Danielle’s Secret Behind Losing 50 pounds

How She Lost 50 Pounds

Danielle Rivoli, like many other mothers, always prioritised her family. Following a few years of remaining at home with her children after a job in corporate sales, the Long Island, New York resident recognised something had to give in 2018.


“I was putting everyone else first and leaving my health last,” she adds, adding that she was constantly weary and drained. “I realised I needed to make a difference,” says the author. So, like so many others in January, she made a goal to put her health first. And, despite the fact that many resolves fail, in her instance, the effort paid off. Rivoli shed 50 pounds over the next year, lowering from 180 to 130 pounds, and she has maintained her weight loss ever since.

Rivoli always made sure her children ate well-balanced meals before that fateful January, but she didn’t do the same for herself.
“I was just trying to get through each day,” she said. “I was in basic survival mode, which a lot of moms go through.” She’d cook homemade baby food for her children, but her own meals consisted of Goldfish crackers and takeout. She’d revert to the familiar pasta (laden with cheese) she grew up eating in her Italian upbringing when she had more time to cook.

Rivoli, now 34, adds, “I felt I needed a change in my lifestyle.” “I just wanted to feel better and take better care of myself.”She started looking into calorie consumption and macronutrients and discovered that both could be tracked with MyFitnessPal. She started logging her meals with the app and discovered she was consuming much too many calories from little items such as snack snacks and coffee creamer. She also used the programme to scan food labels and revamp her grocery list, before cooking the recipes she found on the MyFitnessPal site.


Rivoli now feeds her body the nourishment it needs, adding that she feels more vibrant and healthy as a result. Eggs, yoghurt parfaits, sandwiches, and salads are among her favourite dishes, and she eats largely fruits and vegetables for snacks. She cooks dinner every night for her two young daughters and her husband, who has also shed 30 pounds.


Rivoli discovered a new love for fitness as her eating improved. She now works out 5–6 times per week, usually incorporating two aerobic days into a strength-training routine. She even made a career out of her passion for fitness, working as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and nutrition coach. She shares her enthusiasm on social media, where she currently has over 75,000 Instagram followers.


Rivoli believes the nicest part of her journey has been getting to help others achieve similar success, in addition to losing weight and regaining her vitality.” I receive a lot of questions about how to get started and keep motivated from clients and on social media,” she explains.“ The best piece of advice I can provide is that there will never be a perfect time to start; you simply have to do it.” She recognises that she can’t give her everything every day, but she shows up and doesn’t give up. “I’m not always motivated; the habit is what keeps me going.”

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