Christopher Judge Plastic Surgery. Face, Injury & Health Issues

Teal’c caused a tornado to arise in 1997 with Stargate SG-1. Who was this Teal’c? The greatest character of all time Teal’c was played by Christopher Judge in the sci-fi series Stargate SG-1. The same actor who also gave voice for YOUR FAVORITE Magneto in X-Men: Evolution back in 2000 which was an animated series. Fans have been following him since 1997 and have witnessed tons of changes in his life and in his appearance. Seen him and heard his voice in many series and video games. But recently, there has been a buzz in the town that Christopher Judge has undergone plastic surgery like the majority of celebrities. A few fans agree with the statement while most of the fans have denied it. But aren’t we all eager to know the whole truth?

Let’s dive into the mystery of Christopher Judge Plastic Surgery.

Who is Christopher Judge?

For the people who are die-hard fans of Christopher Judge, this introduction is merely required but we also don’t want to miss out on people who have been following him but not quite often. So, here’s a quick introduction to this famous actor.

His full name is Douglas Christopher Judge is an American actor and was born on 13 October 1964 in Los Angeles. Judge appeared in an interview and talking about his early life he admitted that acting was what he always wanted to pursue. He said his babysitter was the television set at his home. He liked the feeling that he got after watching the people talk and act in the shows. Hence, this gave birth to his passion for acting and he soon wanted to make his profession. He knew for sure sports would help him get the limelight to enter into the acting industry and soon started his football training.

He was a football player at Carson High School and took graduation from there in 1982. Christopher also played for Coach Gene Vollnogle. From 1982-1985, he played defensive backs and safety for the Ducks. He also bagged a scholarship. He won the Casanova Award in 1982, given to freshers of the year. In 1984, Judge was seen in Pacific-10 Conference and in 1985 he was seen playing for Hula Bowl.

Christopher Judge started his acting career by taking small parts in films and series. He played a small part in 21 Jump Street. From 1994 to 1995, he was seen on Sirens. He bagged the biggest role in 1997 for Teal’c in Stargate SG-1. This role gave him big fame and a name all over the world. He also had guest appearances on Andromeda, Stargate Atlantis, and The Mentalist. Christopher was also seen in a guest role in The Dark Knight Rises.

He has also given his voice in several animated series and video games. He gave the voice to Magneto in X-Men: Evolution released in 2000. Christopher is famously known for giving his voice to Jericho in Turok. He gave his voice to the character Zodak in He-men and Masters of The Universe cartoon. He was the voice of Kratos in the God of War in 2018. Judge repeated the role in God of War: Ragnarok. In 2021, he provided his voice for King T’challa in the War of Wakanda DLC expansion of Marvel’s video game.

Cristopher Judge Plastic Surgery

The star of God of War: Ragnarok, Christopher Judge admitted that the release of Ragnarok in 2021 was delayed because he had to undergo major series of surgery at that time. Judge posted about this on his Twitter account. Christopher told that he had undergone back surgery, a double hip displacement surgery, and also a knee surgery. These surgeries are fairly common in someone who has an athletic background like him.

According to Judge, in August 2019, he was facing difficulty in walking. Because of progressive damage, and injury to his body he had to undergo multiple surgeries and go through recovery and rehab. The actor was disheartened because the release of Ragnarok got delayed due to his surgeries. He expressed gratitude in multiple tweets to Sony Santa Monica about the way they accepted and handled the delay.

Christopher Judge Face

The majority of celebrities undergo cosmetic surgeries to look fresh and young. These can be done by botox and facelift procedures. There have been many speculations about Christopher Judge’s face being different from time to time. His very fresh images from his social media led fans to ponder his altered look. When asked about his altered facial looks, Christopher Judge never admitted he underwent any kind of facial surgery. But if you search his images and compare new and old ones, you can put out many differences.

Christopher Judge Plastic Surgery

His face has been changed with plastic surgery. There are reports related to a long Reddit thread dedicated to his facial surgery. The thread put out the matter of his altered looks after the surgery on his face.

According to Christopher Judge, the only surgery he underwent was for the back, hips, and knees. There was no additional surgery on the face, he admitted. But this statement is hard to believe when you compare the pictures. Various sources claimed that he may have done cosmetic treatments like facelifts to look fresh and young. His post-surgery look describes his forehead as wrinkle-less, faultless, and smooth. These are the effects generally seen after Botox according to rumors.

Christopher Judge Injury

The voice actor of many animated series and video games, Christopher Judge was professionally a football player in the past. He played many tournaments in Los Angeles and later directed his focus completely to acting.

During shooting his scenes for The Dark Knight Rises, he had multiple minor injuries on his body. His wife tweeted about his injury which revealed that Christopher Judge got a black and bloodied eye while filming.

Later, the injuries that followed him from his athletic career were a back injury, both hips displaced, and a knee injury. Because of these, it became impossible for Christopher Judge to walk and he had to undergo surgeries and recover as well as rehab.

Christopher Judge Health Problems

The voice behind Kratos in 2018 God of War, Christopher Judge tweeted and blamed his health issues for the delay in the God of War: Ragnarok release. He let everyone know it was his fault. The Ragnarok, which was about to release in 2021 instead had to release in 2022. The actor went through a tough time which delayed his work. This was due to his ill health and surgery procedures. Sources revealed that the Stargate actor could not walk in 2019 and he got his back, knees, and both side hip surgeries and got into rehab.

He added further saying he only received love and support during the entire recovery period from Sony Santa Monica. They waited for his full recovery to which Judge made a gratitude post saying, “Never said a word about the delay, and what caused it”. Sony Santa Monica supported his decision and set an example for every other studio!

Christopher Judge has given us some amazing performances and made us love the animated characters because of his voice. And it is the wish of every fan that he continues to do so and make everyone proud.

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