Chrissy Teigen Weight loss After Before Photos

Chrissy Teigen Weight Loss. Diet Or Surgery? Before & After Pics

Chrissy Teigen Weight Loss. Chrissy Teigen is a well-known American model, a TV personality and an author of 2 cookbooks. Most of us know Chrissy for her glamourous and model looks. Chrissy’s Instagram comment box is always filled with her fans praising her for the dressing sense she has and the awesome photos she posts. But this time the thing is a little different. On Wednesday the 6th of April, she posted a photo on Instagram and her fans just went mad. It was a pic of her with her children. They were on the way to Hawaii. In her recent photos, Chrissy Teigen was looking so pretty after her weight loss.

Fan Reaction To Chrissy’s Weight Loss

The 36-year-old model was looking stunning in a black co-ord that comprised a black top as well as a skirt with an eye-catching crochet pattern. Everybody is praising Chrissy and just wants to know the secret of her weight loss. After she posted her spring break trip photos her comment box was filled with various reactions. Some people were praising her for her weight loss transformation and some were referring to her weight loss journey as “motivational” & “Inspirational” for making a healthier life choice.

Even one person was so inspired after seeing Chrissy’s weight loss photos that the person was seen commenting on Chrissy’s pic that she has now promised herself to stop drinking each time whenever she sees Chrissy in future.

You appear to have lost a lot of weight, but you’re also healthier than ever. I’m so glad for you! It’s beautiful and inspirational. The road to recovery is a long and difficult one But at least you look stunning doing it,” reacted another one.

You look beautiful Chrissy,” someone else said and some other person wrote: “You are looking so incredible and radiant!

The advantages of quitting alcohol are obvious. You appear like a different individual,” Someone else said.

Apart from positive reactions Crissy Teigen also faced some negativity for her weight loss from some people. Obviously when there is positivity and inspiration then there is negativity, too.

In her weight loss photos response, a user said A little worried. Yes, stopping drinking would lead to a little weight loss, but now it’s going too far. I hope stress, etc. isn’t causing you to not eat properly,

And some were criticising her photos saying her too thin. But it doesn’t matter. And all that matter is she has lost weight and she is on the way to a healthy life.

Ok I know that you are also amazed and want the real details of Chrissy Teigen’s weight loss like how Chrissy lost weight, how much weight she lost, did she use any keto diet or weight loss pills and which weight loss diet Chrissy Teigen had for weight loss or which workout routine Chrissy was following for weight loss? Don’t worry, you will get to know each and every detail about Chrissy Teigen’s weight loss. So, let’s start with Chrissy Teigen’s lifestyle, eating habits and other habits.

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Who Is Chrissy Teigen

Her full name is Christine Diane Teigen. She was born on 30th November 1985 in Delta, Utah. Her mother is from Thailand and her father is an American. Chrissy is currently 36 years old. Chrissy is a professional model and she started her modelling career with the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010. She also appeared as a panellist on the show called “FABlife” from 2015 to 2016. She was hosting a musical competition show called “Lip Sync Battle”. The last episode was aired on the 27th of June in 2019.

Chrissy Teigen Married Life

Chrissy is married to famous singer John Legend. In 2006 Chrissy first met john on the sets of John’s video song “STEREO”. Chrissy was playing John’s love interest in the video. After 4 years of dating, they engaged in December 2011. And then they marries in September 2013. John’s famous song “All Of Me” is dedicated to her. They both have two children Luna & Miles.

Chrissy Teigen Weight Loss

In 2021 in an interview with Magazine, Chrissy told that now she doesn’t believe in the culture of a strict diet. She has thrown the diet culture out of the window. And the same interview she further told that she has decided that life is too short to stop eating her favourite foods. And she even went on to say in the same interview that she is more focused on what makes her happy instead of the number of points on a scale.

“I’ve been through a lot in my life. And I’ve spent far too many hours counting calories planning numerous workouts, and trying to determine what my definition for health was for me,”. “I’ve been trying to figure that out for so so long,” she told People magazine.

In another interview with Glamour, Chrissy told that She is just trying to put her time into doing other things. And I often look at my body in the bathroom and I think’ Argh I hate these children. But I don’t think about the fashion sense so seriously. It’s a great feeling not to have the pressure of wearing an outfit and looking nice for a magazine as you run around the beach, were her exact words in the interview with Glamour Magazine.

