Damson Idris. Father, Wife Or Girlfriend. All Hidden Details.

Damson Idris And Saweetie

In this article, you will get to know everything about the British actor, Damson Idris. Like who is his father, mother, wife, siblings, girlfriend, parents, and all that. You will also get answers about Damson Idris’s personal details like how tall he is, his net worth, how many and which movies he did, his TV shows, is Damson Idris married or not, etc. You will know everything about Damson Idris.

Damson Idris Wiki- Biography

Damson Idris Age:30 Years
Damson Idris Height:1.85 Meters
Damson Idris Net Worth:$2 Million
Damson Idris Wife:Not Married Yet
Damson Idris Mother:Philippa
Damson Idris Father:He Has A Single Mother
Damson Idris Nationality:Nigerian-British

Damson Idris Father Is Not Idris Elba

Who Is Damson Idris

Everyone knows Damson Idris as a British actor who is popular for playing the role of the on-screen character “FRANKLIN SAINT” in the crime drama “SNOWFALL” which was aired on July 5th, 2017 FX TV. The Show Snowfall all in total had 50 episodes in 5 seasons. Damson Idris is a popular actor but how many of you know that during his childhood days, Damson Idris wanted to become the next football sensation like Christiano Ronaldo? During his childhood, he was a bright shining player. He also played Rugby in his school days and in 2002 he got a chance to meet Queen Elizabeth II after his team took part in Queen’s golden jubilee.

Damson Idris Personal Life

Basically, Damson is a British actor but belongs to Nigerian descent.  Damson was born in a city named Peckham which is in South-East London on 2nd September 1991. He was a big fan of football and wanted to become a footballer himself. But after some time Damson Idris realized that it will not be possible for him to become a professional footballer. And after this realization, Damson Idris shifted his focus from football to acting. Then he started studying drama at Brunel University in London. After completing his studies in drama Damson Idris received his BA Honours Degree in Film, Theater & Television studies. Later Damson Idris went on to train himself and joined the prestigious acting school in London.

Damson Idris’s Parents & Siblings

His parents are from Nigeria. Damson Idris’s mother’s name is Philippa. Even though we have researched a lot, still we are not able to find more details about Damson Idris’s father. Currently, we only know that Dason Idris’s mother Philippa is a single mother and only she has raised all his 6 children. Damson Idris is the youngest child of his parents. Damson Idris has 5 siblings so in total his parents have 6 children. Of his 5 siblings, Damson Idris has 3 elder brothers and 2 elder sisters. All his siblings are well-settled and have careers in corporate jobs, and IT jobs and some of them even have their own businesses. No one of Damson Idris’s siblings is in the acting field apart from him.

Damson Idris’s Wife

In 2021, Damson Idris posed with a rapper named “Dreamdoll” at the Oscars. Together they were looking very good. Damson’s fans started to speculate that the rapper is Idris’s wife. But later everything was cleared. Moreover, that was just a rumor.

Another rumor about Damson Idris’s wife was started back in 2021 when Damson Idris appeared on a podcast show by Joy Taylor. People felt that they had a connection after seeing the chemistry between Joy Taylor & Damson Idris. But later on, this news of Dason’s Wife or dating Joy Taylor also turned out to be just rumors.

Damson Idris Wife Is Not Joy Taylor

Are you also want to know who is Damson Idris’s Wife or girlfriend? Or is Damson Idris married or not? Then my friend here is your answer. Currently, as per the sources, Damson Idris is single. Neither Damson Idris is married nor has a girlfriend. We have not heard any news about Damson Idris dating anyone.

Damson Idris Dating Rumours

There are only rumors about his relationships. In past, we have heard much news related to his link-ups with different people. Here are some of them. Last yere in 2021, Damson was seen taking a sunbath with “Love Island” actress Montana Brown. People started to speculate that Damson Idris & Montana Brown are dating but that was not true. None of them accepted anything. Later on, on her Instagram Montana Brown posted a picture with her boyfriend and that cleared everything up. Obviously, the picture was not of Damson.

In another rumor, Damson Idris’s name was linked to the “Best Friend” album artist Saweetie.  “Best Friend” was Saweetie’s double album with her friend Doja Cat. In November 2021, Damson Idris shared a black & white video on his Instagram where Saweetie was seen playing the piano for Damson. Damson gave a cute caption under the video “I wish I could play” and also mentioned Saweetie as “@saweetie My Teacher”. Later Saweetie also shared this video on her Instagram Story. This video started to spread rumors about Damson Idris & Saweetie dating but later on, Idris denied their relationship and dating talks. In an interview asked about Saweetie and in reply Damson said “I And That Queen Are Just Friends“.

Damson Idris And Saweetie

How Rich Is Damson Idris-Net Worth

Damson Idris started his career in 2017 with the crime drama “Snowfall”. To date, he has worked on many projects. He has done various movies and TV shows. He gets paid a good amount for his acting skills. But Damson Idris likes to keep his earrings private. Normally, we don’t see him bragging about his lavish lifestyle and about how much he earns from his projects and all. Still, somehow we have managed to get some numbers about Damson Idris’s net worth. According to some sources, as of March 2022, Damson Idris’s Net Worth is around $2 million.

Damson Idris is quite a wealthy actor. He is getting good work in Hollywood. As per our inner reports, Damson Idris has some good future projects in his hand. Due to his work schedule, Damson only gets four months to live in his home in London and for the rest of eight months, he has to stay in LA, Hollywood for his work purpose.

Damson Idris’s Social Media Presence

Like, every other current-time star, Deson Idris also has his presence on various social media platforms. This helps him in staying connected with his fans. We have seen Damson sharing various details about himself with his fans on social media channels. You can start to follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Damson Idris is quite active on his Instagram & Twitter but not as active on Facebook. On FB he last posted in 2017.

List Of Movies Of Damson Idris

City of Tiny LightsHakim2016
Megan LeaveyMichael Forman2017
The CommuterAgent Denys2018
Outside the WireLt. Thomas Harp2021

TV Shows Of Damson Idris

TV ShowCharacterYearSingle Episode/Full Series
MirandaCommuter2013Single Episode
CasualtyLeon James2015Single Episode
DoctorsKrispin Northcote2015Single Episode
SnowfallFranklin Saint2017-ContinueFull Series
The Twilight ZoneDorian Harrison2019Single Episode
Black MirrorJaden Tommins2019Single Episode


Que: Is Idris Elba A Father Of Damson Idris?

Ans: No, Elba Idris & Damson Idris Are Not Connected In Any Way.

Que: Is Joy Taylor Married To Damson Idris?

Ans: No, They Are Not Married. Joy Taylor Is Not Damson Idris’s Wife.

Que: What Is Damson Idris’s Nationality?

Ans: Damson Idris Is Nigerian-British. He was Born & Brought Up In England.

Que: How Tall Is Damson Idris- Height?

Ans: Damson Idris Is 1.85 Meters Tall. Damson Idris’s Height Is 6 Feet 06 Inches.

Que: Damson Idris’s Age?

Ans: Damson Idris Was Born On 2nd September 1991. As Of Writing This Article In December 2022, His Age Is 31 Years.

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