Don Lemon Weight loss. CNN Anchor’s Diet & First Wife Details.

Don Lemon Weight Loss

The handsome CNN Anchor and Correspondent Don Lemon’s Weight loss. People are currently searching the methods with the Author Don Lemon getting slimmer in his current appearance on his show On Lemon Tonight and on his social media as well. People are also concerned about Don’s health. Viewers want to know if his health is ok or if he is suffering from any illness or disease. This article will discuss everything about Don Lemon’s health and weight loss, Wife, net worth, and everything else. Or, Has he done any weight loss for real or not?

Who is Don Lemon?

Name Don Lemon
Date Of BirthMarch, 1 1966
Place of BirthBaton Rouge, Louisiana,
SchoolBaker High School
UniversityLouisiana State University
CareerNews Anchor/ Correspondent at CNN
WifeTim Malone

Don Lemon is a News anchor and Correspondent at CNN. He joined the CNN network in 2006. Don was born in Louisiana on March 1, 1966. To Katherine Marie and William Lee Richardson. Don is a very successful person in his field. Don is one of the few Black anchors on the prime-time show.

In the times of Majority biased content and favored media, It’s tough to find a person who isn’t hesitating for saying the truth, Don Lemon is among one those journalists. Don Lemon host the show Don Lemon Tonight on CNN on weeknights at 10 Pm.


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On Linkedin Shirley Husar The C.E.O. of CalTexas Homes Relocation. writes a review on Don’s profile by saying “In these media overloaded times, it can be difficult to find a newsman that you can trust. Don is someone who is a cut above the rest of the crowd. However, it is much more compelling when he can actually hear and/or see it being said. People can easily pick up on a genuine feeling he gives. When telling the news. Testimonial—if you try to make real people act. You will end up with a testimonial that sounds rehearsed and fake.

Don brings out true facts of today’s matters. In order to achieve the realism it takes to produce a successful testimonial, you need to hear and see real people, speaking of real situations in an unrehearsed fashion. Don Lemon is the man with the cutting edge viewpoint, his fresh and on top of his game.”

There is no doubt about people do admire Don’s work and his work ethics where we all know more than half of the media works on favor exchange methods Don has maintained his ethics of work which is quite appreciable.

Don Lemon’s Weight Loss

There is no official confirmation from Don Lemon that he has lost some weight. It’s just his appearance in his recent shows which made people curious. Has he been through any weight loss process or suffering any illness? lemon does confirm that he has changed his daily eating schedule and trying to eat as healthily as he can. Don Lemon does look slim in his new appearance.

Don Lemon Before After

Recently Don talked about his health and the care he is taking for his health. Don said that he is at the stage of life where he has to take care of his health. Regulate his eating habits and maintain a healthy food diet. Mr. Lemon has always been fit even if you look at the old photos you won’t find him overweight at all. But still, he wants to take good care of himself. That is why Don started having healthy food. When asked about his weight loss Don also opened up about it Back in 2016. In 2016 Don announced his 25 pounds of weight loss via Twitter.

Don Lemon Diet

Fish Tacos
Lobster Rolls
Fried Hen

Fish tacos and stew are the foods usually consumed by Lemon and he especially prefers Fried Hen it’s his favorite food over every other. According to Page Six, Don said “I am going to have to change my diet. I would have to cut out the fried food

He further added that Being a southern guy he has to keep a tab on the foods he consumes and he is going to avoid food s like Crab Cakes, Craw Fish Bisque, gumbo, and his beloved fried chicken in order to manage his health and stay fit.

Who is Don Lemon’s First Wife?


There is no official confirmation from both sides. But If we believe sources Stephanie Ortiz the Love Potion fame Hollywood Actress is the first wife of Don Lemon. More than a decade ago the rumors of them dating were being circulated. That our Tv Anchor has married an Actress in a private ceremony. Later after a few weeks, the rumors died because there was no reliable source of the information and No acknowledgment came from Don or Ortiz. According to the report posted in AmoMama, it was just a rumor and nothing else. So it was considered nothing more than a rumor at last. After some time Stephanie Ortiz married her current husband Bryan.

Stephanie Ortiz is an American model turned actress. She is well known for her role in movies like Kiss Of Chaos, and Love Potion E.T.C. Ortiz was born on 17 July 1982  in California, America. She was passionate about acting from a very young age and knew what she wanna do with her life. She started Modeling and got her chance in the movies in 2009.

Don Lemon Relationship

Don Lemon Came out publicly through his book Transparent and announced he is Gay in 2011. According to official reports, Don Lemon Never got married to anyone and since 2016 he is dating a real estate agent Tim Malone. Don and Tim mate in a meeting in 2016 and were attracted to each other. They both started dating soon and got engaged soon after Lemon proposed to Malone on his birthday. The way Don proposed To Tim was also very romantic.


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Don named the color of their dogs Boomer and Barkley saying”Daddy will you marry Papa?” Malone also shared the same picks on his Instagram with the caption ” I said Yes“. The love story of a tv anchor and a Real estate agent remains romantic to date.


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Don Lemon NetWorth

According to Celebrity Networth, Don’s Net worth is around $12 Million

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