Difference Between The Users And Sessions And Page Views

First, know some basic rules of Google Analytics and then we will go the main topic of Difference Between The Users And Sessions And Page Views.

  1. Users / Visitors means unique visitors to your site.
  2. If someone visits your site 500 times still he/she will be counted as 1 visitor. Google considers this as a Returning Visitor.
  3. If a visitor deletes their browser cookies after visiting your site and again visit your site then Google will consider this as a new visitor.
  4. If a visitor changes browser (chrome, firefox,etc..) then, too it will be considered as a new visitor.
  5. If a visitor changes his/her device (laptop, Mobile,etc..) then, too it will be considered as a new visitor.


 So, Now Difference Between The Users And Sessions And Pageviews.

  1. In Google, SESSIONS are considered as the total number of visits to your site. Including new and returning user.
  2. So if the person using the same device came 500 times to your website it will be considered as 500 sessions. But 1 visitor/ User.
  3. And if that person visited 2 pages each time he came to your site then the total PAGEVIEWS  (Total number of pages Visited)   will be 1000 Pageviews.
  4. The new session of Google starts after 30 minutes of inactivity or at midnight.
  5. So, If a user visits your site and he/she suddenly remember something and walk away and come after 35 minutes and again return to the page/ your site then it will be counted as 2 sessions.
  6. And if the user came to your site on 11:55 Pm and left at 12:05 Am then also it will be considered as 2 sessions.




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