Dr. Mark Hyman’s Divorce. Wife Mia Lux & Girlfriend Brianna Lee Welsh Details.

Mark Hyman Divorce

Celebrity’s personal life and personal issues always are interesting stories for the audience and their fans. Just like other popular celebrities Dr. Mark Hyman’s divorce case with his wife Mia Lux also became the center of the eye for the audience. Naturally, when the news of the divorce case between Dr. Mark Hyman and his wife came out publicly, the audience became very much curious to know all the details regarding the divorce case.

After years of successful marriage life, both Dr. Mark Hyman and his wife Mia Lux mutually took the decision to get divorced. They announced officially their divorce and it became a hot topic for the audience to discuss.

Here in this article, we will discuss more details about Dr. Mark Hyman’s Divorce from his wife, Who is his wife Mia Lux, and who is his new girlfriend Brianna Lee Welsh. We have come up with all of the details regarding their marriage life and the divorce file. 

Key Takeaways From The Article
Dr. Mark Hyman Took Divorce From Her Second Wife Mia Lux.
Mark Hyman Is Already Divorced From His First Wife. 
Dr. Mark's Current Girlfriend Is Brianna Lee Welsh.

Dr. Mark Hyman’s Divorce Detail

Before married Mia, this famous American physician Dr. Mark Hyman was married to someone else. But he never disclosed the identity of his first wife. Even the maximum number of the audience still today believed that Mia was his first wife. Together both Mia and Dr. Mark Hyman looked very nice couple. But the age difference between them was 28 years.

Even though having a huge age gap difference both of them fall in love with each other and spent years of successful married life. Unfortunately, both of them have chosen to be separated. Officially in 2021, Dr. Mark Hyman announced his divorce from his wife through Instagram. On Instagram, he posted a picture with his daughter and son and eventually told everyone about being a single father with his children. 

When Dr. Mark Hyman officially announced the divorce case with his wife, his daughter was about to join medical school. The daughter of Mark wanted to follow the exact life that her father has followed. On the other side, the audience thought that the marriage of both Mark and Mia was happily ever after but with the confirmation post from Dr. Mark Hyman the audience realized the bitter truth. 

Besides that, Dr. Mark Hyman also posted a picture on Mother’s Day in 2021 with his son and daughter wishing all single fathers. He congratulated all the fathers who took the responsibilities single-handedly to all of their children and played the role of mother as well. In fact, before the divorce of Dr. Mark Hyman from his wife, he used to post a lot of pictures with his wife on social media platforms.

Even there is a video of both Mark Hyman and his Ex-wife Mia Lux available on YouTube in which the former couple teaches how to repair your relationship. The irony is that they both failed to do so.

But eventually, he stopped posting pictures of Mia in 2021, and the audience realized the fact both of them are not together anymore. In fact, the last post with his wife shared on social media platforms was in 2019. Not only that, but Dr. Mark Hyman also shared a lot of happy moments and information with the audience through social media platforms with his wife. 

Dr. Mark Hyman also informed the audience that he had enjoyed all the moments with his wife and with the show Conscious-ish which is hosted by Mia Lux.  Besides that, he also informed the audience that he was a very successful doctor but he is not a lucky person in love. Before he married Mia, he was married to another woman but the marriage did not work for him.

After the separation from his first wife again engaged to Mia but the second marriage again did not work for him. Even he himself witnessed a failed marriage between his parents & family members. He shared a post about failed marriages in his family on his Facebook account. In the post, Mark told that his parents were divorced when he was just 5. After that, her mother remarried and had a horrible 40-year marriage. Mark further wrote that his sister who died in 2013 was a three-time divorcee. So, being stuck in a wrong marriage is a kind of their family thing. 

Who Is His Wife Mia Lux?

In simple words, the former wife of Dr. Mark Hyman Mia Lux is a very popular Actress, lawyer, and television personality. Mia Lux Koning has been cast in numerous films and television shows. And by doing a lot of projects she became popular in the industry. Besides that, she is more famous for his husband Dr. Mark Hyman who is a very popular American physician. 

She was born on March 27, 1987, in Cape Town, South Africa. Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding his family background and educational qualification. But people only know the fact that she has one sister who shares the same birth month as her. By profession the wife of Dr. Mark Hyman, Mia is a stand-up comedian. At the same time, she is also popular as a celebrity lawyer and actress.

She has gained all her popularity and fame with the show Conscious-ish in 2019. In fact, she has handled the role of host of the show and offered conscious comedy to the audience. And as a popular actress, she has worked on many projects. And some of the most recognized movies of Mia are Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Xena: Warrior Princess, and Power Rangers R.P.M

The couple always shared a very private life and relationship with each other, therefore, the audience did not know how they met and where they met for the first time. The wedding ceremony of Mia and Mark was totally private, therefore, the audience did not find out any details regarding their marriage. Besides that, in numerous interviews, they confessed that they were happily married. 

Mark Hyman’s New Girlfriend

On 2nd December 2022, Mark shared a post on his Instagram introducing her new girlfriend Brianna Lee Welsh. While sharing the post he wrote, that after meeting Brianna his life has healed. And they are in a relationship for the last 9 months. 

Both of them explored life with each other through the combination of struggle and joy. She is a very beautiful, talented, charming hardworking, brilliant, playful, and kind personality. The present girlfriend of Dr. Mark Hyman Brianna Welsh is the CEO and founder of the company Reneum. Which is an Energy Company working towards climate change and the betterment of the planet. Even the company is providing the capital to all of the people you need the most help. Besides that, she is also very much active on social media platforms, especially Instagram. And on Instagram, she has more than 5k followers. But she keeps her profile private. 

Dr. Hyman is a big advocate of how to keep your relationship always with you. But he failed twice to save his own marriage. There are not many details available in the public domain about Mark’s first wife. But we all know his second wife Mia Lux. And if everything goes smoothly in the upcoming time, then we might also hear the news about Mark being married for the third time.

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