5 Tips To Mange Your Weight

You Have Gained During Covid LockDown

In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic has been unpleasant for everyone. On the one hand, there was a persistent worry of becoming infected, but on the other hand, remaining at home all day resulted in an increase in weight gain and mental health difficulties. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, more than 60% of people have seen a shift in their body weight. This is primarily due to a lack of physical activity and excessive eating. People have fallen into routines of overeating and little physical exercise as a result of staying at home for the past one and a half years. If you're having trouble losing weight due to the epidemic, here are five things you should do:

Eat mindfully



Mindful eating is a critical component of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Even if you eat nutritious meals, don't eat too much of them. Remember that every food you place on your plate has calories, including your beverages, when eating your daily meal.

Eat More Fibre



We feel more hungry than usual while we are seated perfectly. That is why, when compared to weekdays, most people tend to overeat on weekends. Increasing your fibre intake is one of the most effective strategies to reduce hunger.

Eat On Schedule


When you eat late or after your lunchtime, you are more likely to overeat. That's because when you're hungry, you eat quickly and lose track of how much you've eaten. As a result, you consume more calories.

Be Active



Boredom might sometimes lead to overeating. We seek more unhealthy and fatty foods when we have nothing to do. Keep yourself occupied to avoid this. Keep yourself engaged by exercising, going to work, or picking up a new interest.

More Water



We usually drink less water during the rainy and winter seasons, especially. This causes dehydration, which is frequently mistaken for hunger. Keep track of your daily consumption of water. Drink a tall glass of water even if you're not hungry, shortly after eating, or in between meals.

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