Dylan Mulvaney Before And After. Boycott, & White House

The concept of gender transition is not an unfamiliar one in today’s world. There have been countless personalities in the past few years that have openly talked about their respective journeys. While such stories usually receive a positive, and mostly mixed response, not every journey is welcomed with open arms. Some receive serious backlash for what people find a case of clear misrepresentation. Apparently, the case of Dylan Mulvaney falls into the same category. 

Dylan Mulvaney: Before and after the transition

In this article, we will take a look at different aspects of the controversy, how it all started, and everything you need to know about it. So, stay with us till the end! 

Who Is Dylan Mulvaney?

Dylan Mulvaney is a 25-year-old trans social media influencer, actress, host, comedian, and content creator. She came into the spotlight after opening up on her journey of transition into a trans woman through a video series on TikTok talking about her/their experiences of the newfound “Girlhood” as she marks. The popularity garnered her around 275 million likes and 8.4 million followers on Tiktok, raising her to initial fame. However, personality has been the topic of some major controversies in the past few months and the outrage is all over the internet! 

Dylan Mulvaney & Journey Of Transition 

Dylan Mulvaney attracted massive popularity, and it all started on Tiktok. Although it was never a plan to document her transition as a daily routine, she felt the need to document her journey and share it with the world. In an interview, she highlights, “I decided that highlighting one little part about my experience as a girl, as a trans person, a creative person could potentially help many people.” 

Being an actor, Dylan has always been an active personality on stage, best known for her roles at The Old Globe and Cygnet Theater. However, things went down the hill due to the pandemic, sending Dylan back to San Diego, where she went through a long period of self-reflection. The artist shares, “That was the first time in my life that I really got to explore who Dylan was without a character because so much of my life was about being successful in the entertainment industry, straight and appearing as a masculine figure.” 

However, things really started to change for her when she came out as a woman and started documenting the initial days of her transition. The first few releases included a series of 100 daily videos of her titled “ Days of Girlhood.”

The main focus of the video series was to shed light on her coming out as a trans woman and the spirit of femininity. It also attempted to show a glimpse of a new-found life and everything about her experiences as a trans person. Within five days of posting for the series, Dylan grew to a million followers. Apparently, a majority of her followers were invested mainly in her candid, welcoming, and raw personality on Tiktok. 

The Boycott Controversy

Dylan’s opinions on trans people and openly calling herself a “girl” has attracted many controversies. Right after she rose to massive popularity on social platforms as an activist, things didn’t really go well for long. In fact, it is now becoming a huge topic of massive outrage from certain public sections and even some major prominent personalities. 

In one of her tweets, Caitlyn Jenner openly criticized and lashed out at Dylan for one of her TikTok videos, calling it “Absurdity.” The comments on this post are equally surprising, keeping in mind the past statements on the hatred against trans people and why it needs to be changed. 

Dylan Mulvaney Transformation Details

And guess what? The troubles don’t end here. 

The episode of Dylan Mulvaney Boycott is not the only case of this kind in this entire controversy. A number of conservative netizens have also started boycotting Ulta Beauty after the brand released a series called “ The Beauty Of,” where Dylan shared her transition and perception of womanhood in one of the episodes. After appearing as a guest in the series, #BoycottUlta began to trend on Twitter as people showed massive outrage against the brand, targeting them for promoting the misrepresentation.

Dylan Mulvaney

Dylan Mulvaney Meeting Biden In White House

Apart from other activities, Dylan has also gained a lot of attention for her recent appearance in a one-on-one interview with Joe Biden at the White House, where she discussed trans rights. While the news is big and, for sure, may sound positive on the surface, it only ended up adding more heat to the raging controversy!

In one of her questions, Dylan also attempted to shed light on the roles of politicians in representation. She added, “How can democratic leaders be more effective in being vocal for us trans people in our families, lives, and opportunities?”

To this, the president replied: “I am not being facetious when I say this, but being seen with people like you. No, I mean it…. people fear what they don’t know!” 

Netizens found the whole interview and conversation between Dylan and the president extremely offensive in terms of how it debases women and only promotes some deep-rooted stereotypes. A number of people found it derogatory, embarrassing, and a woke disgrace. The representation of her series “Day 100 of being a girl” also received serious backlash as it felt no less than an insult, a promotion of stereotypes against women and how they are typically perceived.

Dylan Mulvaney and Book Of Mormon

Dylan is known for playing Elder White in “Book of Mormon,” which is a Broadway musical from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Mulvaney shared in one of her Instagram posts about the news in 2019 and how it has always been a dream show for her.

Initially, the 2019 tour was about to go all over the US, Canada, and Mexico but everything came to a halt due to the pandemic. The activities have resumed now, but there has been no clear indication of Dylan’s participation and activities as a part of the tour.

Dylan Mulvaney and Forbes

The actor-influencer has also recently appeared in a Forbes interview as a part of the 10th annual Forbes Powerful Women’s summit in New York. Similar to previous appearances, this interview didn’t receive any different reactions from the people. Netizens even questioned the decision to welcome Dylan as a guest at the Summit, even after everything that has happened in the past few months. 

There has been no positive response from the community in general, which clearly shows the effect of misrepresentation and its open promotion, especially on such globally-reputed platforms. 

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