Dell Curry Wife Swap? Is Nicki Smith Ex-Wife Of Steven Johnson NFL?

Dell Curry Wife Swap

Steph Curry’s parents Dell Curry & Sonya Curry had an ugly divorce last year in August after 33 years of marriage. News of their divorce was all over the internet and it was becoming uglier day by day. Sony & Dell curry both accused each other of infidelity. But the matter was finished, they got divorced and people forget about the news. But as Dell Curry came with his new girl to watch his son Steph Curry’s NBA finals match, the internet again started to buzz things about Dell Curry & his new girlfriend. People wanted to know more about Dell Curry’s new girlfriend.

Dell Curry Wife Swap?

To watch their son’ Steph Curry’s match both his parents Dell & Sonya Curry came. But the twist is that they both came with their new partners. Dell Curry came with his new girlfriend & Sonya came with her new boyfriend. After this match, people on the internet started digging more about this new girl with Dell Curry and Sonya Curry’s boyfriend. And the things that have come out might be very surprising to you.

Dell Curry’s new girl’s name is Nicki Smith. And Sonya Curry’s new boyfriend is Steven Johnson. And the thing that makes these new relationships sensational is a “Spouse Swap“. Yes, you read it right. The internet people are pretty much confirmed that the new boyfriend & the girlfriend of the ex-Curry couple are also ex-partners. Dell’s girlfriend Nicki Smith is the former wife or maybe current wife of Sonya Curry’s new boyfriend Steven Johnson.

THIS LEAGUE: WIFE SWAP EDITION Sonya and Dell Curry both have new significant others….. And it looks like THEY used to be married to each other too @JackMacCFB

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) June 11, 2022

Dell and Sonya Curry pulled a spouse swap? Dell is dating Nicki Smith who is Steven Johnson’s ex-wife after Johnson stole Sonya from him. #StephCurry #Warriors

— Off The Deck Sports (@OffTheDeck_) June 11, 2022

This is the story that the internet tells about the relationship between Sonya, Dell Curry & their new partners. But nothing has been confirmed yet from any side. Even though there are resemblances in both pictures the picture of Dell’s new girl and the picture of Steven Smith’s wife, still nothing about them both being the same person has not been confirmed yet.

And the other point that I want to mention here is that Steven Johnson’s ex-wife‘s name is Kim and the new girl spotted with Dell Curry in an NBA match has a different name. As speculated by the internet, Dell’s new girl’s name is Nicki Smith. And even nothing has been confirmed from Dell Curry’s side whether he is dating the girl who appeared with him at the match or she is just a friend accompanying him. There are lots of possibilities and various speculations by the people. But nothing hasn’t been proven yet and we will not be able to know the 100% truth about the Wife Swap of Dell Curry until anyone of Dell Curry, Sonya Curry, Steven Johnson, and Nicki Smith say something and the reality comes out. Let’s hope we know about this matter at the earliest. And let’s see what happens at the next match.

Dell Curry & Steven Jhonson

According to BlackSportsOnline.Com, Dell Curry & Steven Smith knew each other from a young age and were kind of friends. They both used to attend the same school Virginia Tech. Dell Curry played basketball at Virginia Tech from 1982 to 1986 and Steven played football from 1984 to 1987 there. They were not kind of best friends but knew each other because they were in the same school and had an interest in sports & played for their school. Dell married Sonya in 1988. It is speculated that Dell Curry & Steven Johnson were good friends and later Steven backstabbed & stole Dell’s wife Sonya.

Dell & Sonya Curry Divorce

The couple was living separately since March 2021. Later in June, Sonya Curry was the first to file for divorce. In her divorce papers, Sonya accused Dell of doing “Martial Misconduct“. Sonya mentioned that her husband Dell Curry with who she has been married for more than 3 decades has been cheating on her for years. And she also made a shocking revelation that most of his family members and friends know about Dell’s cheating. It is a kind of “Open Secret” in their family.

After this Dell filed for divorce. When Dell filed for divorce, in the divorce papers it was mentioned from Dell’s side that his wife Sonya is having an extramarital affair with Steven Jhonson. Dell in his divorce papers mentioned that Sonya was having an affair with Jhonson while Dell & Sonya were still married and didn’t have decided to be separated. He further added in the documents that Sonya was living with Steven Jhonson in Tennessee.

The ugly fight between Steph Curry’s parents was all over the internet. They both were accusing each other of infidelity. Dell even refused to pay alimony to Sonya stating the reason that she was living with another man even before Dell & Sonya Curry mutually decided to get separated legally.  Finally, in August 2021, they got divorced.

Dell Curry New Girlfriend


In the conclusion of Dell Carry’s Wife-Swap drama, I can say that the internet people are trying so hard to find out the truth behind this all happenings. New details are coming out as people are digging deeper. Every new day is coming with new detail about Dell Curry’s new girlfriend and Sonya Curry’s new boyfriend. But Steven Johnson and Nicki Smith were married or not and the spouse swap thing involved in this or not is yet to be confirmed. As the things are unveiled in the future, we will update you at the earliest. Stay connected!

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