Elvis Presley Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Drugs & Death

Elvis Presley's Weight Gain

The weight gain story of the Rock and Roll king and Superstar, Elvis Presley is quite interesting. Who is still alive in the world’s memory, Even after 55 years of his death. No one is ever gonna forget those leg moments. After the release of the movie “Elvis” directed by Baz Luhrmann. So many people wanna know the real reason behind the weight gain of the star in the last days of his life. In this article today we will discuss everything about Elvis Presley’s life journey, His Manager, his weight gain, his struggle with his weight gain, and his latest released Biopic.

The Movie Elvis is mainly focused on the journey of the star from scratch to the sky. It also shows his complex relationship with his manager. Austin Butler is the lead actor in the movie who plays the role of Elvis. Tom hanks also appeared in the movie as the manager of Elvis Presley. Who managed to make him a superstar and also how he manipulated him during his journey for his own good.

Who is Elvis Presley?

NameElvis Aaron Presley
Date Of BirthJanuary 8 1935
Date Of DeathAugust 16 1977
Place Of BirthTupelo, Mississippi
SchoolL. C. Humes High School
CareerSinger, King Of Rock and Roll


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His full name was Elvis Aaron Presley. He was born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi, U.S. Elvis Presley is the best-selling solo recording artist of all time to today’s day. Yeah, his record of selling album is not been broken by anyone even after more than 50 years of his death. When Elvis was 13 years old he recorded his first song with sun records. That’s how his singing career started. Elvis then went on to put so many milestones in his career. He had millions of fans during his career and after his death as well. Most of his fans were girls.

Elvis also faced so many controversies during his career. According to his Biopic Senator Jim had a different thought about the leg movement of Elvis Presley. The complaints did not affect Elvis in the beginning but slowly his shows started to cancel and he started to suffer eventually, he got banned from T.V. Then he decided to Quit doing his famous leg movements and do family concerts only.

When Elvis started to perform family shows on stage the critics were happy but he wasn’t. Then one day when asked by his mother, what is it? Elvis said I am not happy with what I am doing. If I do what I like it offense to the authorities, And if I do what they like it Doesn’t make me happy. Then his mother made him understand that he should be doing what his heart says.

Elvis In The US Military

After listening to his mom, Elvis again performed on stage as he use to perform before. It made all the girls in the crowd go crazy, but as aspected, the authorities also got annoyed by this behavior of the star. As a result, now he has to face imprisonment for what he did on the stage in his last show. Somehow his manager Tom managed to convince the authorities to let Elvis serve in the military for two years. Everyone including Elvis and his family got to agree on these terms. From the year 1958 to 1960 Elvis Presley served in the US military at a sergeant rank.


When Elvis went on to provide his service in the military his mom Gladys Presley went into the depression. She got so addicted to alcohol and this addiction of her took the life of his mother on the 14th of August 1958.

The king of Rock n Roll also met his Wife Priscilla Presley during his services in the military. Elvis was transferred to Germany during his military service. On September 13, 1959, He met Pricilla. He didn’t know then the same girl gonna be his wife in the future. Later Presley finds out that Pricilla is different from any other girl and falls in love with her completely. The singer proposed to her before Christmas 1966 and they got married soon after.

They did live a good life together after having different issues with each other for a long time. This couple got officially separated on October 9, 1973. They both share one child daughter Lisa Marie Presley. Lisa is also in the music industry. She is a songwriter and singer.

Elvis Presley’s Weight Gain

Presley was globally known as the SEX icon. Nobody exactly knows what happened to Elvis when he gained insane weight rapidly and died.

Elvis Presley Weight Gain

In the last days of his life, Elvis’s Calorie intake was so high, which made him fat and changed his appearance totally. In the talks with the YouTube channel “Elvis Fans Metter“. Presley’s cousin Billy Smith told everyone that they use to eat a lot in those days. Elvis loved Christal hamburgers, Stick Hamburgers, Bacon sandwiches, and a lot more.

As he was gaining weight he had to take 4-5 Jumpsuits along with him when he was doing tours. His weight was continuously fluctuating and he had to be comfortable when performing on stage.


Fried banana with bacon and a peanut butter sandwich was his favorite choice of eating. This sandwich became so much famous that now it is sold in various corners of the world as the name “Fat Elvis Sandwich”.

Elvis's DietCalorie
Bacon-Wrapped Meatballs683
Chicken Fried Steak218
Jelly Doughnuts500
Vegetables Saturated with Butter and Salt600
30-cm long bread roll1500
Strawberry Jam500

Calories Written in The Table are in the Minimum Quantity

Elvis was not taking this many calories only once a day. His everyday calorie consumption was 10,000″ calories. Whereas a normal human being consumes 1000-1500 calories per day. An average athlete eats 3000-4500 calories per day but Elvis was addicted to eating.