Now she likes to spend more time with her kids. Getting out there, going to a park or an aquarium and being able to drive with her kids. These are some moments she wants to enjoy now. “That is an activity for me and I enjoy doing things like that,” she told in an interview.

Chrissy Teigen Food Habit-Diet

Before becoming a little careless about her food choices, Chrissy was a big advocate of low-carb diets. Because low-carb diets help in maintaining a healthy weight and as you know Chrissy was a professional model and these low-carb diets helped her in maintaining her model figure. But after she become a mother, her priorities changed. Now, she has found her passion in cooking and left the worry of how much she weighs behind.

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In an interview with Women’s Health Mag, Chrissy told that she had spent 10 years of her life maintaining a swimsuit model weight & body. But now she realizes that there is a big difference between a swimsuit fit & a happy fit.

Now she looks at health differently. Chrissy likes to cook and she had even written a whole cookbook named “Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat: A Cookbook“. Here are some details about what healthy foods she likes to eat for her Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.


For her breakfast Eggs are fixed food. She takes eggs every day in the morning. Eggs, sliced avocado, sausage or turkey bacon,  and grilled tomatoes are the main foods she has in her breakfast alternatively. But sometimes she loves to have Egg and Cheese McMuffin from McDonald’s, too. Apart from this she sometimes also loves to add condiments, especially Cholula to her breakfast routine. And she is also a fan of savoury oats.


According to her interview with Women’s Health Mag, Chrissy stated that she has her lunch very late these days at 3 PM. In her lunch, she eats coconut-chicken curry or red meat with avocado toast and prosciutto, red onion, tomatoes, and chilli flakes on Dave’s Killer Bread. This whole lunch food, Chrissy eats is for that she can feel full for longer times. And stay energetic for long hours without eating often. Apart from this, Chrissy Teigen also loves chicken a lot. Chrissy loves fried chicken and it is one of the most ate food by her in her lunch.


Avocado halves with a little salt and pepper are one of her favourite food snacks. And that’s pretty famous that Chrissy loves to have her bone broth in between meals. This is famous from the time when Chrissy had her second child.

Like us, Chrissy is also a big fan of midnight snacks. She loves to have a ham and cheese sandwich which is made with Velveeta slices and mayo. She eats half before going to bed and the other half at 3 in the night, according to her interview with People.


Obviously, Dinner is late for her as she eats her lunch at 3 PM. For her dinner, Chrissy mostly likes to have lean foods like Cajun salmon with spinach. Apart from this, Chrissy also likes to have her favourite dinner recipe her mother’s branzino with lemon, garlic and rosemary.

She is a very realistic person and unlike other celebrities who fake their dieting routine for staying healthy, Chrissy is totally opposite. She likes to eat her favourite foods and accepts that without being ashamed. Teigen is happy in her life and in her routine.

“I know they’re Facetuning, Photoshopping—and even I’m getting down on myself!” she says, frustrated. “Imagine the girl who’s out there scrolling and feeling like she isn’t good enough,” she told Women’s Health Mag in response to the question of what she feels about other celebrities’ weight loss & fitness.

Chrissy Teigen Workout Routine

Chrissy calls her “Cradio Hater”. But she works out for 4 days a week at a pretty famous studio Body By Simone in Los Angeles. Simone De La Rue runs this studio. She is a former dancer. And her studio Body By Simone is the favourite studio of many celebrities. During her 4 days of work out Chrissy likes to do pilates. She likes to Jump Rope a lot. After some warm-up sessions, Chrissy continue her workout session with some weighted squats and body lift movements with Bosu Ball.

Even though Chrissy doesn’t like that much to go to the GYM but she has a special talent for doing long planks. She said that she can plank for 20 minutes. She has a very strong core. Chrissy believes that she is very strong from the inside.

The weight gain after the delivery of her child, she went through many-body changes. All these changes were frustrating for her.  And she also states that she knows that she doesn’t have to be in a swimsuit again. But now she has accepted this as a new normal. She believes in staying Happy-Fit.

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Chrissy’s Thoughts On Ideal Weight & Body

Chrissy has different thoughts about what is a perfect body shape and being fit. Chrissy focuses more on body positivity than on being thin & skinny. She believes in eating healthy more than starving herself for a perfect body shape. She doesn’t have cheat days for her to have her favourite foods. Chrissy enjoys her favourite foods whenever she lies.

