David Harbour Weight Loss. How Stranger Things’ Jim Hopper Lost Weight?

Jim Hopper Stranger Things Weight Loss

David Harbour weight loss. The stranger things season 4 Volume 2 has been released on 1st July 2022 and it is just awesome. The latest episodes of Stranger Things 4 will take you through all the emotions and excitement. All the cast members played their roles amazingly. But apart from a gripping story, amazing VFX, and full of the emotional journey of Stranger Things 4, one more thing has also become quite popular and people want to know more about that. The thing that has become the center of the talks after stranger things season 4 has been released is David Harbour’s weight loss.

The internet people are speculating whether Jim Hopper has lost weight in the latest episodes of Stranger Things. Episodes 8 and 9 of Stranger Things are so gripping and have the full content to binge-watch the last two episodes. Let’s have a talk about the weight loss of David Harbour AKA Jim Hopper of Stranger Things.

I have been following David Harbour’s weight loss transformation since his movie Black Widow was released. Before we I share the information about David Harbour’s weight loss, I would like to share some of his personal life details so you can know more about him and how David lost weight.

Who Is David Harbour?

Everyone knows courageous police officer Jim Hopper from Netflix’s Stranger Things. David Harbour who plays the role of Jim Hopper is an American actor. His full name is David Kenneth Harbour & he was born  10th April 1975 in New York. David has worked on numerous entertainment projects. He played supporting characters in films like Brokeback MountainQuantum of SolaceThe Green HornetEnd of WatchThe EqualizerBlack Mass, and others.

He played main characters in movies like Hellboy and Marvel’s Black Widow. David has a long list of TV shows that he has been associated with as an actor throughout his whole career. But he gained fame with Jim Hopper’s character that he played in Netflix’s series Stranger Things. For his character in Stranger Things, David Harbour begged a Critics’ Choice Television Award and also he was nominated for 2 Emmy Awards & for 1 Golden Globe Award.


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If we talk about David Harbour’s personal life, David has been married to his long-time singer girlfriend Lilly Allen since September 2020. Even though Harbour has gained his fame through the paranormal incidents-based series Stranger Things, he doesn’t believe in them in real life. David has a belief that people create life with consciousness.

As per David’s interview with The Guardian, in his early 20s, David had serious issues with his bad habits. He was an alcoholic. His addiction was so intense that at one point he was thinking about killing himself. But at that, he had a kitten, and the thought that who would take care of this cat stopped him from negatively thinking. Somehow David Harbour found the way to sobriety but life was not so fair to him. He later was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Slowly his condition started healing with treatments.

After that, he totally invested in acting. Slowly theatre became his passion. But in the acting field, his path was not easy. In his initial days, it was even very difficult for him to pay monthly bills with his acting fees. He was considered on the 5th or 6th on the call sheet. But slowly he found his way and Stranger Things changed everything for him.

David Harbour Weight Loss

David Harbour has changed a lot since the first season of Stranger Things was aired in 2016. For the past few years, he is constantly making changes in his body shape. David Harbour’s weight loss & body transformation in Stranger Things season 4 have amazing people. From being an addict & thinking about killing himself at one point to becoming a successful actor David Harbour has come a long way. And day by day he is becoming more healthy than he was previously.

According to a source, David Harbour first started to lose weight partially for his character Jim Hopper for Stranger Things season 3. At the end of season 3, it was revealed that Jim Hopper is still alive and has been captured by Russians. Season 4 again started at the end of season 3. And in season 4, it was clear that Jim Hopper is in a prison and facing & suffering from Army’s torture. So, basically, it was his character Jim Hopper’s look’s demand to lose weight and look a little thin in the latest episodes of Stranger Things. The character’s look has to be convincing & that’s why David Harbour lost some pounds.

