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In today’s times, technology has made people’s lives easy. We have TVs and plenty of programs on them for entertainment. With plenty of programs, we have thousands of celebrities to idealize to follow and try to replicate their style & routines. Today we will talk about celebrity chef Damaris Phillips and her weight loss transformation & her personal life. Through this article, you will get to know how Damaris Phillips lost weight, her weight loss diet, workout routines, and what is Damaris’ link with weight watchers. Before going into celeb chef Damaris Phillips’s before-after weight loss transformation, here are some personal life facts about her.

Who Is Damaris Phillips? 

Damaris Phillips is a famous Kentucky-born chef who is a one-time winner of the famous competition by Food Network. She rose to fame after she won the highly acclaimed competition earning the best cook title in 2013. Before that, Damaris had struggled with the choice of a career for quite some time. 

The talented cook was born on the 8th of December 1980 in Lexington, Kentucky. She grew up most of her life in the nice food-loving city of Lexington, so it is no surprise that she knew how to cook from a really young age. Being a talented girl from a young age she was interested in doing a lot of things.

She had tried doing several things but really didn’t find satisfaction in any of them. According to her, she decided to take a degree course in cooking because she realized that through her journey and career changes, one thing she never stopped doing was cooking.

Damaris is the first of five children born to her parents so she had to cook for the whole family at least once in a week. There she started her journey and love for cooking. She would go further to take cooking a step more seriously after she won the famous cooking competition. 

Going further, Damaris started her own cookery show Southern at Heart which served the best of southern American dishes. She also started to co-anchor a show with the Famous food show anchor Bobby Flay called the Bobby and Damaris Show. 

As her cooking career continued to soar and be successful, her show became one of the top ten-rated cooking shows in America. She became a popular figure in the world of cooking, food lovers, and chefs. She wrote her first and only cooking book yet in 2017 Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy. 

In this book, she enumerates the importance of being a vegetarian and vegetarian diet. She as a vegetarian was able to easily keep to these things and considering the positive effects and the delicacies she provided recipes for in the book, it was a beloved read by many other food lovers.

Damaris Phillips Weight Loss

As a chef, your job is to make and taste different-different food items. When your job is associated with food, it becomes very hard to stop yourself from overeating. This makes most chefs gain weight. It is very common for chefs to look unfit in their screen presence. And once you get on the celebrity radar it becomes very hard for celebrities to hide their looks on TV.

Eventually, celebs realize that the fans who adore them so much also expect something else from them…perfection. This perfection is supposed to be evident in the content you create as well as in your own physical appearance. Yes, even if your content is exclusively about food. As you can guess, it makes it difficult for chefs to want to maintain an actual diet. But if as a chef you happen to become a public figure, then the perfection, or near perfection that your fans and fans of your cooking expect from you is another standard you’d struggle to meet. This looked to be the case for the famous one-time winner of the Food Network Competition in 2013 Damaris Phillips.

Damaris astonished fans over a period of three to five years of her being a public figure with the drastic changes that occurred in her body weight. Being a beautiful public figure she would often post pictures of her delicacies and herself too on Instagram and other social media platforms. The fans could not help but comment on how she had changed over the years. Some of the fans speculated that she had undergone some plastic surgery to attain the beautiful shape she is currently rocking. This gossip did not get Damaris’ attention enough for her to comment on or refute these allegations.

Many people started to get interested in the methods she had used to drastically drop a few pounds and they were not shy to ask her about it. In a few interviews, she has mentioned specific things she does to keep and maintain the beautiful healthy shape she flaunts as a chef. 

Damaris Phillips Weight Loss Diet

Damaris stated that she does not have any specific weight loss diet. She eats healthy and moderately, she stated, she did point out a few things people that wanted to lose weight with a good diet could watch out for. 

Being a cook, she has to do a lot of tasting. When asked how she handles this and not get fat from all the tasting she said she made sure to savor every spoonful she took so as to get the full satisfaction of the food and not have to take a second spoon. She said this helps her maintain a trim waistline

In an interview with Self, Damaris Phillips shared some secrets about her healthy diet. Here are the 5 things that Damaris always follows while choosing a healthy diet. This helps her in staying healthy and fit.

  • Instead of choosing only healthy foods, try to choose healthy + tasty food. Or at least try to make your healthy foods tasty. This will boost your eating healthy diet routine.
  • Don’t eat all at once. Don’t go on hungry eating. Eat small portions of food throughout the day.
  • Skip the deep-fried foods.
  • Don’t remove your favorite foods from your daily meals. Instead, add some nutrient-rich into your meal plans.
  • Focus on each bite. Stay present and fully focused on your food.

Damaris Phillips Workout Routine

Damaris is also a workout enthusiast who has been working out for quite a while. When she started to see the positive results working out was having for her, she intensified her workout and the results were not long to show. 

Contained in her daily workout routines, she would run the treadmill and do stretches and other aerobic exercises that helped her burn excess calories from her trim body. She explained the importance of reducing calories, not just from your diet but also with the help of a workout.

Damaris pointed out the fact that she did not make much adjustment to her eating routine but simply intensified her workout and she still eats what she ultimately likes and desires. Though her diet stays generally healthy.

Such a good workout @xfit_Scullhouse @KelleyLThomas @terraweber I think I’ll have some cake! pic.twitter.com/n37cAI5T06

— damaris phillips (@ChefDPhillips) June 11, 2013

Damaris Phillips Before After

Here are some of Damaris Phillips’s before and after photos of her weight loss transformation.


Damaris Phillips Weight Watchers

In some interviews where she talked to her fans about weight watchers, she put it in place to help her have satisfying meals without having to watch too much of what she eats.

  • Eat modest meals: you have to learn to savor every meal, eat slowly and try to enjoy every morsel of it. She said it’s easy to get full and still enjoy your meal.
  • Pay attention to what you eat: watch what you eat, and make sure that your basic diet is a healthy one.
  • Get rid of the notion of good and bad food: Food is about how you eat it and there is really no good or bad food.

Damaris Phillips Husband

Damaris Philips is married to Darrick Wood who is a radio presenter. Their beautiful marriage took place on the 13th of June 2015. They are yet to have any children but have mentioned that they are considering adoption options. 

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