Lace Up Formal Boots

Different Types Of Formal Shoes

Different Types Of Formal Shoes

Formal shoes are the one was there all time and will be for all time. Will never get out of trend. Formal shoes will be always in trend and evergreen fashion products. In recent times, in the fashion trend, formal shoes are not seen as boring old model shoes but the executive officer shoes have become more fashionable. Nowadays people are wearing them to parties, collages at weddings and many other places. Here we will see Different Types Of Formal Shoes in detail.

1)-Derby Or Lace Up Formal Shoes

Shoes with laces and eyelets on the upper are called DERBY. Or you can also call them lace-up shoes. I think for me this is the most stylish type of formal shoes. People like to buy lace-up formal shoes more. There are main 2 kinds of lace-up shoes or Derby shoes available in the market.

Open Lacing

As you can see in open lacing formal shoes the last point of formal shoelace is open. As shown in the image below. People have different preferences. Some like to wear open lace formal shoes and some like to buy closed lace formal shoes.


open laced formal shoes

Closed Lacing

closed lacing formal shoes

This is an example of closed lace-up formal shoes. These are less popular I think. Most of the high priced formal shoes are made in this kind of design. On average people like to buy open laced formal shoes and they are the most manufactured place up formal shoes.


2)-Without Lace Or Slip-On Formal Shoes

The second one we will talk about is Without lace or you can say slip-on formal shoes. These are the types of shoes you can see commonly everywhere. Slip-on shoes were first introduced as casual shoes but gradually shifted to formal shoes.

formal shoes for men black

3)-Oxford Formal Shoes

The third one is oxford shoes. In Oxford shoes, you will find mainly two types of oxford shoes.

Cap Toe

In Cap Toe Oxford style, there is a cap type design on the toe area. Clearly, you can see in the image given below, and you will get the idea about what Cap Toe is.


cap toe oxfordPlain Toe

The reverse of cap toe is plain toe, As you can understand from its name. Plain Toe means the plain toe.

Plain Toe oxford shoes

4)-Monk Strap

The Strap fit formal shoes for men. There are two types of Monk Strap Available in formal shoe types.

Double Strap Monk Shoes

Two Strap Monk shoe is double monk shoes. Kindly refer to the image below to understand it clearly.

Doble Strap Monk Shoes

Single Strap Monk Shoes

Single Strap Monk Shoes


5)-Brogue Shoes

The Brogue Shoes. Brogue Shoes is also one of a very very famous kind of formal shoes and I can say that it is an evergreen style. I have seen it from the day I started to understand what footwear is. And I know I am gonna see these Brogue Shoes till I gonna understand what footwear is. So, here there is three kinds of Brogue Shoes.

Quarter Brogue Shoes

With Half Brogue Design On The Shoe

Quarter Brogue Shoes

Full Brogue Shoes

Fully Brogue Shoes With Full Design

Semi Brogue Shoes

With Semi Brogue design

Semi Brogue Shoes

6)-Formal Boots

Formal boots are also loved by many. I am too one of them. Sometimes I like to wear formal boots. Here are two main designs of Formal Boots.

Chelsea Boot

Chelsea Formal Boots

Lace-up Boots

Lace Up Formal Boots

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