in helping WESH cover the horrible Groundhog Day tornadoes. Later, Eric Burris joined the WESH’s weather team full-time.

Eric has a deep love for the Weather and it is the only thing that he ever wanted to do. He is so interested in this field that when he is not on air he works behind the scene helping Hearst Television’s 26 other weather departments in making easy-to-understand graphics to present to the country.

He is quite active on social media and if you are following then you might have noticed that Eric frequently posts weather data on his profile.


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Eric Burris Weight Loss

I have seen drastic weight loss and body transformation in Eric Burris. For most of his life, Eric Burris weighed around 300 lbs. He was so overweight that some necessary routine tasks like bathing, playing, etc became chores. While explaining his 100 pounds weight loss journey on WESH he said that he could clearly tell that life was not headed in a good direction.

And earlier last year in 2021, Eric Burris decided to make a change for his health & family. He consulted with doctors about his health & weight. And after his doctor recommended him, Eric underwent Gastric Bypass Surgery in June 2021.

Eric Burris’ weight loss transformation was noticed by people and there were a lot of questions about his weight loss and health transformation in people’s minds. So, finally, Eric Burris presented himself at the WESH 2 News’ Sunrise to answer some of the questions from people about his weight loss journey.

When Eric was the heaviest he was around 300 lbs. When he finally decided to look after himself and tried diets and exercises then he found out that simple dieting and exercise are not working for him. And this routine of simple dieting and exercise will not help him in weight loss. Due to his inability to lose weight, Eric finally decided to consult the doctor for weight loss.

The doctor told Eric that he is going to go diabetic very badly if he doesn’t figure out how to correct this health issue. Eric was having issues with his pancreas and insulin production. Due to such issues, the doctor told Eric Burris that his weight loss would be impossible without treatment.

Eric Burris underwent Gastric Bypass Surgery. After that Eric was in recovery for four weeks. And when asked about his experience, Eric said that it was a difficult healing process but still he will do it again if needed in the future.

Eric Burris Weight Loss Diet

According to Burris as revealed in the same interview, he eats smaller but more frequent meals and his priority is protein while eating foods.

Gastric Bypass weight loss surgery is a process in which a surgeon creates a small pouch from the stomach and connects this pouch directly to the patient’s small intestines. This way after the surgery the food the patient intakes will go into the newly created pouch and then to the small intestine. The newly created small pouch limits food intake that’s why Eric Burris eats smaller portions but frequently times.

And protein intake is very necessary for weight loss. That’s why Eric prioritizes protein intake in his meals.  This is the ideal way to lose weight for anyone.

Eric Burris After Before Photos

The images of Eric Burris after and before weight loss are proof that Eric has undergone a drastic weight loss transformation. Here are some of the pics showing his amazing weight loss journey.

Eric Burris Weight Loss After Before
Eric Burris Weight Loss Surgery
Eric Burris Weight Loss

Eric Burris Now

Eric Burris now is quite healthy after losing weight. Answering people further in the interview about his weight loss, Eric said & advised people that anyone out there considering this, knows that it’s not cheating. And if they are a candidate, it is going to be a tough road. It is not easy.

Further, Eric added that he feels way better now and has more energy than ever before. Now he is able to keep up with all the activities his children want him to do. And his smartwatch now shows that he has a good heart rate. He also added that he is 100% confident that this whole process of a healthy life has added years to his life.

The only issue that Eric thinks is a downside of becoming thin is he has to buy more suits to fit his slimmer but healthier physique. And I think that was a positive joke from Eric about his fitness. What do you think? Write down in the comment box.

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