David Harbour Weight Loss Stranger Things

In an interview with NYTimes, David shared some details about his weight loss. It was the interview from June 2021. David said that to prepare for his role in the Black Widow movie he has to gain weight. He started eating more & more & at a point, his weight reached 280 pounds. In the Black Widow movie, David was playing the role of soldier Alexei Shostakov AKA The Red Guardian. The movie had some flashback scenes & in those scenes, David’s younger version was presented. To look young in those scenes David Harbour has to lose weight.

To make his weight loss journey easy, David Harbour asked the production team to shoot the scenes of his younger version or the flashback scenes at the end of the shooting. Because David thought that if his thinner versions will be shot at the end then he will have to lose weight. Throughout the shoot of the film, David Harbour lost around 60 Ponds of weight.

According to the report posted in GQ, Harbour was 270 pounds at the end of season 3. To fit himself in a character of a soviet prisoner David Hopper AKA Jim Hopper lost around 80 pounds of weight in eight months. And when they were hooting for Stranger Things season 4 David’s weight was 190 pounds.

How Did David Harbour Lost Weight?

Being an actor, you have to keep your body according to the requirement of your character and that’s what David Harbour follow. To play an old & fat character of present-day Alexei Shostakov, David harbor changed his eating routine and gained weight. At the highest, his weight was 280 pounds. In the starting scenes of Black Widow, you may have noticed a big belly of David Harbour. But to look young in some scenes of the same movie David Harbour lost around 60 Lbs.

After Black Widow, to look thinner & leaner in Stranger Things season 4, David has to lose more weight. To guide him in his weight loss journey, David hired a celebrity trainer Don Saladino. Saladino has trained big Hollywood names like Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway, and others.

Saladino helped David Harbour in strength training and eventually in weight loss. To lose weight David Harbour consistently focused on exercising. His weight loss workout routine includes full-body strength training & weight lifting. David Harbours follows a specific working out routine and his workout schedule is mentioned below.

  • Medicine Ball Slams: Medicine Ball Slams also known as Overhead medicine ball slams exercise target the entire body. Medicine Ball has many health benefits. It helps in building body strength, increases metabolism, and helps in burning more body fat.
  • Deadlifts: A deadlift is a weight exercise. It is a highly effective exercise. The deadlift has many health benefits associated with it like reducing lower back pain, boosting metabolism, heart health improvement, weight loss, and others.


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  • Farmer’s Walk: Also known as Farmer’s Carry is a strength exercise in which you have to walk carrying a heavy load. Exercise helps in improving your cardiovascular health. It also has other benefits like improving muscle strength & power.

  • Sled Push: This exercise is excellent for calorie burning, improving acceleration, and strength training. Sled push engages and strengthens the muscle of different body parts like the chest, triceps, shoulders, hip flexors, calves, glutes, and abdominals. It helps in faster calorie burning and for weight loss, you have to burn more & more calories.

All these exercises help in calorie & fat burning. These are best for strength training and weight loss and that was the main goal for David Harbour. With the help of his fitness trainer Don Saladino, David Harbour made changes in his daily routine and started living a healthy life with a mix of healthy food eating and regular workout which helped him in weight loss.

Apart from all this guidance from his trainer, David harbor also followed Intermittent Fasting & Pilates for losing weight between the two seasons of Stranger Things.

David Harbour Weight Loss After Before Pics

David Harbour’s amazing weight loss transformation is worth praising. His weight loss is inspirational & motivational for people. It shows David’s dedication as an actor to his work. I hope David Harbour’s after-before weight loss images inspire you too.

David Harbour Weight Loss Stranger Things Netflix
David Harbour Weight Loss After Before
Jim Hopper Stranger Things Weight Loss

Conclusion: David Harbour Weight Loss

David Harbour has gone through a lot in his personal & professional life before he gained fame for his character Jim Hopper in Stranger Things. He is hard working person. He is fully dedicated to his work and his acting work has led him to gain & losing weight. With proper instruction & help from his trainer, David Lost around 60 pounds of weight and now he is looking healthy and fit.

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