In 2019, after her son miles was born she expressed her feelings on Twitter stating that she is still 20 pounds heavier than her ideal weight. Even after 10 months of her child’s birth, she has not lost a single pound. Because she loves to have her favourite foods.

But she believes in maintaining a balance. In another interview, she told that there is a balance with everything and she always likes to have all organic and clean food and she feels that she is kind of insane about this thing. But she also believes in having favourite fast foods sometimes.

Chrissy Quits Alchohol & Weight Loss

In January, Chrissy announced on her Instagram that she has quit alcohol. And it has been 6 months since she is on her sobriety journey. Chrissy gives credit for this sobriety to the book Quit Like a Woman by Holly Whitaker. In her Instagram story, she shared her feelings and revealed to her fans that she was tired of day drinking and always felt like sh*t by the 6 in the evening. Not able to sleep and was done with making an a*s of herself in front of people most of the time.

Chrissy Teigen Quit Alchohol
Source: Instagram

But now it’s all over for Chrissy. She posted a photo on Instagram with a caption saying “6 months no alcohol!“.  Further, she mentioned in her Instagram caption that she even doesn’t crave alcohol now. And she doesn’t know whether she will ever drink again or not. She further added that now she has endless energy and less anxiety. And now she feels happier than ever. This new experience is pretty cool for her.

I don’t know exactly whether quitting alcohol is related to Chrissy Teigen’s Weight Loss or not. But many of her fans are seen commenting that her weight loss is because of her sobriety. And quitting alcohol has hit her differently. Maybe this can be true who knows? Chrissy has not clarified anything yet. But we are happy for her weight loss and for her health. She looks gorgeous and healthy and thin. Spending time with her children & family. She is pretty much happy in her life now. And that’s what we all want in our lives, too.

Stay Positive & Stay Happy.


Chrissy Teigen Weight Loss After Before Photos

Images are a way of keeping the moment with you forever. Here are some photos of Chrissy Teigen’s weight loss before & after pics. These pictures will definitely inspire you to start your health journey.

Chrissy Teigen Weight loss After Before Photos

Chrissy Teigen Weight Loss diet

Chrissy Teigen Weight loss

Chrissy Teigen & Constant Liposuction Surgery

Chrissy Teigen’s fans are happy for her after her weight loss. She is looking awesome in her recent Instagram pictures. But there are a lot of people too who are constantly trying to point out negative aspects of Chrissy Teigen’s weight loss. Recently an Instagram user sparked controversy by claiming & commenting on Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram photo “Constant liposuction, trainers and good diet.. as she should. I would lol“. So, an Instagram user was claiming that Chrissy’s toned legs are the result of Constant Liposuction.

But the comment of the user did not go well with Chrissy and she herself decided to give a befitting reply to the user. In response to his comment, Chrissy Teigen replied “Constant Liposuction‘ what are you even talking about lol.” And other users also came in support of the former model. In her support, a user wrote that Chrissy Teigen’s weight loss is the result of her quitting alcohol.

No matter what people say, for me as her fan only thing, that matter is Chrissy Teigen is now healthy and looking beautiful.

Conclusion: Chrissy Teigen’s Weight Loss

All we know is Chrissy Teigen is looking beautiful and “healthier than ever. It is always more important to have a healthy body than a skinny one. Chrissy eats whatever she likes. She focuses more on eating healthy & clean food. In order to stay healthy, she even quit alcohol. It has a positive impact on her physical & mental health, too. She has not undergone any weight loss surgery, her weight loss is all-natural.

In the end, it’s all about being happy with what you are. And one should always have a health goal in one’s mind. It is very important for everyone to have a healthy life. Best of luck with your health journey!



Que: How Did Chrissy Teigen Lost Weight?

Ans: She quit alcohol and chooses a healthy way of life. She focused on eating only healthy food instead of all non-healthy foods. Chrissy started exercising regularly and that’s how Chrissy Teigen was able to lose weight.

Que: Did Chrissy Teigen Undergone Weight Loss Surgery?

Ans: That’s true that Chrissy Teigen has lost weight but she has undergone a weight loss surgery is a pure rumour. No, she has not undergone any weight loss surgery for faster weight loss.

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