Elvis Presley Weight Loss

Back in the seventies, Medical Science was not so advanced through which our king could have gotten help and might have lost some weight easily. With all the information available he did try his best to lose weight. The king tried dieting and eating only jelly made of black cherry soda and bananas.

The king also tried some dangerous ways to lose weight fast. There is a diet called Sleeping Beauty. In this diet People who are suffering from eating disorders and can’t stop their food crowning are put to sleep with the use of heavy sedatives. This diet is also called Narcorexia. Dr. Michael J. Breus, Is been researching this diet for the past several years and he also claimed that it does help in weight loss or sleeping disorders.

Elvis Presley took this diet to the next level. He consulted one doctor from Las Vegas, whose name is still unknown. The King and doctor decided to put Elvis in Sleep Induce Coma. In a condition where he can not eat, So he can’t gain any weight. The doctor Injected him with heavy sedatives and put him into a sleep coma. He falls into a coma eventually. The star, at last, woke up from sleep by falling off the bed and waking himself up.

In the end, nothing worked out for the King of Rock N Roll and he ended up his life having a heart attack in 1977 at the very young age of 42.

The Death Of King Elvis Presley

Elvish died on August 16, 1977, due to a heart attack. Soon after the autopsy, it was found that there were drug traces in his bloodstream. His family wanted to hide his drug addiction that’s why the doctor lied to the public in the beginning. There are several reasons for the star’s death claimed by different people. Elvis was 350 Pounds(158 KG) at the time of his death. he weigh 80 kg lesser a decade ago.

The King was found unconscious by his Girlfriend Ginger Alden in the bathroom. According to Ginger, his body was completely frozen in the seated position. Presley’s face was blotchy and with purple discoloration. His eyes were staring straight and red. Presley was instantly taken to the hospital but sadly the doctors couldn’t save him.

The star’s autopsy was performed by three doctors. One doctor from them name Jerry Fransisco announced to the press that the King Died Of the Heart Attack.

Truth Behind Elvis’s Death

The Doctor also confirmed that Drugs got nothing to do with his death. People believed that easily Because Elvis was overweight, Suffering from diabetes, had High Blood pressure, and had Glaucoma. This reason made it easy to believe that he died of a heart attack. Soon After some time, the real results of the autopsy revealed the truth of the star’s death. The reports showed that Elvis’s blood contains high levels of drugs. The drugs which were in his blood were Dilaudid, Demerol, Codeine E.T.C. Fransisco later accepted that he hide the truth at the request of Presley’s family. They wanted to hide Elvis’s Drug addiction from the public.

Dr. Cyril Wecht a very well-respected pathologist said “Elvis was walking a Drug store” and his death was caused by “polypharmacy”—the combined reaction of several prescription drugs. The combination of the drugs Depressed Presleys Nervous system, Heart, Kidney, and Lungs.

Elvis Presley’s Drug Addiction

In his Twenties, Presley was taking Amphetamine. Soon he started suffering from Sleeping Disorder and started taking Depressants So he could sleep well. And by 1960 he was so much dependant on Amphetamine and Barbiturates

Dr. George Nichopolos is the doctor who prescribed him drugs in quantity more than he needed. Nichopolos confirm that after the death of Presley. He also stated that “Presley didn’t see wrong in it, He felt that just because getting it from a doctor he wasn’t an everyday Junkie.” When Dr. George testified about the Overdose drug case to Elvis Presley, He revealed Elvis was taking drugs from the time he woke up in the morning until he went to sleep. Elvis also became psychologically addicted to drugs and was treated in the hospital for detoxification from Demerol (painkiller) and other drugs in 1973 and 1974. Elvis use to take three suitcases filled with Drugs with him on tours for him.

Overdose Of Drugs

The Dr. prescribed 19,000 doses  Between 1975 to 1977 for Elvis. From January to August 1977 there were 10000 doses. Three years after Elvis Presley’s death Nichopoulos’s License was canceled. Later he was put on a trial for prescribing overdose drugs to his patients. In his defense, he said he didn’t want his patients to turn to the street for drugs. George was acquitted but later in 1995, his license was provoked.

Elvis Presley Weight and Height.

Elvis Presley’s Hight was 1.82 meters and 182 centimeters.

Presley’s weight was 350(158 KG) pounds at the time of his death at the age of 42 in 1977.

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